just spoke to huggs now

i have just this minute spoken to huggs, [8,15pm ] it was so great to hear her cheeky laugh, she sounded much better, spoke much clearer, and was telling me to give her regards and to thank to everyone on h,u .

for their kind messages.

she is walking now [with a little help ] talking clearer, and was telling me she hopes to be transferred, maybe? in the next fortnight, back to the small cottage hospital on the island, but that remains to be seen.

theres still a lot she doesn't remember, which is understandable.

she said that she did in fact take two strokes.

She remembered Sara this time, [when i mentioned butterfly ] :) and many other names , [ Rib :D ]

She knew i was in hospital. asked how i was , as i was wheezing, she said "they've never did a very good job on you " [laughing ] in her usual cheeky good humoured manner.

She said it was great to hear from me as she had been worrying over me, ,,,,and to phone the doctor if that wheeze gets worse !! :)

I told her i had just been wakened by my carer,[i fell asleep on the chair ] and i wasn't quite with it yet!!, she said "did you tell her that's normal for you " laughing,!! ,,,cheeky so an so :D ,

,It really was so great to hear her laugh. It uplifted me no end. :)

although we had a good chat, she does tire quickly,

she gave me permission to post this,

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  • That's great news Jimmy, thank you for that. You look after yourself. xx

  • Thanks jimmy, that is amazing news and Huggs is so cheerful with all she is putting up with. Wishing you both well. Love Iris x

  • That's good news Jimmy do hope all goes well for both you andHuggs

    You take care


  • Oh that's great Jimmy. Thanks for letting us know. x

  • Wonderful news Jimmy. Tell her we wish her well.

    Take care 😀

  • Thanks Jimmy for keeping us informed so glad the two of you are starting to feel a little better so lease take it easy and very careful

  • Well done Jimmy. Just make sure you are putting some time aside for continuing to get well and get your strength back. Rib 😷

  • yes rib, i am doing that,

    many thanks my friend


  • Thank you Jimmy, I am so pleased you have heard from Huggs, and she is doing well. Love to you both, Xris x

  • That's very good news jimmy, best wishes to you both jan x

  • Wishing you both a speedy recovery and lots of love.

  • Very pleased to hear good news of huggs, good to hear you sounding more chirpy too, take care.

  • Great news Jimmy, it's nice to hear she's improving a little, thanks for letting us know, Now don't you forget to take it slow and give yourself time. Take care peg xx

  • Thats wonderful to hear Jimmy,thanks for letting us know.Do send her my love,when speaking with her.

    I do hope you are looking after yourself,& not overdoing it!

    Take care, love & hugs xxxx

  • Get well soon, the pair of you xxx

  • I just have to say that this group of people seem so connected and caring for each other. I wish I lived over in the British Isles and could build the strong relationship you all seem to have! in the meantime, I thoroughly enjoy reading all our news bits and comments. Best wishes to Hugs and Jimmy.

  • Mooskie, you are one of us now! xx

  • Thank you Sheila...

  • Hello Mooskie

    No matter where you are in the world, we are all connected with the fantastic internet......you could be living at the end of my road unless l read your profile.

    You are part of this forum, a wonderful group of people trying to help and support each other.

    We will be there for you.

    I spent a month in Calgary in the 70's...went to the Calgary Stampede, and Rockies... What a fantastic Country you have.


    Velvet xx

  • Well said Velvet. I think you speak for most of us.

    I would add that it takes some of us longer than others to have a real sense of belonging, but the loving support, help ,advise etc is there for all of us & it's unconditional. So keep posting. Nan

  • Hi velvet...thanks for your message...Calgary has changed a lot since the 70's....now 1.2 million people! And quite cosmopolitan. I read this site daily and feel like I am really getting to know several of you even though I haven't met you!

  • Hi Mooskie.....

    Calgary sounds great, l would love to return, but l don't think my lungs would enjoy the long haul flight any more....l remember horse riding high up in the Rockies, the weather was in the 80's but there was still snow on the ground !!

    Most of us have never met, but the beauty of this forum is it's diversity of topics posted...something for us all....and 24 hour help and support if you need it.

    Keep posting and we will all get to know you.

    Best wishes

    Velvet xx

  • Mooskie it dosnt matter where you live.

    I have spoken to huggs almost every day ive been a member on here either on the forum or by email or on the phone ...many of us love her yet have never met....distance means nothing x

  • Hi Mooskie,

    Can i just add , off course your as important on this forum as anyone, :) in fact one of huggs,s forum pals is in Australia!!, many are from other parts of the world.[it just so happens that we are both scottish, although we still live a few hundred miles apart ] The forum is made up of all creeds, religions, intelligent folks, un-intelligent folks :) [i'm afraid i come under the latter :) ] in fact the" long and the short and the

    tall :) " a mixture of all types,,, but all with a great sense of caring and kindness, often quite hard to find nowadays,,,,, so Mooskie,,,, your one of us :D

    many thanks for your kind remarks, and may you continue to enjoy the forum, i hope to see you posting soon,

    kindest regards my friend Mooskie,

    may you keep well

    jimmy :)

  • That is good to hear. If she is being cheeky she must be feeling better. You know they often say you never have one stroke, they never come alone. My Aunt quite often would wake feeling and acting slightly strange and would then within the next few days have another stroke. She had lots of TIA's as they call them or Transient ischemic Attacks and a couple of big strokes but survived pretty well. Always good at regaining speech and movement, memory was a bit iffy but then so is mine at times.

