I have had a chest infection since January ,still no signs of it clearing ,matron came last week my oxygen was 67 she wanted to admit me to hospital and I refused really stupid thing to do ,but more anti and steroids and I pulled round

I worked in a nursery schoo for years my class room on a windy day would have brown and blue wool looking bits floating around the room I would sweep this up before the children arrived

In 1975 the school was closed asbestos ,never thought any thing about it until a couple of months ago when my last X-ray showed pleural thickening my first thought was what about all those children my daughter included Powers that be are trying to tell me it's because I had TB as a child !!

Has any one else been asked to fill in a form saying they don't want CPR I have sorry I said but I ain't filling that in not unless I'm do lally tap


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  • Hi Dorothy

    So sorry you are struggling so much. What a concern re the asbestos - very worrying indeed. In Leeds years ago asbestos used to be stored outside a factory in Armley and kids used to play in it. They are still clearing the asbestos from houses in that area.

    I haven't as yet been asked to sign a DNR form. Your're a long way from being doo lally tap hun I am sure.

    love Sue x

  • Yes I was one of those kids that played in it but only a couple of times whilst visiting a cousin who lived in the next street

    Take care


  • Looking at an article from the Independant newspaper it did state that the asbestos in Armley which caused so much misery for many foks was white asbestos, which I believe is the worst.


  • It's shocking how little they bothered about asbestos - and how companies who knowingly exposed their workers still try to get out of taking any responsibility.

    Re DNR - I happily signed it (in fact I asked for it) and have the form on a shelf in my hall in case emergency workers arrive some day. (Silly - I live alone so, if I'd had a cardiac or respiratory arrest, there would be no-one to call an ambulance anyway!) It's not all that obvious on the shelf and, at one stage I though of sticking it on the wall opposite my front door - but realised it might freak out the Tesco delivery men!

    As to only signing it when you're "doo lally tap" (do you mean having dementia?) - I think it would be too late then as they probably won't take your word for it unless you know what you're doing! Other people will decide for you, though.

    I hope your infection clears up soon - that must be really wearing.

  • Hi elja I also live on my own my late husband lived another 5 years after C P R so if I leave it until I have dementia the its out of my hands then

    If I get to the point I am really suffering then yes I will sign a form. ,but too be asked makes me think they think I am on my way out I have my grandaughters wedding to attend in December so got too be around for that take care


  • I've been asked a couple of times in hospital. I'm sure some of these doctors use the same text books. Both times they said my lungs had weakened my heart. If they'd bothered to read my history they'd have seen that I had angina, which wasn't that bad actually, before my lung problem and that all my heart tests have shown normal. I said ask me again in 20 years ! :)

  • Good for you I know I'm 73 and lots of health problems but not ready to not receive any help that might be offered

    Take care Puff


  • I also told them that if the paramedics are there they may as well have a go anyway ! :)

  • That's funny

  • I asked for a DNR my Doctor /hospital and myself have a copy, it is also in my pulmonary book so the nurses know about it.

    My reasoning behind it is I have had cancer three times the last bout was back end of 2014, went to see results of my last scan and they have found another nodule which is suspect I shall have another ct scan December. I digress a little, DNR If I have another exacerbation like my last one it means my lungs are getting worse as would my breathing, and that's why I'm opting out.

    Anyway sun is shining cats are fed so now I'm going to have a wee dram of Jura and watch all my weeds grow lol.

    love etch45 xxx

  • I understand I would do the same in your circumstances do hope you get through this last bout what is Jura I'm intrigued

  • A beautiful single malt whisky, very smooth goes down a treat.

    Think I shall be in bed early........newlands good talking to you.

    Take care love Sheila aka etch45


  • Hi etch45 aka Sheila. I`m mskpjb aka Sheila. I think there`s another Sheila too on the site ! Enjoy your wee dram and good to know you`ve got your cats to keep you company. I lost my little pusscat four weeks ago. I missed my husband like mad when he died but I was never lonely with her here. Now I`m bereft- totally. Won`t take on another, I used to weedle my way out of hospital early because I missed her. Anyway, you take care and keep well, Sheila x

  • I am losing the plot.........I just more or less finished writing when the gremlins came and deleted !!!!!!!

    Yes we have another Sheila ( great name..) on the site.

    Sorry you lost your furry friend , I understand how you feel I missed my husband and got Jack and Gill to take or help take the pain away.

    They are rescue cats and when I can put their photo's on you will see why I love them to bits.

