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Still here!

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing ok! , not been online for a while as was poorly on my return home from a break in Northumberland. Suffered bad exasperations and ended up on the usual prednisolone & Antibiotics. Feeling much better now and getting back to normal. Want to say thank you to all who replied to my post " A few days away " with your best wishes. Had a nice time to start with but got very breathless towards the end , certain trees and grasses were affecting my Asthma , and I ended up with a chest infection. Came home a day early so didn't get to see Edinburgh as planned, maybe next time ! Will now have a catch up and have a read through your posts and see what I have missed.

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Glad to hear your feeling better 29H,

Much the same as me, i'm on my last week of "cut down" steroids, i've been poorly of late, but for some reason feel better today :)

jimmy :)

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Thanks Jimmy, glad your feeling better too. ! Tina.


Glad you are feeling better.


Thanks corsaking.


Glad you're home safely,but sorry you haven't been well.

Never mind about Edingburh,you have the excuse to go back now!

Do hope you feel better now,

Hugs wen xxx


Thanks wen, next time will book a break at Edinburgh , will give me more time to look around.


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