    So glad that both of you are on the mend.

    Please give Huggs our best wishes.

    You take good care of yourself too. Don't over do things and if that wheeze worsens get to your Doc immediately.



  • Hi Jimmy

    Wonderful news that Huggs is making progress with her recovery....

    Huggs sounds as if she has got her sense of humour and positive outlook back, which will help her recovery immensely.

    Please pass on love and hugs from me xx

    Now then Jimmy Lad....

    are you looking after yourself, and taking things easy while you get your strength back !!!!!!!!

    I will nag you if don't !!!!!

    Lots of love

    Velvet xxxxxxx

  • Thank you Jimmy for the update on Huggs. So good to hear that she is making steady progress. Wishing you both a speedy recovery. Take care xx

  • Thanks Jimmy

    Sounds like she's getting better. Slowly but surely. You're sounding pretty well yourself. You take care Jimmy 😊

    Lots of love

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Morning Jimmy,,so pleased to hear Hugs is on the mend,must be so difficult to stay cheerful,but she always manages to keep smiling. Same as you Jimmy really, do trust you are going in the right direction. Very best wishes. Bulpit

  • So good to hear that Hugs is making good progress, and really nice to hear that she is still having a giggle,thanks Jimmy for the news , take care and look after yourself xx

  • That's brilliant news Jimmy - sounds as if she is in really good spirits. Thank you for the update - you take care of yourself too - see GP about that wheeze, as Huggs advises. xx

  • Thanks Jimmy, glad you're on the mend and please pass on best wishes to Huggs from us :)

  • What a relief to hear that Huggs is on the mend!😃 to think of you two having a little chat and a giggle has put a big smile on my face 😀 look after that wheeze of yours me wee jovial Jimmy, hugs huff xxxxx

  • Good news. Thanks for sharing, Jimmy.

  • That's fantastic news Jimmy lets hope she makes a speedy recovery and is allowed back home, and as ever great to see you take care Jimmy the cold and damp whether is fast approaching but I suppose that fat fellow in a red suit will come and cheer us all up xx

  • Thanks for the update jimmy and wishing Huggs and yourself well. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jimmy thats the best news ever.........i have so desperately wanted to ring her but didnt want to put pressure on the staff or on huggs so have waited to hear from you .

    She is missed so much by so many of us and we have been so worried

    Thank you for starting the week with some fabulous news and its so good to see you on the mend again please take it easy x x

  • Brilliant news Jimmy, hurrah for huggs, and you too. Lovely to see you supporting each other. Love to both of you xxx

  • What brilliant news ! Huggs is a real diamond ,a genuinely caring person. Thanks for that news Jimmy and see that you keep improving too. Sheila x

  • Good morning Sir James,

    So good to hear that Huggs is improving, please say I said "hello" when you next speak. It'll be good to have you both back on site.

    Hope you're taking care of yourself and ready for the cold weather? Keep warm, take it easy and keep smiling. Good to have you back. XX :-D

  • Hi Jimmy

    It's so good to see you posting and I'm so glad you got through to Huggs and that she was so cheerful. I can just hear you two together! She sure is well on the mend. We are so lucky to have her. (We need you both!)

    I couldn't get through to Huggs yesterday because she was asleep...with the nurse... at rehab...and so on!

    My internet was down most of yesterday but I'll be in touch later. I gave up trying at 10pm. Take care of yourself Jimmy.

    Lots of love

    Sara xx

  • Did you say she was asleep with the nurse Sara :D ? hope it wasn't the male nurse :D

    only kidding off course Sara :D

    [but couldn't resist :D x ]

    i hope things improve with yourself,

    take care

    love jimmy xxx :)

  • Ha Ha meant to say or, and realised just as I'd sent it how you'd pick up on it. Nothing wrong with the old wit, is there Jimmy!

    Take care.

    Sara xxx

  • I didn't think you'd notice the post sara :D :D but i knew what you meant obviously

    ha ha, love jimmy xxx :)

  • Thank you Jimmy for posting the messages from Huggs, keep warm and wellx

  • Starting the week on a high note is so good. You sound in good form but take it easy, love and all good thoughts for Huggs, wish her well from all of us when you can, it'll be so good to have you both back.

  • Wonderful news Jimmy thank you. Glad to know you both on the mend. Best wishes to you both Nan

  • So very pleased to hear Huggs is improving, Jimmy. Give her my love and look after yourself too. Kaye x

  • Many thanks for all your kind comments both on myself , but mainly on huggs.

    Huggs seems to have good days and sometimes "not so good days" but the main thing is she is progressing, so lets hope this continues.

    i didn't phone tonight as she is getting phone calls , and does tires easy.

    I'm doing ok, was taken out for a haircut today,as all i needed was a red coat and beard then i would have been like santa claus :D

    ,,,I even had my carer clip my nails [I was more like santa "claws " there!! :D ;

    Its amazing how things grow quickly [apart from bacteria :D ] when in hospital,

    and-,,,, don't even ask :) managed to "klonk" the back of my head with a portable oxygen cannister , but suffered no brain damage :D , but all was really hard going and tiring.

    many thanks to all

    lots of love jimmy . xxx

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