Tension Pneumonthorax

3 weeks ago I went to have a bronchoscopy and they took a sample off my right lung and air brushed my left and my left lung collapsed I have been told it might be because the lung had a lot of emphysema so im waiting to have a scan on my lungs. It was very freighting as I couldn't breathe and they had to get the Crash team working on me. Has this happened to anyone else on this site if so how did your lung scan go.

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  • hi I haven't had the bronchoscopy or air brush but my right lung collapsed couple of years ago first time they sucked air out with a syringe then it collapsed week later they then kept me in hospital done chest drains but couldn't stop leak so had to have op to glue lung and took part of lung way was in hospital over 3 weeks ct scan revealed serve emphysema

  • Thank you for replying I am waiting to get my ct scan date and I will let you know.

  • good luck with the scan hopefully you will be lucky and they wont be too bad

  • Thank you take care.

  • Hi mmzetor I Had my CT scan and I have Emphysemia I also have mild

    bronchiectasis the doctor wants me to try a nebuliser also my oxygen levels are border line so wants me assessed for oxygen at home so m now waiting for 2 appointments I will let you know how I go on. so take care

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