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Sinus infections


I have recently had (still have) a severe sinus infection that has caused severe asthma/lung attacks. The consultant has given me a steroid nasal inhaler spray which has improved things somewhat but not cleared it up. I am also using a Neil Med sinus rinse with their own sachets of mix for the sinus rinse. However, this is not the first time I have had sinus problems which greatly affects my breathing and wondered if anyone out there has had similar or has any advice.


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If it doesn't clear up soon - my Doc says 3 weeks and it should clear on it's own or if it continues to cause bad breathing problems then it may be a good idea to ask for antibiotics to help it on its way. Are you taking extra puffs of your asthma inhalers too?


Yes me..its getting harder and harder to breathe through my nose.

I'm hoping the treatment I've been given will start to work soon.

I hope you will get better soon.


Hi, sympathies. I used to have horrendous headaches lasting a week, after years I was treated for migraine. Kept going back to doc only to be given different migraine drugs.

I just knew migraines weren't supposed to last up to 10 days.

Finally a referral to ENT specialist. A head ct scan showed all the sinus cavities in the head & cheeks were full. My nasal tubes so slim (small boned, pin head as my husband used to call me) so couldn't drain. Of course it was continually infected & inflamed. The head pain was the pressure.

Had an op under general anaesthetic. I think it was to stretch the tubes, anyway, one side 'drained' after 3 weeks. A whole almost solid mass came down (sorry, gross).

The other side didn't empty but at least for the last few years I've been headache free.

The first sign of a pain I use acupressure points to release the er, stuff. See pressure points on YouTube and Google sinus cavities for a picture to you can see what might be full.

Press under your brow bones, if it's really really tender you need to get it sorted. I was told half my lung problems were due to infected spores getting in to the lower respiratory tract.

My blocked sinuses were usually started by allergies turning into infections.

Good luck. P

Keep on to the doc. P

edit: ps. The ENT recommended Sterimar sterile seawater for nasal douche was the best thing - same as Neilmeds really.

I've been on the steroid nasal spray for years. I can no longer smell 😕

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Hi Peege,

I took various peoples' advice on here and bought myself some Sterimar.. After about a week my sinuses felt clear and I was happy.....however......

I awoke one morning bringing up huge blood clots. Since this was a first for me, I went straight to my GP (we are in France) and he suggested that I stop using the sinus wash. The blood only lasted one day, and had nothing to do with anything else.

Now, three weeks on, my sinuses are clearing. Sterimar was worth a try.


Oh crumbs, it must have been going down 'the back way' & swallowed at night. After my unblocking, the semi solid mass that came down after 3+ weeks was obvs containing old blood 😩 grim.

At least the Sterimer is sterile xxx


I have tried the acupressure points and steri mar for my sinus problem. I get bad headaches which wake me up at night and a yucky discharge, but antibiotics do not clear it.i wish I could find an answer too


You have my sympathy, I too have a nasal spray on prescription containing steroids, which I use once a day. Still get flare ups though. Think there are plenty of members in the same boat, so don't know if there is a connection with our other inhalers. I steam my face over a bowl of hot water to try and keep my nose clear. Joyce.


Hi Flam

I for 25 years have had a similar problem. I thought that it was never going to be cured. I had 2 nasal operations.

I recently was diagnosed with diabetic autonomic neuropathy. And sleep apnea.

As part of the problem it was suggested that I raised the head of the bed by 8 inches to help with some digestive problems. All of a sudden the sinus problems I'd had for 25 years had gone, the problem I was having was nasal drip causes by a haitus hernia causing stomached acid to get into my throat which causes the sinus problem.

So how difficult Would it be to try raising the head of your bed by 8 inches to see if it helps you - it worked for me.




Thank you to everybody who has replied. It would appear that sinus problems are quite a serious problem which is causing major breathing problems. I have had surgery twice to remove nasal polyps and it was very scary last time because I had a choking fit while my nose was filled with packing. I really don't think that I could go through that again. I need to go back to the old fashioned method of steaming over a very small amount of menthol crystals. Also, I am in a catch 22 about chilli or hot foods. They clear my sinus but sometimes start a coughing fit.

The conversation about acid reflux is interesting because I also have a hiatus hernia that causes acid reflux and I take Ranitide (350mcg) x 1 at night and Loratadine x 2 a day (1 morning and 1 night). I am seriously overweight and have struggled and struggled to try to lose weight but cannot seem to find the wherewithal to do this. I am a carer for a severely disabled adult child and days go by where I can just about maintain sanity.

I really need to lose some weight which will alleviate many of the symptoms of asthma, bronchiectasis, hiatus hernia and sinus problems. I have had my bed head raised for at least 20 years now but I am so grateful to everyone who has offered suggestions and has tried to help. I need to be more focused upon myself which is easier said that done. Once again thank you to the very caring people on Health Unlocked.


I share the theory that it's caused by a combination of acid reflux and side effects of drugs. Spiriva & seretide cause mine, and if I have to have oral steroids. I think it all is caused by acid reflux, but its the drugs that weaken the upper oesophageal sphinter allowing AR. I take omeprazole in the morning and a ranitidine before bed, avoid eating for min 3 hours before bed and alchohol coffee & dark gren veg aggravate it.

And I've got the bed head raised 8"... and use neilmed nasal rinse occasionally (daily in the winter).. and it's mostly ok in the summer..

Thinking of moving abroad for the winter.


This something I have had for years. Amazed at how many of us have it. My head is always hurting and right where the sinus problems are as well. Was meant to have a operation on my sinus problem but never did as so many people who I knew had it done were never any better afterwards. Suffering at the moment with it and breathing bad as well started steroids and AB but I seem to always be taking them .


Yes I have had this problem. Had sinus scan and no deformities of sinus shown. Am now on something called 'Dymista' nasal spray (keep wanting to call it demister) which is steroid and antihistimine, after using it for about 6 days I think it is having some effect. I have problems with allergies, hay fever etc. I shall have to ask GP if this can be takne always or just a short time. I think allergies cause a lot of sinus problems but problem is what to do about it. Since on this have not woken up coughing so much. Will keep my fingers crossed.


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