They last time I saw my consultant was March he said he would refer me for transplant. I never heard a word from Harefield. So today at my consultation I thought doctor would say he will chase them up, but he informs me Harefield have written to him saying they wont see me because of my low BMI. I'm not very happy I'm 56 and have always been tiny I have never gone above 7st in my life, they have obviously assumed I'm small because I'm ill, but what really annoyed me is why haven't they written to me or at least given me the chance to put my case.

Kim xx

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  • They are very very strict when it comes to BMI too low or too high. I think its all about being ill enough to have the transplant and but strong and fit enough to get through the op and get well. They should have told you. I only know this as I am in the opposite cap. I am too heavy and they won't see me until I get to below 30 bmi.

    I do hope you get the chance to speak to them- they at least owe you an explanation.

    Marie x

  • Hi Marie I am in the same boat with my BMI my answer was you cannot expect some to be on Steroids 50/60mgs a day and not get this. hope all goes well for you.mattcass

  • Thanks Matt. Unfortunately I am now steroid free so its down to diet and exercise and that old devil willpower!

    Time to buckle down for me though - I can't go back to see my consultant the same weight I was last time I saw him.

    Good luck to you too - its a tricky old business this rubbish lung business!


  • Wythenshawe wouldn't look at my friend until he lost 5 stone. He told his Consultant he wanted a transplant and lost the weight he needed to lose. Then he had his transplant assessment. He was told that a BMI either too high or too low was a significant risk for not surviving the operation.

    Kim, there's no easy way to say this but if you want a transplant, you will have to try to put on weight. Work out what the correct BMI is for your height and get yourself into that range. Good luck.

  • That's just my point. I've always been thin I've tested and tested to find out why until they decided I just am. I've never had children which can alter your metabolism it did my mum who I might add was really tiny as was my dad. My dietician has even said some people are just naturally small. I've never been over 7st, but until 2011 always been really healthy. In fact the only time my weight has varied is since being ill when I had Pneumonia.

    Yes I would like the chance of a transplant, I do understand what privilege it would be to be put on the list. But they didn't even give me the chance to put my side or tell me I would have to increase my weight they just told my consultant.


  • That is so unfair kimmy and I would be wording a strong letter to them to say so. Good luck to you. xxxxx

  • Sounds as though they,re being very mean Kimmy ,best of luck.D. 💐

  • Don't give up Kimmy write to them explaining how you feel about this

    Always worth a try

    Good luck xxSally

  • I think I will Sally. I'm waiting for my dietician to get back to me see if he can give me a different supplement, the last one made me feel sick.

    Kim xx

  • Its terrible to read your situation. I hope you get a chance to put your case across and get some success. All we ask for is hope for a normal life.

    In my case a op that would have helped my breathing was refused because of my breathing issues. The risk of aenesethia death was too great to consider.

  • I'm sorry to hear that. Your right we just want a chance, I'm considering writing to them.

    Kim xx

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