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Hi All,

I received many, many replies regarding my post on Turmeric, some have been taking it for a while and feeling the benefit, some have just started...like me...many about to start. Some taking in capsule/supplement format others in it's raw root format, which is the best way if you can get it.

Some talked about adding it to rice, salads, curries etc which is all very good and Turmeric in it's natural state for is good for you, but unless you are adding black pepper you will not get the full benefit.

When you add black pepper to Turmeric you increase the bio availability by as much as 200%, that is when you really feel the benefit.

Some people asked me about dosage and through my research, from a number of web sites it seems to me that the correct dosage is 1/2 a teaspoon of turmeric mixed with 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper, twice a day.

Many ways to take it, i just add it to my daily fruit/veg smoothie.


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  • Hi Swerv - I have been taking Turmeric in capsule form since August. Just a thought on the pepper. I have ABPA and have been told not to take black pepper at all (unless it has been cooked) as it is riddled with Aspergillus which is what I'm allergic to - just a caution for those with ABPA. do believe it is a great supplement though. How/where do you get the root form?

    Thank you for your post. 😊

  • Hi Rosalind

    My understanding is that the capsule supplement has the black pepper added as Turmeric on it's own has limited healing powers. Maybe you should check the pack/bottle?

    Turmeric root can be purchased from health shops in the uk.


  • OMG! 😳have never checked! Will do that. Will also check out turmeric root! Thank you for that Merv!

  • You can take the root, but you would need an awful lot of it to get the necessary dose.

  • 1/2 teaspoon twice a day is the recommended dosage.


  • I am currently taking turmeric in a glass of milk daily 1/2 tsp with a 1/2 tsp honey ....lovely drink and good for arthritus. I was taking Ibrufen daily for painful knees....now after a few weeks taking turmeric I don't find I need the painkillers...this is a natural anti inflammatory. TRY anything once to see the results. Maddimegan31. πŸ‘ πŸ€—

  • Do you add black pepper?


  • NO Merv.....no need to in a nutriceous drink. Maddimegan31. 😎

  • But you need to add black pepper to turmeric to increase it's bio availability by up to 200%, without the black pepper it is quite weak.


  • O.K. Merv....will try that to see if it's anymore advantageous...thanks for tip. πŸ‘ πŸ˜‰

  • Sorry, should have been 2,000% NOT 200%.


  • Hi Merv....is your arthritus pain eased with this natural anti inflammatory., mine is without the adding of black pepper....just curious. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž

  • Hi Maddimegan

    I don't have arthritis, just a bad back, probably from sitting in a 12 year old chair whilst on the computer 6-8 hours a day.

    Bought myself a top of the range computer chair today...hopefully that will work. I must admit, it is very comfortable.


  • Well Merv....sounds as though your back pain is to do with siting too long on you computer....I have always been told by medics that along with taking anti inflammatorys for joint or back pain is regular EXERCISE daily even if it's for only 30mins a day..Your body is like a car ....USE IT. OR LOSE IT...πŸ˜ƒ πŸ€— 😎

  • Hi Maddimegan, bought a new chair yesterday, specifically designed for sitting at a computer for lengthy periods and it worked. Got up this morning with only mild back pain...which signals a new mattress but that will have to wait a while as a good mattress is very expensive out here.


  • Is that right Merv? This is very useful information. Thank you. Keep away from "Lipstick" in Bangkok!!

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Eric

    I avoid cities like Bangkok like the plague. I worked in London for a couple of years in 1997, which put me off cities for life. I am a country boy at heart but count myself lucky that i have lived and worked by the sea for over 30 years. I live on a tropical island called Phuket in Thailand. Only time i go to bangkok is the airport for a connecting flight.


  • Me to, I worked in Liverpool for over 20 years before retiring. We are now on the South Coast of Cornwall. Went to Bangkok once.....

  • Hi checked it out - no pepper in mine thank goodness.

  • You can make Golden paste, which gently cooks the Turmeric and black pepper and is said to be more beneficial than uncooked.

  • Rosalindmcgray. You could try gently cooking it via the 'Golden Paste' recipe. You add the oil at the end. If you use organic Virgin/extra virgin coconut oil, then you have the added benefit of it being anti-fungal. It's also anti-bacterial and anti-viral, as well as anti-inflammatory. I made it, though i and many others don't like the taste, so many freeze it in old empty blister packs and swallow whole. To keep it, it can either be put in a sterile jar and refrigerated for two weeks, or put into silicone ice cube trays and taken out as needed. You can use this in coconut milk or almond milk to make Golden milk, another way of taking it. Link for the recipe here: turmericlife.com.au/turmeri...

  • Thank you Dorris - will give this a try - my capsules don't have pepper in them so hopefully they are ok. It's so difficult getting your head round everything with this condition! 😳 Rx

  • What a great tip. I'd definitely like to try it.

    Does using turmeric powder from the spices section in the supermarket work or is that stuff too old and poor quality to be potent as health supplement.

