Hedgehogs Again

Hedgehogs Again

To the many kind people who have responded to my letter about hedgehogs, here are some links you may find helpful. Even if we are housebound we can still offer help to these little creatures and watch them from indoors. This one was eating whiskas chicken in jelly. Since I found TobyCat was gobbling what is really cat food I started to buy the specialist hedgehog food from The Ark. TobyCat does not like it:-)





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  • What a lovely picture thank you for posting it. Don't forget the flea treatment too! :D x

  • Aaah coughalot...what are a few fleas between friends....I don't get that close!!!

  • Aaaaargh...good job she was on that particular medication.

  • Ah that was rough she had epilepsy. How on earth can that be controlled in a dog? Did you learn to recognise the signs of an impending onset?

  • What nice people you are. she did well, and was obviously very happy:-)

  • He's so cute! I want a hedgehog too!

    Thats something I've never seen. Would love to. Also never saw an owl. Thats a really great photo. You're quite the photographer! What a good person you are, to take care of them. Hope to see more photos from you. Looking forward to reading the links.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Thankyou Ruby. I am a snapper - not all my pics turn out. If you don't speak you can get quite close to hedgehogs. Certainly you have to see an owl for you never hear them.


  • Haha! He seems to be gobbling that up no problem!

    It obviously tastes better to him than hedgehog food!

    Think you've got a friend there 😀

  • Too kind Jessy11,

    They have no loyalties - only concern is where their next easy meal is coming from. I don't put a lot out in the summer otherwise they won't snack on the snails and slithery horrible slugs! That's the only problem with cat food - TobyCat - a neighbour's cat likes it too, probably can't understand why I glare at him and wave my arms about through the window at night. I know he is well fed at home and I'd like to kidnap him for a few hours at night . I don't think he can get to the food now I've made the feeding station. Tonight it is chopped hard boiled egg, meal worms, sultanas, oats and hedgehog pellets, and I've seen a tiny quicksilver mouse helping himself to it, but that's ok:-)


  • Just sent this link to my old man I would love a hedgehog hose in my garden the back has a wall all round the front is open but has a gravel drive would they walk across gravel to get to the house thought about putting one under my bedroom window

  • Hllo onamission,

    I'm not sure about the gravel if it is sharp. Let me see my neighbour when he is about - he has a lot of sharp gravel in his back garden - Merlin won't walk on it - I know that for when they are away I feed their Koi and poor Merlin just sits outside their gate and can't come in for a sniff around, but the garden still gets visited by hedgehogs - however there is a fair amount of grass and an exit for them over his veg. patch into my back garden. The house needs to be situated somewhere nice and quiet, preferably under evergreen cover if possible, and be lined with dry leaves and straw,covered over with lots of dry leaves, twigs hay, straw and stuff...they will build it up more by them selves. Bear in mind I am no expert. I'll get back to you s.a.p.


  • Hi Jennifer we have two barrel planters under our bedroom window the gravel on the drive is smooth but to the left is a big patch of grass I thought I would buy a house and put it under our window.

  • You can only try, if it is sheltered from the cold winds it could work but you will need to put a lot of leaves and straw and twigs and stuff over it - and start it off with some dried leaves inside....if they decide to use it you will know for they will build it up further with leaves.

    Have patience, don't peep!

    Good luck.

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