Finland and cold weather

My sister has won a trip to Finland and if our other sister cannot go with her, she wants me to go, I know the air will be cleaner and not polluted, but I am wondering and a bit nervous how it would affect my COPD. Plus we have to stay in an ice hotel for a night or two. Could you please advise me as I need to let her know so she can look for someone else to go, if its not good for me.

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  • Hello fairy godmother

    How have you got on in this cold spell...or how do you normally react in very cold air, it makes me cough for England and takes my breath away.

    If effects you the same l should think twice about going.

    Velvet xx

  • I don't manage England in the cold very well so would never try Norway; but we are all different. Consider how you manage your breathing when it is very cold and that will give you your answer.

  • I've been in Finland when it's -25, the thing is its so cold it freezes all the moisture out of the air and it feels a lot warmer because it's not damp, take good thermals, ear muffs, good warm socks, boots, keep your scarf or snood over your mouth, don't know about staying in ice hotel, maybe research that. I adore Finland, the food, people, culture, I've seen red squirrels, snow hares, a linx and a bear mooching down the highway into town, oh an a moose, huge great thing. The sea freezes, take a camera, what part of Finland are you going to ? xxxx

  • It is only one night in the ice hotel. Your advice has helped a lot Thank you,

  • First question is do you need/could you pass a fitness to fly audit or is it a cruise? Not enough info available to offer advice.

  • I think it's recommended that people only spend one night in the ice hotel. I saw a travel program recently that featured one of the Swedish ice hotels and this is what they said. It's something people do for an 'experience' and wouldn't be regarded as regular accommodation. Depends on how severe your COPD is I suppose but I couldn't imagine that it would be good for you, or much fun.

  • I would be very wary about tour breathing in the very very cold air. If its dry,cold air then for me a good scarf around my mouth etc would maybe do but if it us a rainy day and freezing cold, then I, myself would have to think twice. It depends if you are using oxygen to breathe! Good luck.

  • Thank you all for replying to me/ it has been a great help.

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