accidently found this site

accidently found this site

you all are great...yesterday googled the question...just quit smoking for the 100th time but how come i feel worse than when i was smoking?...up popped your website. reading your posts feels like you all are inside my head...thinking the same things that i think. i don't have anyone here at home that i can talk things are pretty tough when you have to go it alone. maybe with your website i won't feel so bad. getting the answers to some of my questions about copd and athsma might help me feel a bit safer and not so scared of all the changes i am going thru. i will keep reading and writing too if that's ok with you all. my dx two years ago was: severe onset of osteoporosis (most of my spinal vertebrae are fractured causing pressure on the spinal chord (stenosis)...and i have lost 3 full inches of height. i saw a pulmonologist then that said i have asthma and a "touch" of copd. what does that mean? i don't understand why drs don't explain things better and give you the info that you need to feel a little better...maybe some hope so you don't go home and want to just lay down and die. i know i'm not supposed to give up and feel that way...but right now i'm not able to get up on me feet an "deal" with all the changes my body is going thru. i'm just so worn out and so tired of feeling lousy. i knew that if you all read my post you would understand. anyone feeling the way i am???? it would be good to know that i am not alone in this battle. i also have feelings of anxiety almost all the time. i don't know why but i think it has to do with the lung problems too. i hate feeling that way. its like i can't control what my body is doing. docs are no help. they don't want to deal with that part of having copd/asthma. so i thought maybe if i share these feelings in a forum/support site i might just feel more hopeful. can anyone relate to this?i really sound "nuts' don't I??? i'm not...i just want a cig so bad right now....its really hard to do all of this stuff alone. guess i will post this and see if you guys can relate>>>>>thx for reading

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  • Hi nice to meet you. It's natural you feel scared at receiving this diagnosis. We have all been there and know exactly how you feel. The good news is that if the doctor said you have 'just a touch of copd' then you must be mild. Ring or go to see them if you want more information and ask for your lung function and what stage you are at.

    I was diagnosed mild around 5 years ago and the doctor said don't worry to much about it as something else would get me first ie old age.

    As far as the smoking goes well done. There is a quit site on here and they are brilliant. Just go into My communities at the top of your screen and click on 'browse other communities' and type in 'Quit' they will help and support you all the way. Good luck. x

  • thx for the welcome coughalot2....lately i could be called "coughalot 3"...not smoking has made me cough so much more than i normally do...i also feel so tired and heavy sometimes that its hard to even walk to the kitchen to fill my water mug. i'm hoping that this will get better as time goes on. i am to see my primary doc is a week or so...maybe she can shed some light on what i'm feeling. thx for caring

  • Hi need2no,

    I gave up smoking 12 days after being diagnosed in March this year ( smoked for 47 years), 2 days later i could not walk to my car without being out of breath. I was really sick for 5 weeks but was determined to give up. It will be 7 months at the end of this month and now i can't even stand the smell of cigarettes.

    One thing that helped me a lot coz i do like a glass or 2 of wine at night is an e cig as i really had urges when drinking my wine. Now i don't even think about it and still wonder about my sense of smell and taste which has increased a hundred fold.

    If i can do can you.


  • Does your breathing feel better? Some people swear it doesn't improve

  • The breathing is no better coz of the COPD, but i am only moderate so i don't have major breathing problems, just the occasional asthma attack. But learning to deal with those through breathing techniques.

    But i seem to have more energy, don't cough anymore and as my sister said recently....i don't stink like an ashtray.

    Also furry teeth, bad breath and black tongue are a thing of the past.


  • hello and welcome to the site. I am glad you found us, cos it has done me a great deal of good. I am sorry you are going thro' this on your own, and I'm sorry I don't know anything about osteoporosis or stenosis, but somebody will and I'm sure they will help. Lung problems are frightening enough, but you will get plenty of support on here. We also like a laugh and talk normal conversations not just illness, so you can rant when you want, write when you want, or simply just read, the choice is yours as to how you are feeling at the time. Hope you find it a comfort talking to likewise sufferers. Take care.

    jan x

  • First of all welcome to the site, and I'm so glad you found us. You will find a lot of help and support here and definitely won't feel so alone. You have had so much to contend with, it is totally understandable that you feel tired, lousy and anxious. However, try to resist reaching for that cigarette. I gave up smoking a few years ago, and even though my breathing felt worse after I gave up, I would never want to smoke again. There are a lot of products on the market at the moment that can help - just try not to give in to the temptation. If your GP is fobbing you off and you have any specific questions relating to your asthma/COPD you can call the British Lung Foundation (BLF) helpline on 03000 030 555. Whenever you feel lonely just come onto the site as there's always a friendly ear to listen . In the meantime, try to stay positive and I hope you feel a bit better soon (and you definitely don't sound 'nuts'). Take care xx

