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Respiratory Function Report


I know this has been done over and over but I am still having trouble getting my head around it! Sorry it's a bit fuzzy.

My diagnosis is Asthma and COPD.

As well as the usual I am wondering about the DLCO, is this something to be concerned about?

Thank you in advance for any interpretation.


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DlCO is blood gas .. ad not worry bout geting head round it

Is all confusing :

Hope this help's

Carbon dioxide (bicarbonate) 1


23-30 mEq/L (23-30 mmol/L)

Suze4212 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your response and the link

Hidden in reply to Suze4212

The said I had low blood co2 so I need to have a read to general i try not to read stuff that much as it makes my breathing worse

SquirrelsHolt in reply to Hidden

I'm like that D3NIS,I don't know what my reasons mean as I find it all too depressing and my heart starts racing. I'm reading on this forum all the people who do exercises as that's where I've got to start again. I've had a bad time of late and all my confidence has gone and I cab only manage a few steps. Any advice folks. I've managed to stop the smoking at least.

Jjude in reply to SquirrelsHolt

Morning Squirrels, When I was first told I had copd my mobility was very bad. After joining this forum I came across this video and I will say it was a good start to my exercising. All the exercises are done in a sitting position with the emphasis on strengthening the lungs. After a while I was able to use an exercise bike and I do 3k twice a day. Im now at a point where Im counting my daily steps and have reached about 4000 daily. when I look back my average daily steps were less than 500. Im only 5 months in and Feel great. Give this video a try and don't push yourself to fast. good luck xx

SquirrelsHolt in reply to Jjude

What video is that jjude as your comments have cheered me up a bit.

Jjude in reply to SquirrelsHolt

Its on youtube and here in HU on the abbreviations page. its a workout for our lungs. Its where I started and in 5 months have been able to breath much better. Im hoping you can see the video as I can. xx

Hello Suze, I'm afraid I can't read your print out very well on my little kindle, I just wanted to say the numbers can vary greatly but it's how you feel that's important, stay positive if you can , look after yourself, eat nutritious food and exercise as much as is comfortable for you.😀 huff xxx

Thanks huffer.

I am very in touch with what my body says, even when a lot of the time it's using foul language ;-0 My curiosity re the numbers is more a cerebral exercise than an emotional one. I like to understand as much as possible, just the nature of this beast,

Hufferpuffer has hit it on the head it is more how you feel and deal with the condition a lot of the time.

I am the "You do not look ill" Group. It took a consultant following me in hospital to fully understand what was happening to me. I recover well but drop quickly so my "At rest stats" are pretty good which most doctors are basing their diagnosis on. Once I do the mildest thing I am out of breath.

Be Well

Suze4212 in reply to Offcut

Thanks Offcut

Like you my resting stats are not too bad but movement has them dropping to low 80s occasionally into 70s, recovery at rest with pursed lip breathing is good. I know exercise is the answer and believe that I can get to a point where exercise will become more comfortable.

Offcut in reply to Suze4212

I wish it would for me, but PR refused me as they deemed me exercise intolerant :(

Suze4212 in reply to Offcut

Sorry to hear that Offcut

Me too Offcut, sat in the waiting room for an hour calms the breathing and the heart rate considerably, so when we do get in to see the doc we look okay and our sats are pretty much 'normal'.

Suze I agree with the majority, don't get hung up on figures and print outs........ just listen to your own body and you will be fine.

Suze4212 in reply to romfty

Thanks romfty

No hangups just curiosity as an academic exercise. I always believe my body,

I know what you mean about docs seeing us when we have been resting in the waiting room, I guess the walking test is a true measure though I have to say I have only ever heard about it on here.

How I will be is almost entirely up to me and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Hi Suze

I was just looking at your laughter

Post. Thought you were new. Anyway ,

looked at your profile. Came across

Post. No one really answered your question. Hate it when they do that.

I have to admit, it is hard to see!

Do you know what stage you are?

Looks like- fev1 says -2.00 and you did

0.80? Thats pretty low. Did they tell you anything? Wish I could see it better.

TLC is total lung capacity. That is also very low. DLCO is the gas exchange.

Can't see it very well. I tried!

Rubyxx 😊

Suze4212 in reply to rubyred777

Thank you for your response and my apologies for taking so long to reply. My specialist does not talk of stages but from my own research I believe I fall in the severe level.

I was assessed for PR yesterday and the physio says she will start me on breathing exercises other than pursed lip which I already do. First proper session is tomorrow. I have faith that this will make a big difference.

Hope things are going well with you.



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