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Hi all, what an informative site this is and so helpful. Im fairly new copd. Recently had flare up with chest infection. I was admitted to hospital and put on antibiotics which worked well. But I have severe pain down right side of lung. X-rays showed small plural effusion sent home with pain killers. The pains hardly noticeable when up and around but when I lie down its unbearable. It can go away for a few days and I think I'm on the mend then it comes back with avengeance. I presume it's viral as I'm not on biotics. Can anyone tell me if its normal for it to come and go and how long it lasts. Any tips on self help would be appreciated. I read that lying on affected side can help, unfortunately I can't do that as my arm is partial paralysed. Hope someone can shed some light on this. Thanks

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Hello and welcome to the site, I care for my husband who has severe COPD and has been diagnosed for about ten years. I am sorry I can't give you any advise but it might be a good idea to call the helpline. You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Hope you feel better very soon xxx


This is an NHS site and tells it as it is. I have had it quite a lot over the years and it very often goes with time on its own. Might be worth trying the huffing technique as it might move it? This works mainly at the upper area of the chest but might work. I have RLD and Fibrosis which makes it hard to move it. Even a hot water bottle may help the pain but drink plenty when you are gooey.

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