  • dedalus....thank you so, so, so very much for getting back to me....i'm crying right now cause you all wrote to me. i've never done the support cause i thought no one would ever respond or care about me at all. just knowing that i'm not alone right now is a wonderful grateful to all. i'm not wanting that cig so bad anymore. Kathleen

  • Hello need2no

    Well done giving up the ciggies, you sound as if you are struggling.

    Have you tried electronic ciggies...they give you the nicotine fix without the harmful toxins...they also provide the hand to mouth action which most ex smokers miss.

    Many members on here vape another replacement therapy.

    Many on here have COPD and Asthma, myself fire away with any questions you have.

    This site is great for advice, sympathy. support and a good sound as if you could use all of those at the moment....

    Try to stay positive and keep posting

    Velvet xx

  • I'm newish to this site and have COPD and am really trying to quit smoking. O get to the, 2 week stage and normally relapse. But got to do it this time as the difference in my breathing is so much better, there are no excuses! I understand your depression and I panic and don't leave the house for days. I reply on friend s who are just so kind to look after me. I hate the colder months. Keep in touch as there are lots of folk who use this site who are very understanding etc. Take each day at a time. Kind regards.

  • A very warm welcome need2 looking forward to seeing you around and getting to know you xx

  • hi welcome to the site , well done on giving up the fags I know its very hard but will be worth it in the end , hope you find the help you need here and know you will get a lot of friendly support, take care

  • Hi Kathleen you feel worse when stopping for a while because your lungs are getting rid of all the gunk caused by tar hence the cough. Also tobacco to some extent stops so much bacteria going into your lungs and it has a bit of a sophoric effect on them too. What you are going through is normal, but the good news is you will eventually start to feel much better and your copd will progress a lot less quickly. Stopping smoking is the best thing you can do to help yourself. Well done.

    God bless online forums hey? :) x

  • Hi & welcome, it's very, very difficult to stop smoking but not impossible. Sometimes it does take a few attempts but you will get there & it's the best thing to do.

    Do you not have any help in the house to manage things? Friends, family, respiratory nurse? You sound like you would benefit from some company & a helping hand. Maybe you could ask your GP or practice nurse for advice.

    You are very welcome to come & chat to us about your condition or anything else you feel like.

    Don't feel you are alone, you have us.

    Take care & keep well 😀

  • Feeling worse and coughing more seems to be 'normal' once you stop smoking, I know it was a good few weeks before I started to feel any benefit from stopping - except in my pocket. I think you should give yourself a hugh pat on the back for stopping and use the money that you've stopped burning to treat yourself to something nice. Hope you soon start to feel a bit better.

  • Hi, needtono and welcome to the forum.

    You've come to the right place. There are lots of knowledgeable people on here and quite a few with Osteoporosis too, including myself. Although, as far as I know, it isn't in my spine but, it is in my neck and sometimes I can barely hold my head up, it hurts so bad.

    Keep coming on here, we all need someone to talk to, even if we have family because, we don't like to worry our loved ones too much. You'll soon feel like you've known people on here for years. xx

  • Hi, lovely to meet you. You a not alone always someone here to support you. Never smoked but liken trying to give up smoking to my having to give up tea. I just can't do it. If I were ever in Desert Island Discs my luxury would be fresh water and a lifetime supply of tea, kettle, tea pot and china cup. Lol. You should go to your GP and voice your concerns and ask for explanations - never, ever feel you are asking a silly question or wasting their time. You could also telephone the British Lung Foundation help line and speak to one of their wonderful nurses - I think you can also still contact them on line too.

    Hope you are already feeling you are not so alone.

    Have you asked about help with giving up smoking? My god - daughter is giving up after having a bad bout of pleurisy, I can never believe that she carried on smoking after her Dad died at 62 from smoking related disease 4 years ago. Still she is doing it now which is good. Her husband gave up a long while ago.

    You can do it.

