scottish wild life in danger :D

scottish wild life in danger :D

For centuries Scotland has prided itself on the abundant numbers of Haggis or Haggi. but sadly these numbers are in decline.The seasonal bans on Wild haggis hunting has come almost too late, but with the introduction of Haggis farms to provide farmed haggis to companies such as Macsween, this has cut down on the consumption of Wild Haggi.

The main predator to the wild haggis, is the pigeonodyle, [pictured above ] The pigeonodyle can catch and eat many of the young haglets, as many as 12 in a day, so these are now being controlled and shot, These bad predators are thankfully, almost eradicated now,

saving most of the young haglets.

I'm not allowed to put a photo on, of the wild haggis for security reasons, just in case of anyone tries to copy" Hamish the haggis basher !!"

Poachers have been hunting the Wild Haggi [plural for Haggis ]

and exporting them to Japan, where they are made into "Scottish Sushi"

In an attempt to preserve the wild haggis in its natural habitat, several sanctuaries have been set up around he country. They breed quite easily and often produce up to 6 baby Haglets,

These are self funded by the sale of "Hagpoo" Hagpoo is made from the faecal droppings of the haggis. mixed with 3 other natural ingredients, i,e thistle sap, scotch mist and another secret ingredient [which i found out was Scotch Broth ] this mixture is processed into "bricks" and then fire treated for 3 days.

Hagpoo is said to burn 3 times as hot as coal and lasts 5 times longer!!

A close relative to the hedgehog, the scottish wild haggis has several distinguishing features. His long [ frontal only] ears can hear sounds up to a mile away, but obviously only in the frontal direction,

However his long front legs and short back legs, give him the ability to stand level on the hills overlooking the glens ,

With the introduction of farmed haggi. for consumption, and the arrest of" Hamish the haggis basher" from achiltibuie, the wild haggi, have had the chance to re-populate in the highlands.

:D :D :D Believe me !!!,,,,,,,,,,, and you'll believe anybody :D :D

lots of love jimmy xxxx

[who now works on a haggi reserve farm, now producing up to 100 young haglets per day :D ]

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  • Thank goodness we have you to bring this to our attention and to be caring for them in such a loving way. With hope they will be saved and once again be able to roam the hills of Scotland. Keep up the good work you deserve a medal :-) :-) :-)

  • I didn't sleep much at all last night, so wiled away the hours dreaming up this fantastic story of saving our haggi :D i had heard part of it before, then just added on the rest,,just for a wee laugh, so its now a case of S.T.H. :) [save the haggi :D ]

    thank you starvey cat for a wonderful caring post :D keep smiling,

    jimmy :)

  • Next you'll be telling me the neepbird & tattie tree are in decline. Tragic.

    That'll be my trips to Scotland ruined.

  • Hi Minushabens,

    No ,:) this is the best season for years for both the neepbirds and the tattie trees :D they are in full bloom at the moment, just ready to pick :D

    Your trips to scotland should prove "fruitful," and enjoyable ,so you enjoy your haggis and neeps and have a great time :D


  • glad to see your back on top form jimmy hope your feeling a lot better , take care

  • Hi mmmzeter,

    folks will be thinking i mad :) [please don't answer that :D ]

    all the very best my friend

    jimmy :D

  • Nice to know the history of the haggis ha ha.😃

  • Hi corsaking,

    ha ha ha :D now you know the TRUE story :D ["story" is the right word :D ]

    take care, keep smiling :)


  • You are the biggest joker out Jimmy

    Take care

    Dorothy xx

  • ME !! ,, well, well.well :) [only kidding Dorothy :) ]

    och its nice to have a wee laugh at something a wee bitty different :D

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Any chance of hagpoo becoming available south of the border Jimmy? It sounds as if it's more economical than coal.😄😄😅

  • Hi Magpuss,

    Im sure a shipment of this hagpoo, can be arranged ,it def. sounds a lot better than coal :)

    all the very best, keep smiling

    jimmy :D

  • Hi there my pal Jimmy good to hear you are still looking after them, I was wondering if some of the Haggi are moving down off the mountains onto the flat area's of the Highlands, if having one leg longer than the other which was needed for running around the mountain is causing them any problems on the flat. Concerned English Haggis fan.

    Stay happy and smiling pal :) ;) Fred

  • Good wishes to you Fred. You keep smiling too. xxxx

  • Thanks Carol... with an e

    xxx Fred :)

  • yes, i agree with you sass,

    love jimmy xxx :)

  • oh hi my old friend Fred,:) so great to see you,really fantastic.

    i know you are having a" time of it" i hope pray things turn out ok Fred,

    I think of you and suz. a lot.

    That's the trouble fred, their no good on the flat, and so easy to catch then , this , then makes them very vulnerable [my god i'm getting worse :D ]

    Keep the old chin up Fred, great to hear from you

    kindest regards ,, jimmy

  • Hello Jimmy,

    how l admire your fight to save the wild haggis...but don't you think it's a bit quick for you to be returning to work.

