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Hi everyone

Jude here got COPD & Fibrosis on oxygen and fostair &Spiriva I have worked at my local hospital for 25 years as a fundraiser we managed £750.000 and the last 9years as a meet and greet then I found I couldn't get up and down the corridors I had a bad infection at the time in December prior to Christmas went and gave him the bottle yes I had infection I then asked him if he would sound my chest as I was coughing up blood he looked at me and said no one appointment one problem it couldn't have taken two minutes to dip I have not seen him from that day I saw a doctor who did sound my chest and that was the diagnosis had to wait a further 7 weeks before I got to see a Consultant I would appreciate any help you people can offer as I have not been invited to any clinic my husband and I Are trying to keep each other afloat my husband as cancer and a lung out.

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That's disgraceful, at our surgery it's a ten minute appointment per patient but if it's likely to take longer than that we can normally book a double appointment. The appointment is made for the patient - not for each individual problem a patient might have. It makes me wonder is he being paid per patient, or per visit? Sorry if that sounds cynical.


You're not the only one. My surgery has the same "one problem per appointment" rule although I think one doctor is a bit more lenient. Can't see the problem myself, especially of it's connected and you don't go over time.

Last time I went for myself my GP asked how my son got on with his recent lumbar puncture. I was so, so tempted..........

After a recent flare up of my COPD and reacting badly to the addition of a steroid inhaler, on the advice of a BLF nurse I asked my GP to refer me back to my consultant to discuss my sensitivity to inhalers and to repeat lung function tests to see of there was any deterioration. She refused and gave me a gym referral instead (and omitted to say that I would have to pay for the sessions). Then she asked why I wanted a reliever inhaler when I didn't have breathlessness!!

Don't know about breathless, she left me speechless! I shall try to avoid hernin future.


we also get 10 mins per appointment but they do let it go over , if its an emergency appointment by that I mean if you ring in morning you cant get an appointment that day only an emergency same every day of week you have to tell receptionist whats wrong (if im in a mood I say I would rather discus that with a doctor she gets all upperdy about it } then doctor ring back you explain again then he says yes I will see you but its only one problem allowed


That is a ridiculous attitude,I have many medical problems most of which are connected in some way.I take a list and it their problem to get to the end of my list in the allocated time ..It is not our job to manage their time.D.

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That is absolutely ridiculous as it could cause an incorrect diagnosis to be made. The patient may not be aware which symptoms are linked. No wonder the NHS need more funding! More money to waste away because of crazy ideas and rules!

I can only get to the Doctor when I am really well so in my case I would ring up and book 6 appointments. If they refused I would say "Well that is down to your rules not my stupidity. I've been trying to get to see the GP for 6 months and I cannot afford to leave the problems another 6 months before I am well enough to get there!"

Most health issues are interlinked in some way so it really is very crazy!

Keep Smiling or in my case Keep Twinkling!

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