Put a temporary hold on my Dulera and Spiriva

And Albuterol. I have SOB on them, off them. I have been on/off the Dulera since Jan. I stopped taking in the past when this all began in Jan because I did not notice a difference. I started again a couple weeks ago per my GP, and don't feel much different. On Spiriva almost a month, not much difference. Maybe after I first use it, then it's like I never took it. Maybe the same could be said for Dulera. Once lasts 24 hr, one 12 hr. I just don't know sometimes. My SOB already out of proportion to my PFT's not to mention the meds feel like they do very little. Prior to all this I rarely used Albuterol, and when I did it worked wonders. Now I use two meds daily and it's like the difference is so small, if at all.

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  • I feel much the same way and do find it frustrating as so many seem to get a real benefit from their inhalers.

  • Hi Patrick....just keep an eye on your breathing if you decide to take an inhaler break. E

    Nearly everyone is genetically different and reacts differently to medications....there are quite a few inhalers that disagree with me but suit others well.

    Take care and let us know the results when you have a CT scan.

  • Knitter,

    Thanks, I am keeping an eye on my breathing. I ca always restart if necessary. CT on Wednesday.


  • I'm on Spiriva once in the morning and was on Symbicort in the morning and evening but now only in the morning for the past week or so and same as you, don't feel any difference as far as ....., well..., anything.

    Overall, due partially to the cooler weather I'm sure, my general sense of well being has returned and I feel much better though still short on breath, but not as much week by week and some abdominal muscle definition is better.

    I'm convinced at least part of my problem is having allowed my midsection to become lax and out of shape so am paying particular attention to eating less, shrinking my stomach, doing my pursed lip breathing and getting more exercise through walking and yardwork. It seems to be working and making myself get out of breath seems to improve my abilities from one day to the next.

  • I think this is day 3 off Dulera and 4 days off Spiriva. I don't feel any different. Yes, still have SOB, then again I did on both inhalers. I can always start them up again if I feel the need.

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