    I myself prefer the taste of the true wild haggis...there is always a fight in our house when we have one for dinner, over who gets the short or long legs.

    l think the intensely bred farm haggis are only good for Japanese sushi, and haggis nest soup.

    I look forward to my next visit to Scotland to see the wild haggis once again roaming the highlands.

    Velvet xx

  • A great post velvet :D its quite obvious you see the true story of the plight of the real wild haggi.:D [That's two haggises ? :D ]

    but there nothing like the real true wild haggis, [i like the haggis nest soup one :D ]

    well its nice to have a wee laugh :D

    take care velvet

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Love this! Where on earth do you get them?! Sounds like your humour is on top form Jimmy, let's hope your body is keeping up!

    Love Lolly...xx

  • Hi Lolly, i'm not so sure my body is keeping up with my humour , [ i thought it was supposed to be the other way round :D ]

    its always a wee giggle lolly :D at least it broke my night up, hope you had a good chuckle. :D

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • I believe every word jimmy - who wouldn't?! Love it! xxxxx :)

  • Off course sass, every word is true !! ? :D :D

    [not :D ]

    glad you enjoyed :D

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Oh goodness,you just about had me there!!

    Glad to see the sense of humour is well & truly alive.

    Take care,

    Hugs, Wendells xxx

  • Just about got you there Wen :D

    never mind ill catch you next time :D

    nothing beats a wee laugh ,

    lots of love Wen ,,,jimmy xxxx :)

  • hi jimmy you cant beat a fresh haggi pmsl

  • Hi Tam,

    Your bang on :D there, nowt to beat the fresh haggi pmsl too [i couldn't believe i had the nerve to print it, myself :D ]

    och its always a wee laugh :D

    All the best tam, Hope your feeling better,

    Jimmy :)

  • What did we do without your posts? Life just isn't the same without them!

  • Hi Snodgrass, :D many thanks, :D

    You now see the difficult life the wee young haglets have :D ]

    take care, keep smiling,

    jimmy :)

  • Thank god someone at last has put up a sensible post for me to read and relates to what this forum is all about...lungs.

    The legit for your life sprint is probably one quickest ways to force your lungs back to pre..copd.

    It's about time that the nhs supplied home visiting nurses with a huggie to help motivate people to exercise a bit more.

    Good for you Jimmy for pointing the way back to how this forum should be.


  • Yes , That's right Andy, , you tell them :D

    hope the chickens are laying good :)

    best regards

    jimmy :)

  • Jimmy, I am SO impressed with all the hard work you are doing to save the haggi, perhaps we will see you in the New Years honours list for the wonderful work you are doing to preserve this piece of Scottish history. We don't want the haggi to become extinct! Been looking for the scotch mist in the supermarkets but cannot find it anywhere. Can it be bought on the Internet? Dont work too hard xx

  • Hi Lyn :D :D i'm laughing so much at your post,

    Its maybe just asking a bit too much for the new years honour list :D but so glad someone respects the hard work i put into this :D

    you cannot buy the scotch mist in the supermarkets, they did have some on ebay, but i mist it :D ha ha,

    lots of love jimmy xxx :D

  • Jimmy, you are brilliant! Xx

  • :D :D :D love jimmy xxxx :)

  • Oh Jimmy it is good to have you back, not had a good laugh for ages......Enjoyed that so much xxx

  • ha ha, glad you enjoyed pegbi, it was always something a wee bitty different

    [a bit like me lol :D ]

    lots of love, keep the chuckle muscles going :D

    jimmy xxxx :D

  • Good to see your sense of humour is intact xxxxx lovely seeing you post xxxxxx

  • Hi Medow,

    My sense of humour is still intact :D ,,,,its the rest of me that worries me :D i think that's "out of tact !! ?," in fact more probably "out of date " would be more like it :D [only kidding ]

    Thanks a lot Medow

    never mind at least we can laugh at times

    lots of love jimmy xxx :),

  • Come on Jimmy your no where near your sell by date! Like a good wine, or cheese, gets better with age xxxxx

  • :D :D yes definitely agree, ,,,,,

    i'm just like a lump of cheese :D

    but its so true, you do improve with age, happy memories, more experience in life, [plus you get away with blue murder :D ]

    ha ha, lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Oh brilliant.

  • ha ha ha, Many thanks freefaller, :D

    jimmy :)

  • That's b***** hilarious Sir James. I had a Scottish friend many years ago and she told me that there are secret societies all over Scotland who's sole aim to protect the Haggis! She told me that during the warmer months all the members knit little jackets for the baby Haggis that'll be "born" in the winter. Lol :-D XX

  • ha ha ha great stuff knikkers, :D Now most folks wont believe you, but you have my assurance [which doesn't mean a lot :D ] that what you have said, is perfectly true :D In fact some of the really caring members even knit the young wee winter haglets [young haggi] woolen kilts :)

