My breathing has been very erratic lately. Just finished a course of anti b's and steroids and breathing improved. Yesterday woke up felt ok took my inhalers started hoovering i invested in a light weight one and started feeling breathless had to sit down. This lasted until bed time tenish and it just improved suddenly!! Feel fine today no problems. Is this usual with copd?! It just seems strange how it can come and go. Any help/info/advice will be appreciated. Thanks

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  • Hi, maybe you were just doing too much because you felt better.

    You were obviously not feeling good if you were taking abs & steroids. Then when the infection lifted you felt good & got straight into the housework!

    You maybe need to take it slowly for a few days till you really get back to normal.

    I feel great some days & others not so good but I think it depends on a number of factors. Whether I slept well, the weather, doing too much in the house, or even too little, how you feel on any given day.

    Try not to worry, I'm sure you will be so much better if you just take it slowly 😀💐

  • Thanks jessy that has eased my mind alot and to know i am not alone. I will mention it when i go for my check up on wed.

  • I have severe COPD and have had days when for no real apparent reason, I've been able to do a little but more than the norm (which is virtually nothing) so if like I were you, I would be glad when you have good days. Still worth mentioning to your doctor as so many things can effect us like the weather, pollution diet etc etc.

  • Thanks for your reply. Nice to know i am not alone.

  • Exactly same thing has happened to me this week. I had a fall 8 weeks' ago which caused a wedge fracture in one of my ribs (ouch!) making breathing very difficult - it led to a chest infection which would not go away and I've had two courses of antib's and steroids in the past few weeks. But like you, this week I felt better and started doing a bit more housework including hoovering (I also have a lightweight hoover) and after 2/3 mins I could hardly breathe again and had to keep stopping to get my breath back between hoovering - really annoying! I agree though some days are better than others and for me I think a lot depends on the weather.

  • Yes, snap! I've got a very light weight hoover which means most of the time I am able to slowly , slowly use it. However like you said, today I'm just out of breath after using it for only 4/5 mins. I do hope you recover from your painful fractured rib. Sounds awful, especially with a chest infection. Poor you. You keep in the warm and get well.

  • Thank you for your reply and good wishes SquirrelsHolt. I am certainly feeling a lot better now and I suppose I just have to be patient with the fracture and eventually the pain will ease off. As for hoovering - we will just have to take it easy! Best wishes x

  • Thanks sjc yes definitely the weather just been outside to my bin come in wheezing! Just frustrating cause i feel ok then wham luckily i love reading but after 5 days stuck in i start to go stir crazy as i live on my own with 2 beloved cats. I hope you start to feel better soon. Take care

  • Oh and doesn't time drag and being alone has it's draw backs but at least you have your cats to pamper!! Wintery weather - I'm not looking forward to it one little bit. Keep yourself warm!

  • Thanks Jaysha and you take care too. I also have a cat - he is spoilt rotten and rules the roost around here! x

  • Watch out for the dust that always comes out of the back of the vacuum. All makes put out a certain amount of dust via the filters (re a Which Mag report) and after I use the vacuum I can sometimes taste the dust in the air!! Light weight or not pushing a cleaner around is hard work especially if you have COPD or such like. Wear a mask and take it easy. I so often forget my COPD emphysema and charge into a job in the home forgetting my limitations. Then I am soon reminded!!

  • Thanks for the tip. I am learning what not to do and maybe! Enjoy the rest of your day. i forgot to put 1 clock back and have been on normal time since 8!!!!

  • Yep.... Start doing something and then wallop...... the old breathing starts off again. Must use a mask like you suggested as dust does fly about.

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