    I have to say I'd far rather use a spice in cooking than add yet another capsule to the many tablets and capsules my poor old parents already take every day but I can well imagine that my jar of tesco turmeric might have been through too much on its journey to the shelf to still have any power left (other than nice taste of course)

    Would really make my day if tasty cooking could be as good as medicine!

  • Hi iviviv,

    I use normal Turmeric bought from my local Tesco but hoping to find natural root at a local organic shop next time i am passing.

    If you are using it in cooking, don't forget the black pepper.


  • Thanks Merv,

    It's really good of you to take the time to answer all of these questions and sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. I really appreciate it and I'm so excited and optimistic about starting on turmeric (and black pepper of course!) Luckily I love the taste of both!!

  • The paste i have made is so much easier to digest, don't taste anything.



  • Look for the larger bags of turmeric spice in the foreign foods section in large Tescos - it's much cheaper weight for weight.

  • Not available in my Tesco (Thailand) but they have in Makro which supplies restaurants.


  • I found a big bag of Tumeric in Makro the other day, but will wait until my Tesco supply has run out, although still hoping to find fresh root.


  • I have been taking Terry Naturally Curamin for years for osteoarthritis. I need no pain killer other than this. It contains curcumin from turmuric essence as well as boswella.

  • Hello Smikra,

    Could you tell me what dose of Terry Naturally Curamin you use daily please?

    I am going to try it.

    Many thanks for this.

    Kind regards,


  • When I take the Curamin Extra Strength I take one capsul daily, regular strength three. When it seemed to upset my stomach I took the Curamed, one soft gel daily. Curamed is without the Boswella. Hope it works for you. I order online.

  • Thank you Smikra...

  • I am pleased it is working for you.


  • Hi Merv, is black pepper & turmeric only beneficial if you have joint problems? Thanks πŸ˜€

  • Hi Jessy, if you research Turmeric you will find it has a multitude of uses/remedies from cancer to headaches, joint pains, anti inflammatory, the list goes on. It's really a wonder herb.

    Some medical studies have shown that if you take Turmeric on a daily basis you will never get cancer.

    It's worth googling it to fully understand all of it's benefits.


  • Thank you Merv, I will look into it. πŸ˜€

  • Turmeric is also oil soluble. Use Virgin/extra Virgin olive oil, Virgin/extra virgin coconut oil (not veg oil, it's inflammatory) to ensure it's absorbed. Turmeric will pass straight through the body without oil. The ratio of oil to Turmeric is I believe 3:1 e.g. 3 tablespoon of Turmeric to 1 tablespoon of oil. The Ratio freshly ground black pepper is 1/14. I am a long standing fan of Turmeric and the Turmeric User Group (TUG) and we use it on our horses. Lots of info on their facebook page and clinical research and evidence, the best types of Turmeric to use etc. Really worth trying as I have read some amazing stories on there. :)

  • I add extra virgin coconut oil to my smoothie.


  • I bet the sales of turmeric will shoot up like mad. I checked with my pharmacist and he said it was ok with my meds. So I think I will have an order with Healthspan. X

  • Turmeric has a similar action to aspirin. It doesn't thin the blood, but increases clotting time. I believe the platelets are less sticky. It shouldn't be used if you are drugs such as warfarin or Rivoroxyban. Freshly ground black pepper, as has been stated, increases the bioavailability. In other words it's mechanism means stay longer in the body, so black pepper can have the same effect on other med's. I would urge anyone who's in doubt to join Turmeric User Group and ask admin. They have vast amounts of knowledge, as Doug English is the Vet who started the group and there are veterinary nurses, files, mountains of research, clinical research etc.

  • Been thinking - wouldn't be great if turmeric etc could lose weight for me X

  • Hi, it has some renarkable attributes, but losing weight is not one of them...wish it was as i put on 10kg when i was taking steroids. Managed to lose 3kg through exercise and diet, but still another 7kg to go. Starting swimming next week.


  • Dsappointment but when I think of all the other possibilites - anyway I will give it a try. Who know you might see me on Strictly BIG SMILEY

  • Swerv,

    Based on your posts, I started taking turmeric. I found it in capsule form with curcumin added, 500mg per capsule. I take 2 capsules twice a day (about 1/2 teaspoon) long with freshly ground pepper (I take the dose with about 1/4 cup of warm water with the ground pepper in it). I started 4 days ago, and I don't know if it's because I'm at the end of taking antibiotics or what, but today I coughed up ALOT of mucus and I'm breathing much better.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will help in the long run.

    Thanks for the advice. This website is so helpful in that we all can exchange ideas and thoughts.


  • Just to update on Curcumin tablets or capsules. It isn't recommended that these are taken, as they can contain levels of Curcumin as high as 95%, which can be toxic. Normal Turmeric has levels of between 3-5% and is safe, so unless your capsules/tablets state the levels, it's best not to take them. Not all Turmeric is equal. Some have had the Curcumin stripped out and had fillers added, so won't be of any benefit. Buy organic as these are certified, or use a brand recommended. For more info on Turmeric; how to use, which brands, contraindications and much more, visit turmericlife.com.au

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