    My cruel carer ha ha :D has just banished me from my own living room, into this cold we computer box room [shes cleaning it for me now ] But she did make me 3 coffees, made my porridge, dressed me [she likes

    that :D ] sorted all my meds, phoned the oxygen team, ordered catheters, made my bed, hoovered, left my lunch all ready,,,and that's b***** all, shocking ha ha,, and shes not finished yet :D i will need to get one that can do a bit more :D

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Lucky you. Glad you liked the idea. What an image that conjures up! Haggis wearing knitted jumpers and kilts - do you think they would have to wear anything under their kilts? Lol.. :-D XXX

  • Nikkers,, pmsl :D :D my goodness we get worse :D [at least we can laugh :D]

    Its not really a well known fact, that although they keep warm with their knitted jumpers and kilts in the winter, they do not wear anything under their kilts!!, but due to natural genetics, the male wild haggis is born with a rather large unproportional " tool " [this is about the only way i can explain it :D ] this is for two reasons, the first one being the obvious !! but the second reason is this natural selective breeding, enables the male haggis to take a mate on its back, then escape any predators, by pole vaulting over any obstacles, fences etc. thus saving the species. :D

    jimmy you don't have talk rubbish :D :D [i said it first :D ]

    See !!!, Now you know the truth Nikkers [not a lot of people know that :D :D ]

    lots of love jimmy xxx :D

  • Hi wee jimmy, sounds like that bang on the head from your oxygen cylinder has scrambled your brain. Good to see it hasn't affected your sense of humour.

  • :D Hi Warwick,

    still got the bump on the head :D but no brain damage,, ,,,reason,, no brain :D

    och its good to have a wee chuckle :D

    all the very best jimmy :),

  • I think we shold have a "Sponsor the Wee Haggi" thread. It's quite shocking to think that they are an endangered species - what would Rab Burns have thought of that? Quick enough to protect the White Rhino but there's all these poor things struggling to survive - your post has been a wake-up call Jimmy, I, for one, will be raffling my old Mum's Aspidistra to support the cause!!!!

  • :D Good on you d,mum ,thats it!!! :),, "Sponsor the Wee Haggi " all donations sent to me :D your poor old mum will miss that plant,

    i think old Rabby burns would say, ,,

    Dragonmum, my lovely lass,

    Do your bit , make the haggi mass,

    They,ll breed like mad as jimmy said,

    ,,,,but am no right sure of jimmies head :D

    keep smiling d mum :D

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Hi Jimmy I'm not sue who is worse you doing research in to the preservation of Haggi or me knitting donkeys in the middle of the night ☺☺☺🐃 I couldn't find a picture of a haggis

  • :D There's nothing wrong with us Nan :D just you carry on knitting donkeys ,,, we'll both finish up in the same place :D,, The nut house ha ha, but they treat you very well there, very polite to you, well fed etc

    The last time they took me there :D ,on entering i noticed a great big clock on the wall, i said to the kind men in the white coats,, "is that clock right " "yes" they said,,, i said "then what the heck is it doing in here " :D :D keep smiling Nan [and knitting :D ]

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • very good - rather like our 'treacle' mines in Cornwall ha,ha xx

  • Ha ha like it undine,:D my goodness me, Cornwall would be lost without its "Truro treacle mines" :D

    its nice to have a little fun :)

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • I have seen tins of Scotch Mist for sale and bootees for the haglets. Does anyone take abandoned baby haglets home to feed and nurse them? I hear a wee dram of whiskey cheers them up no end.

  • :D you cant seem to but scotch mist for love nor money now azure, :D

    Me doing my haglet rescue centre bit, [wink wink :d ] took a young baby haglet home to look after it, as it seemed quite ill,, ] After giving it a wee dram, i was then asked did it get better , i said no,,,, but it got happier :D ,, need to look into the bootees though, snow not too far away now :D

    lots of love azure,, thanks for the chuckle :D

    xxx :) jimmy :)

  • I am going shopping for some Scotch Mist online :)

  • Some distant cousins of Jimmy's haggis

  • Thats them azure!!!! "ALBAS HAGISORIUM" [LATIN NAME :D ] see told every one this was true :D :D

    love jimmy xxx :)

  • :D :D There was some on e bay, but sold out now , you've "MIST" it now :D

    My god, they get worse azure :D

    Off to bed now azure, hope you have a good night,

    lots of love jimmy xxxx :)

  • I've seen cans of air from different countries. Don't you worry wee Jimmy, I will find you that mist tomorrow.

  • :D there's a big shortage of it,, here [usually there's a lot :D ]

    but you let me know if you find any,,, ill pay handsomely :)

    see you tomorrow Azure, nighty night XX

    love jimmy xxx :)


    Now you can buy "eating hagpoo" only £3 99 a bag, £9 for a double size bag. ? :)

    This eaten every morning, is specially cooked to keep out the cold :D

    As this is now the "Scotch mist " season, we've been inundated with it the last few days, :D

    This has now been manufactured into cylinders [same as the oxygen cylinders ] and just like the baby haglets, its going "cheep" at the moment :D

    lots of love jimmy xxx :D

    [Hagpoo, and Scotch Mist Rep. for Scotland :D ]

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