Turmeric 3 why black pepper

Hi all, there seems to be some debate about whether you should add black pepper to Turmeric....in my previous blog i mentioned that black pepper increases the bio availability of Turmeric by 200%, it should have been 2,000%.

Loads of articles about it, here is just one entitled " why we should add black pepper to Turmeric"



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  • Hi Merv I have taking turmeric for over a year now I take it with hot milk and black pepper twice a day I buy my turmeric from Holland and barret in the capsule form I just open capsules and sprinkle on the milk or if you want you can swallow the capsule whichever way he want and have never had many problems

  • Hi Jimmy

    I hope it is working for you. Amazing stuff.


  • Yes it is good stuff as a read a doctor once said if he had ever take one supplement abroad or on holidays that was the one he would take turmeric so that is the I take and find very good stuff

  • Hi Merv, I've been reading your posts about turmeric & black pepper. Very interesting indeed. Can you tell me if it would be beneficial for someone who has COPD & no other ailments,to take? Thanks 😀

  • Hi Jessy,

    The only side effect from copd that i benefit from is swollen feet and ankles as it is anti inflammatory and increases my energy levels but you need to research Turmeric to fully understand it's full range. For instance, studies have shown that if you take Turmeric and black pepper on a daily basis you will never get cancer. It reduces the risk of Alzheimer and so the list goes on. If you had nothing wrong with you, still worth taking as a precaution.


  • That is no problem as I don't think there will be any other significant treatment or cure within a few months and if there is that is great as well.

  • Merv, thank you for taking the time to answer. I will research before I decide whether to take turmeric or not. 🤔

  • Hi Swerv About your back. I also had/have sciatica and stretch by back prior to getting out of bed each day and have no problems these days.

    Here's a video demonstrating what I mean:

    As I said, i do it in bed.


  • Thanks, will give it a try.


  • That one's part of my morning exercise regime before I get going, to help my back get back into the right place after sleeping.

  • Takes longer to get out of bed, but well worth it.

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