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Hi all I have copd & Emphysema which results in my breath being short - does anyone if i would be entitled to DLA, I have worked all my life and feel a bit out of my depth with these things.

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Hi day53, the BLF helpline may be able to help you with your query, they are open during working hours on 03000 030555.

The Citizens Advice Bureau can help too.

Take care.


Hello dav53. DLA is not about the actual illness people have got but more on how much it affects your day to day living. As knitter says contact BLF and they will give you more information.


its called pip benefit now unless you are retiring age then you put in for attendance allowance but yes you can put in but depends how far you can walk what you can do and what help you need doing certain things if you goggle pip benefit you can find info about it


Hi look on the Govt. site - x


Thanks to all for the information, was really helpful.


It depends on how your condition affects you, not the condition itself, I've just put in for PIP (DLA) because I was told I had COPD (1st Doctor) back in April this year but now the 3rd Doctor said I got Chronic Bronchitis but I also have Depression (Long Term), Anxiety, Agoraphobia and Osteoarthritis of the Spine, Neck, Wrists, Hands, Hip and it's in my Knees (I haven't been properly Diagnosed for the Hip the Doctor just said to mention it when I was going for Physiotherapy I was having Acupuncture few years back same for my Knees just told me to mention it) I don't think I'll be Awarded it as I got turned down before, it makes me Mad tho because I know People who have nothing wrong with them (and I mean "Nothing") they have just blagged there way and they have managed to get it and put in ESA Support Group, you needs to tell them how it makes you feel and how if affects you, I wakes up everyday feeling Suicidal, I'm in Pain everyday and the Anxiety feels like I'm going to have a Heart Attack .. Go to CAB to do the Forms for you!


A lot depends on your age and condition. If you're over 65 they'll probably tell you that "disability comes with age" - as they told me. However, if you need help to wash and dress yourself, you may get some sympathy but don't hold your breath -literally!

I also worked all of my life but my sole income is a state pension of £150 a week! I'd like to see an MP try to live on that. Good luck.


Hi Dav, I have the same as yourself and was told at the age if 68 I can only get attendance allowance with NO mobility aspect to it. PIP is the only way you get mobility component but you have to be under 64 years of age.


Hi Dav53,

I'd be more than happy to chat with you about PIP.

Give me a call on 03000 030 555. I'm here until 3pm today.




Hi Biddy,

I dont if PIP would apply to me as i live in Scotland? but thanks for reply & would be great to talk to someone about this. Suppose I am feeling a wee bit low as my working life is over never been in this position before!.



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