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Shows my GP Surgery are on the case? (Not!)

I posted on my GP practice NHS website my thoughts and observations in early July on the way they had acted to my blood tests taken and results given to my surgery after a number of visits to A & E and later Ambulatory Care and then not acted on by my surgery.

Well they are so on the ball they replied this week! So it takes them 3 months to even get around to look at what their patience's are saying about them.

The reply

"Please contact the Practice Manager to discuss this matter further - as we should not be sent results that we have not undertaken, without clinical information."

The facts are they were sent all the test results. They (GP Practice) sent me a hand written letter to come in to discuss them? But missed the information on there stating what they found. They were also sent a full report of what was found and conclusions and further treatment by my GP Practice, Which I was CC'd in, it took my letter to convince them they had even had one. But even though they said they were not aware of any changes? My heart tablets were changed in my prescription as suggested in the letter they claim they did not have before I saw them?

Why cannot they just admit they messed up?

Be Well

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Because doctors never admit that Offcut! It's part of their training. x


If they took a leaf out of my son's doctors and nurses who are so honest and straight about the treatment it hurts sometimes. But they show they are also humans with their own failings.


Hi Offcut, you really don't need the stress. I so agree, it's easier to cope with human beings that know they are fallible and strong enough to admit sometimes mistakes happen. Sending you love and best wishes. Margaret x


So glad you had a copy Offcut and good for you for speaking up.


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Well done for starting the ball rolling.

I needed to complain about consultant/professor at St Goerges - encouraged by 3 GPs but I was too weak & worn out at the time.

One GP was still apologising two years after putting me on ibruprofen for 2 weeks, long story short in A&E. Told me he'd learnt valuable lessons about reading notes and checking previous history.

I've moved town so new GP to butter up now. So far so good though.

Very good luck with it. P

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oh that sounds so much like my doctors , once was told they hadn't had any thing from hospital I said they fax it there reply was ask them to do it again as our fax machine is old we don't always receive them or only receive them in part , another time what consultant prescribed I got when for repeat cant do that would need a letter from consultant , I said you had one no we don't nothing on computer so told them date no nothing so I said well if you didn't have any thing how did you know what to give me last month she got snappy said well nothing on computer I will have to speak to gp ,

so know where you are coming from , hard to keep calm when they are arguing with you and you know you are right , All I can think of is that character on little Britain the computer said NO


All they have to do is admit their mistake or oversight, and apologise and we'd all go away happy - no stress for us, no stress for them. It's so simple I don't understand why they don't get it.


Hi offcuts GP care defo leves alot to be desierd for sure

Twice now gp incompatance as nearly cost me my life

As to hospitals i cant fault care honasty i have recived if only GP was as good as those in hospitals but i guess thats why the GPs

Glad your kids got experts looking out for him


The majority of them seem to be the same unfortunately - I got nowhere with my GP regarding 'missing' test results etc. and after a couple of months, when a locum finally called me, he said he was calling about something I had no idea about (he admitted that it was for someone else on his 'to do' list). That was the 'straw' for me so I changed my GP - a couple of days later I had the Manager from my previous GP surgery on the phone asking if there was anything she could do - she was afraid I would be making a complaint!..................................


Talk about your life in there hands no wonder were all knackered, good to see you hope your son is ok.


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