Hi folks, just back from my 6mth check with consultant, good news in one way as he says there is now an injection/tablets? that will keep the dreaded H.I. bug away, had blood tests to see if I'm suitable for it. Also tested for immune system, any idea why guys? Though I have been fairly infection free of late it's only because I've been on steroids more or less all the time for the last year, it would be lovely to come off them and be well, having gained 4st in a year! and I'm only 4"11! Would really appreciate your opinions. Take care you lovely lot xx

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  • good news for you. Steroids supress you immune system as you know, so probably need to see if things have returned to normal. Hope it works out for you.

    jan x

  • Thank you Jan, I hadn't thought of that, i always seem to get a mental block when finally seeing consultant! xx

  • Good news Sheila. I woud be really interested to know what this medication is as I am colonised with HI and will be seeing my con next week. Hope it works well for you.


  • Hi Cough, the medication is called Phyllocontin, one tablet twice a day, hope this helps xx

  • Thank you so much - Going this week. XXX

  • Your welcome, let us know how you get on. Good luck! xx

  • Just looked this drug up hun and it looks like it's a bronchodilator.


  • Well done I will have a look xx

  • Thanks Cough, I will keep you posted, don't know about you but my mind seems to go blank when I see the consultant, then when I get home I remember everything I wanted to ask! Like you I am colonised and also a bronch. She also said it should make breathing easier, which would be brilliant, FEV 20% so any improvement would be great. Take care xx

  • It would be great if you would keep us posted - I would be very interested to see how beneficial this is for you. I would be good if it improves your FEV. Have you tried making very short list - bullet points or you get a bit lost - to take in to con.

    I wish you the very best with this medication.

    Love cx

  • Will do Cough, not sure if I will know in time for your con appointment, depends how long blood tests etc take, but you could mention it. Short list is a great idea! Take care xx

  • What's hi

  • Just what I was going to ask ! Sheila x

  • Haemophilus Influenzae bacteria.

  • Still got my HI back on antibiotics. If this doesn't clear up am going to see a consultant immunologist - don't care if I have to pay privately as there is only 1 in Wales so obviously very busy - poor man.

  • I will keep you posted Freefaller, should get my results back in the next day or so, then you can go fully armed! xx

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