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Molly To The Vets...

Molly went for her last injection this afternoon...she saw Niamh rather than Susie 'cos she has a few days off...Molly now weighs the grand total of two kilograms and Niamh says she's big enough to have her tubes tied but to wait about another month 'cos her lymph glands are still slightly swollen...

I think the injection must affect her because she's been very quiet since coming home again...though she did wash her paws very thoroughly...now she's fast asleep.

Murphy gave her a good sniff and curled his top lip up...makes us laugh when he does that... it's just as though he's really disliking the smell...he does it when he sits on Himself's lap and sniffs his jeans. Which probably smell of Donkeys actually...

Perhaps we won't have the mad time this evening when the two of them race about the cottage at ninety miles an hour...leaping on and off the furniture and diving under the bed to emerge with dust bunnies clinging to their whiskers...

Having a couple of kittens is much more entertaining than the television...

And you know how to pronounce Niamh don't you...if you don't, it's Neave.

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Awwwww,just look at them on top of their tower,I am sure the injection makes all animals very quiet for a few hours our dogs were the same, As for the vets name I have never really got my head round the spelling ,it's the same with Sian,very strange,lol love the image I got of the dust bunnies,so funny.

Lovely cats and dog how do you pronounce Roisin think I've spelt it right she was in a book I was reading

It's pro. Rowshin...very soft on the wsh...hope that helps!

Thanks that helps I kept thinking it was like raisin but with an oi

Carole xx

What more could a cat want....furry bed, furry friend and a warm range!

I love the long suffering expression on the dogs face too.


lovely pussycats. One of my twin granddaughters is Niamh..xxx

Beautiful cats vashti, you do know how to conjure up images don't you - never heard of dust bunnies before yet somehow I know exactly how a cat would look with them on their whiskers - so funny 😹😹

No didn't know how to pronounce it, thanks for that. I have a friend who has a granddaughter called 'neave', and never even thought how to spell it!

I remember the mad half hour our cats used to have too. now my dogs do it (i'm sure they think they are cats) :-) but the big one is too big to get round the back of the sofa, she just waits for little one to appear, then when he goes back round, she goes to the other end and waits again he doesn't half wind her up :-) x

I did know how to pronounce Niamh and felt very proud of myself too. We used to know an Irish couple years ago from Sligo and they had a daughter called Niamh and one called Aoibhinn. I loved the spelling of both.

The cats look so content curled up together and seem to be doing really well.

They are so entertaining. xxxx

Lucky kitties, they are so fortunate to have landed on their feet with you and Himself 😁 we had to take Max to the vets on Wednesday because he has a limp but he seems a bit better now.I'm still reeling from the price of worming tablets! xxx

Oh, how well I know that response to a return visit from the vet'. If I have to take one of mine for anything, it's bedlam with the other two for days afterward! Spitting and hissing and generally treating the "treated" one as an outcast. I think I dread their reactions almost more that the visit to the vets' in the first place?!

Agh! Beautiful. Poor dog looks a bit put out!

Take care


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