    Good Luck



  • Sadly anxiety is part of copd. I had an awful panic attack in the shower of all places now i don't feel safe in there. I do a breathing exercise where i have to count and it does help. Google and see if any to suit you. You are not silly and i do understand. I have 2 cats who are amazing they know when i am off kilter and stay with me smudge always comes in the bathroom now as he was there that day. I have not been to clever with my breathing lately which was very debilitating and scary it has improved i thought it was not going to! I decided to try and be more laid back not push myself and think whatever is it the end of the world and it is helping. If you need a chat anytime i am here. You are not alone in feeling like this. Take care and chill! X

  • I was also a very heavy smoker ecigs helped as my motivation for quitting was moving house. My flat was an ashtray everything stank and was yellow even smudge as he is white and black! It took me 18 months to replace everything carpets and curtains were in and neutral. I now have a lovely home i am proud of and don't smell like an ashtray! Do i miss smoking no. Wish i had done it sooner.

  • Hi Need2no and welcome to the "family". I high percentage of us on here are ex-smokers and I'm certain no one found it easy to give up! But you have to be strong and stick with it....yes, you'll feel worse before you feel better, but that's just your body getting rid of the toxins. In a few months time you'll be asking yourself why you never gave up years ago....honestly, you really will?! Just come on here when you're feeling a bit down, we're all here to cheer you up.

    Someone said to me once "It's easy to give up smoking- I've done it lots of times!" Lol. :-D

  • Hello, I just popped in fleetingly but need to say - welcome to the site.

  • So glad you found us Kathleen and you'll find folk on here who are supportive and kind because so many have multiple probs. I'm concerned that you aren't getting enough support "on the ground" so to speak but I know this depends very much on where you live - some areas provide a lot more services than others. Some doctors are quaint - "A touch of COPD" is a bit like being slightly pregnant!

    Let's get to my hobby-horse now - both Velvet and Swerv have mentioned it and it is helping 2.6 million of us in UK to quit a habit that is so hard to break - 1 million have switched completely to the electronic cigarette. The old idea of having to suffer all the withdrawal pangs is dead in the water since so many scientists and Public Health England have stated "at least 95% safer than smoking". You WILL find you are shifting more gunk when dropping the fags no matter which method you use, lungs are very good at cleaning themselves, but press on regardless - nicotine is what you crave, not all the tar and muck from smoke, that's why e-cigs work; No smoke, just vapour with enough nic in it to satisfy the most hardened smoker and that is not only harmless but helps with concentration, memory and lots of other things which is why it's being trialled for things like MS, Parkinsons etc. I've used one for going on 6 years now and have done so much research my eyes were almost bleeding! No-one has ever died of vaping (that's the term for e-cig use) and thousands report health benefits; as a pack a day smoker of 60+ years I saw an improvement within a few weeks of switching, which I did overnight. Will stop now as this is boring for some of the old hands who have read it all before, but I don't see why people who are already putting up with enough stuff should have to endure "cold turkey" amd be deprived of one of lifes few pleasures. Wishing you well mydear, take care.

  • Hi Need2,well done you taken probably the most important step of the year by posting on our lovely forum.I,m sure just about every one of us knows exactly what you are talking about at least in part if not completely.I found the anxiety the most difficult thing to deal with,the panic attacks ,the sweating and shaking.Then I join HU and began to learn lots.Not being able to breath is very unlikely to kill you,so you need to practise breathing technics,can be fund on YouTube.Stopping smoking is the best thing to do,so keep trying you will stop!Have the best diet you can,plenty fruit and vegetables.Some of us take supplements but you should check with your GP.I take vitamin D3 ginseng,Qt 10 and I take a pro-biotic as I,m on prophylactic antibiotics 3 times a week.So really you have just come home.We will all support you in any way we can,so keep ousting and ask anything you want.Welcome Need2no. D. 😋

  • I have exactly the same as you & it's horrible to feel that no one can really help

  • Hi and welcome and congratulations for giving up smoking take one day at a time and we are always hear if you need help.

    The next time you see your GP it might be worth asking him to send you on a PR course I found mine to be a great help.

  • Hi need2no. ...I have asthma and copd.

    I can't advice you on very much sorry.

    All I do is tell you about me.

    I was smoking 2 boxes a day..I know doesn't leave much time to do much else in the day dose it.

    I was a smoker for 50 years am 63 now.

    I stopped the same day the doctor showed me what the cigarettes had done to me..that's 4 months ago.

    My breathing now is worse than its ever been...but I have the added bonus of silent reflux. .

    My copd is very mild according to my doctor. ..I don't think it would stay very mild for very long if I were to continue smoking.

    What ever your condition is now it most definitely get worse much quicker if you don't stop and stay stopped.

    Good luck.

    Kind regards.


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