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Not again!!

Hi all - just posted about my brother-in-laws illness - meant to attach a facebook post from his daughter but being an old fart I forgot the second bit!!! Here it is for anyone interested

"On the 13th June 2012 my sister passed away from cardiac arythmia. On the 23rd July 2013 my mum passed away from Lung cancer after both were misdiagnosed. My dad was repeatedly misdiagnosed too. I know that my family is not the only one to have gone through his. On the 7th Sept I start a new chapter in my life which I cannot share with my mum and sister but I promise everyone this... I will do my best to pass and I will make sure that no one I know or anyone in my care is ever given the wrong care.

My sister is gone and I will never be able to accept that, it kills me. This is a promise that I make so that no one else has to go through this pain, and certainly never because of me"

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Bless you Davy, what a terrible thing to have happened to your wonderful mum and sister. That must have really hit you so very hard and I just want to send you my deepest sympathies for your loss.

Whatever the future holds for you, I am sure you will do your very best to ensure that nobody else suffers. You take care and stay strong.

Wishing you well, xxx


This just confirms my belief that we should always ask to be referred for a second opinion to hopefully avoid misdiagnosis. I know nothing is foolproof but a second opinion is your right.


So sorry Davey all the dreadfull things have happened to those so close to you. I hope your bil is doing ok.

love cx


what a brave girl, bless her. I wish her all the best with her studies. I hope your brother in law will be ok. Sorry Davey to hear of the terrible time your family has been going through. Best wishes to you allxxx


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