Peak flow down again

Not happy this morning as my peak flow down yet lower. Saw Doc on Tuesday morning and we sent a sputum sample off. Yesterday was OK but did have a coughing fit in the late afternoon but recovers from that after shower and sit down. Woke in the night coughing but it didn't disturb my sleep too much. Took inhalers and had breakfast then went to do my peak flow and it is down 20 points from the last low reading. So down under 300 about 270 ish. Got a few aches too, but that may be from getting my Aunt in and out of the car and wheelchair yesterday afternoon when we took her out. Have to go to the Doc to have cryo on my verruca (one I didn't think looked like a verruca) this morning so the surgery are combining both appointments as it is with my Doctor. Think the verruca is actually clearing up though. Life is Funny isn't it?

Got to keep smiling,



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  • Gosh free fallerI wish mine was half as good as yours, but then you know yourself how you feel. xx

  • Yes Sheilab. Could feel myself going down. My normal reading is 350. My nurse always says my reading is better than a smoker of the same age. It turns out they have not beaten the influenza bug yet so more antibs and steroids. Foot hurts quite a bit too. Was really ill when I got back from the Docs Other half said I went really pale and I felt like a rag doll. Tried to have a nap but couldn't so finished one of my library books and nearly finished another. Felt so bad just couldn't eat either so just had a cupp a soup for lunch and a small portion of partner's pork curry with one chappati for tea - no rice. Good for the diet. Feel better today.

  • Pleased your feeling better today Freefaller, that H.I. bug is a nasty one, had me laid low for months but we got there in the end, sometimes it seems we just go from one infection to the next! xx

  • Or just keep going with that one as I have! It will go I am sure.

    Love and hugs



  • Sorry you feel unwell Sian. Hope you get sorted out at the docs and your peak flows go back up again once you're back on an even keel.


  • Thanks cofdrop. Feel better today. Felt awful after the Docs yesterday so had an easy afternoon. Had to be back there today for a blood test. not always easy with me - my veins are titchy and although can usually be easily soon they don't pop-up - infact the runaway! Ha ha. The nurse put the cuff on my left arm but decided asgainst that - can barely see the veins there, Then managed with the right one just as she was about to try a thinner baby needle - will remember that next time may be helpful to someone in the future. I find the best people for taking blood are midwives or the phlebotomist in the hospital as they do it so much they hardly ever have a problem.

  • I agree with Sheilab wish mine was as good as yours...I have got it up to 200 on a good day, and thats brilliant for me as was about 135 for years. But I do find that if you get a low result and you do it again the second time is always better...and the third time even better :) :) its like you get your puff :) :)

    I bought a peak flow checker ( just a tube like one ) just cheaply , so I do check it myself now and again

    My puff is so weak that I cant even move the ball to make it vibrate on my flutter device :) :) but I can walk miles and still go to work every day, and I have had bronchiectais since a baby ( I am over retirement age now)

  • Wow Sohara

    You sound really fit, walking for miles, and working! You must be doing something right. Whats your secret?


  • No secret Ruby..except '''keep going :) :)

    I exercise as much as I can..MAJOR HELP)

    .I am colonised with psuedomonas, so I have standby Ciproflaxcin which I take for at least 2 weeks ( essential )

    I take some immunity building pills each day

    of course my inhalers...spiriva & symbicort ( also essential)

    I do chest clearance throughout the day.

    Usual cold prevention stuff ( hand washing/Vicks first defense, nasal guard) especially in the 'colds' season

    Flu & pneumonia jabs

    I had both lower lobes of my lungs out at 15 & 16 have always been SOB and have always had repeated chest infections ...increasing in quantity as I got older.

    I do struggle with steep inclines on walks, but can manage one flight of stairs OK ( if not got an infection)

    My biggest tip to anyone is, research your illness....manage your own health as much as you YOU care more than anyone else about your health. The NHS is very stretched.

    Learn all you can on websites like this one, and of course from your Pulmonary Health course

    The just keep going, for as long as you can

    I was told once I would not last past 30 !!! ( OK antibiotics were not around when I was told this at 15 yrs old....I feel more optimistic now about my condition then I did even only 20years ago. The internet has been such a Godsend to us all

    Sorry this has been so long winded ..but you did ask :) :)

    Love to you all Sohara

  • Yes you just gotta keep going and keep at it. Up until a year ago I went to the gym at least 4 times a week but it just got so embarassing with all the coughing and hoiking up phlegm all the time. Now I am not sure which exercise is best as vibration in my lung can cause the aspergilloma to break and spread - so can't use flutter - which I loved and found it worked so well, so stick to walking and doing stretching a lot - and crunchies got to keep the waist neat and tummy as flat as poss! Ha ha. Must find out about yoga classes for beginners as other half has said he will go with me - RESULT!

  • 200 is my best shot as well Sohara but I can't always get that high. On my last hospital admission the reading was down and I insisted they give me another chance for a 'best of 3'. Blew so hard and with such determination that I did get to 200. That was a little triumph until I glanced at my sats monitor and saw the effort of breathing so hard made my oxygen level dip to 82. Sometimes you can't win :)

  • I always do bet of 3 too - do that when i check blood pressure too. A younger friend who had a heart attack out of the blue told us we should check it every week - if he had done he would probably been aware there was something wrong and not had the attack. Thankfully he is not too bad after it.

  • 270-300 is what I am Sian. I have no problem with it. What are you usually?


  • I am normally 350 and above Ruby. I could feel myself going down and the sputum test has shown that they haven't kicked that influenza bug into touch so back on antibiotics and steroids. Took my first dose of steroids today and set the alarm for 6am so that hopefully I will not be awake all night. Last time took them at 8.30am and was awake day and night for most of the course.

  • Right my mobile is playing up lol. Just wrote a paragraph and it vanished!!!

    Hope you feel better soon Sian.xx

    I have been referred to a professor in Leicester now! After my bronoscopy on nodes/ct and bloods. possibly looking at Eosiphillic pneumunitus / aspergillius. I am on steroids at present 8 a day.

    turbo haler.

    Tell me about staying awake. I havnt slept for weeks. Take mine 8am. I best take earlier then?

    mission with a 3 and 6 year old. :)

  • Ah on one of my blood tests - or sputum tests it said esphillia at a slightly raised amount and then at the last one not raised? Tried looking it up on ipad but needed glasses to read the web page I found as such cramped type and it wouldn't expand and I couldn't be bothered to get up and go into the kitchen for my glasses!

    I took my steroids at 6 yesterday but was still awake at 3! Woke again to take them at 6 and did go back to sleep for an hour and a half but thenhad to get up to go to the lavatory! Would go back but going out to visit an old neighbour who has moved away today and need to get a few things done. Took two herbal nytol at 10 last night hoping to fall asleep reading my book by 11/11.30 - didn't work. Maybe will take them an hour or so earlier tonight and hope that works.

    Wow a 3 and 6 year old - amazed you are not already awake at 6am - or is that when they get to sleep for an hour?

    Good Luck!

    Love and hugs



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