    I have been away today at Bolton market ( Christmas shopping ....argh! ) and what a lovely greeting I got from them.

    Sheila you take great care of your self and hope to hear from you soon.

    Love Sheila aka etch45


  • Yes it`d be nice to see Jack and Jill. I adopted Hotwheels (Don`t ask !!! ) well ok- my granddaughter had a little car that went very fast as did the kitten so she got that name. Anyway as I was saying I adopted Hotwheels, by then fifteen years old and her kitten Binx twelve, because my son, their owner was dying. They cheered my husband and I for the next few months especially once John was told he too was going to die. And they were real lifesavers for me once I was on my own. Sadly Binxy died two years ago and Baby (aka Hotwheels) and I became even more close. She really did talk to me. She`d have been 19 in October though she never looked her age. Wish I could put her picture in.

    Shopping in Bolton eh. My husband came from that area- Atherton- I`m from Cumbria.

    Well from one Sheila to another , stay well, love, Sheila x

  • Sheila not too good will write tomorrow. Love Sheila. X

  • Think I did too much at the market felt dreadful the next day..

    Hotwheels is a great name, I love it, not many cats named that...lol

    The way they came into your lives is sad, I don't know how I would feel to lose a son, I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Also your husband..... you have really gone through the mill Sheila.

    I lost my husband ( also called John ) six years ago very sudden, I got Jack and Gill because I hated going in the house and there was not a living being in. I know its silly but I needed something that was breathing......besides I love cats.

    I shall ask Cal2 how to put photos on.

    I am also from Cumbria, Carlisle.

    However Sheila I am off to do a little work so for now bye and will be in touch again.

    Love Sheila xx

  • Thanks for your reply Sheila. Yes you probably did too much on your trip to Bolton. Know exactly what you mean about the empty house. I find I don`t miss being loved but oh I do miss the pleasure of loving that furry little body. Take care and keep well, Sheila x

  • Like you I was asked and I also refused. That was 5 years ago. I remember talking to a man who found a DNR on his mother's notes, though she knew nothing about it and it had never been discussed with her family. He argued, they resuscitated and she lived 4.5 more years, good years, before dying of a heart attack. I won't be rushed off and am going nowhere in a hurry!

  • Never heard it referred as DNR before Ever time I hear the news it's about how long people are living think they are trying to get rid of a few 😩but not me yet😎

  • DNR Do Not Resuscitate. Keep resisting! x

  • Omg think I have early signs of dementia ,must have if my brain couldn't work that out

    Take care


  • Dear Dorothy, you have certainly been put through the mill this year and I just want to send you hugs and wish you well. Asbestos is a terrible thing that nobody realised, or didn't want to talk about, many years ago and it comes back to haunt so many now.

    Don't you go signing any form about not having CPR as you are going on for a long time to come. They can keep their form.

    You take care and hope your health does improve soon.

    Lots of love, Carole xxxx

  • Hi Carole thank you for your lovely reply It's trying to prove its the asbestos that's caused my lung problems

    Can't understand why this infection won't shift haven't coughed clear mucus up once since this infection started in January

    Not taking antibiotics anymore not doing any good think I need putting in a bag and shaking up 😺

    Take care

    Dorothy xxx

  • Hope things are on the up soon Dorothy. Bless you. xxxx

  • Hi Dorothy

    I have lung cancer as well as COPD. My consultants keep wdbing a DNR form at me on one of my frequent visits to hospital! My GP tells me not to rush to sign the firm as I was given a year to live two years ago! The consultants reckon if I crash my heart won't cope with resuscitation and possible brain damage due to lack of oxygen. On my last stay in hospital we actually found out that the consultants can discuss treatments with my family but ultimately the consultants have the final say. I was a little distressed knowing this I must say. They do not know me like my family do and they don't understand the lengths us cancer and COPD patients go through to stay alive. They only see us perhaps once a month for ten minutes! So I feel there is little point in signing a form as they will ultimately decide. Carole xx

  • Hi Carole so sorry to hear you have lung cancer but pleased you are putting up a good fight

    Take care


  • HelloCarol

    You keep on fighting as long as you can and want to. Consultants are not God......Go by what your GP says, he will know you better than the Consultant, and the consultant does not have the last say..... Your discussion with your family is what is important.

    I too have COPD and the lung cancer ( in remission from the main one ) but are now monitoring a nodule they have found... one step forward three back .....

    you keep well Carol love and hugs

    Sheila aka etch45 xxx

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