Not feeling so good

I am taking fragmin as you all know... Which is to prevent blood clots forming. Today I have rapidly gone down hill, chest pain, feels like a pile of books on my chest with stabbing pains now and then. Also my breathing is worse, hurts when I breath in... I also have what I can only describe as needle sharp pains randomly in places on my body, ie: thigh, elbow... Knee... And a sharp head ache above my left eye.

Jon called the GP surgery at 9 am this morning to speak with a Dr, a nurse called at 10.30 we then waiting for GP to call.... He did at 3.30. Said no one could come out to me, yes. I am house bound, for a few days!! Jon was fuming as I need to be looked at as getting worse. So jon then phones 111 service they faxed Dr surgery and told jon to phone the surgery and to explain 111 said I need to see a GP today! Dr called back at 4.30... Not happy we went to 111 and said he had spoken to another Dr about me... He is coming out to see me anytime after 6.30.

My symptoms are worse than this morning abs I feel sick with pain now...

I was wondering with my anemia that has been really bad this month if this has caused this? I am really worried.

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Shocking treatment on the face of it. I hope you get some satisfaction from the visiting doctor.

I would call 999 better to be safe than sorry hope it all works out well for you

GP just been... Going to hospital with suspected blood clots again... And tests to find out what us going on.

Feeling a little more relieved

But why are you having suspected blood clots again? Meds should be stopping this......

You should see a specialist because doesn't seem to me your meds are accurate.

My dad is on warfarin which I know you can't take but he has very regular blood tests to ensure dosage correct. Surely you should have same??

Hope you feel better soon.

No idea why it's not working or why I am really breathless and having chest pains? All I know is that I don't feel right at all.

GP spoke with hospital and being admitted tomorrow morning, if I get worse tonight been told to call 999.

Since going on fragmin injections in start of June I have had no blood tests done or checks done to see if everything ok. The GP surgery usually do blood tests on me for my anemia as that gets really bad... Nothing has been done to follow that up. We have asked!! Since one of the gps prescribed diclofenac to me I don't trust them, and now a lot of the Drs have left and we find out today a new surgery has taken over! So that is why I have been forgotten about and left alone... GP that came out asked why I had not been to the surgery! It's in my notes I am house bound and cannot walk,.. All the GP went on about whilst here was the fact he wanted to retire and sit by a swimming pool and did not want to be working...

I will be having the dye ct to see if I have clots in my lungs and blood tests to find out what is going on.

I am so fed up... I don't want to be ill anymore.

Absolutely disgusting how you are being treated.

Seems to be NO care at even basic level.

I know I am just so worn out with it all...

Just think you (like most of us) have enough to cope with, with regards your health issues without having to battle with the very people who should be helping you.

Think this is terrible but our Dr are exactly the same very rarely now can you get a Dr to do house calls

Thoughts and prayers for you, hoping they will find out what's wrong and give you the right treatment to feel better really soon, Happy-smiles.


Sorry that you have had such a rough time. I myself have been down the 111 route and after answering so many questions I was worn out. Now, when I feel rough I just call 999. Paramedics always attend if it is a breathing or heart problem.

Hope you feel better soon.


might be worth a read?

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