Oxygen concentrators

I can manage the noise from my machine, just so used to it but I am having a very rough time from the heat coming from it. It is in the kitchen and it means I don't go in there for most of the day. The only way

to do much is to go onto portable cylinder and turn the big machine off for a while to cool off. My carers get food for me but ready meals and sandwiches

Has anyone got a magic trick to tame the beast ?


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  • Your oxygen supplier can supply you with tubing. My concentrator is in my bedroom but I can go all over the house with tubing.

  • I have 50ft tubing on this but I have to live downstairs until my stair gate gets to the top of the applications pile and then I can use all of my house. I have to have the machine where I can get to it. I have been told by Air Liquide, in collaboration with my own o2 nurses to turn it up when I need an extra boost, dressing,washing doing household chores and many such things to save the small canisters. I only have the kitchen or lounge for it to be put and the lounge is not suitable. My problem is the heat the machine generates

  • Oh I see now. Let's hope the stairgate gets sorted soon. I have also been advised to turn it up a bit if I'm more active.

  • I have 2 concentrators one that was put in the kitchen and the other one in the bedroom for my Vpap machine at night.

    the one in the kitchen has long tubing on it but that gets in the way when walking about with my trolley and the dogs don't like the tubing if they get there legs caught on it

  • I have my machine stood on an offcut of carpet that has a rubber doormat on top of that. That way it stops the vibration and the rubber cuts the risk of fire. I also place my machine in the hall outside my bathroom. The bathroom door is left open so that the heat can leave via the bathroom window. Like Puff, I too have a long tubing that allows me to use the oxygen all over the bungalow. Even out doors if the concentrator is moved to a power socket next to the front door.

    Regards, Rib

  • My concentrater is in my bedrom I do put a cut of carpet and may to sit it on to stop any vibration and I never have had problems with noise or heat mabye because I have a cool mist machine to keep room cool and is a silent one

  • Thank you for the replies I really must learn to read what I write. It is a stair lift I am waiting for not gate. lol

  • I put mine in the conservatory in the summer and bring it back to the kitchen in the winter

  • I am happy to report that the beast is back upstairs and my kitchen is cool again

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