Back on the RUN

HI all

Just recovered from my first infection since PR and being fit. Have to say I recovered much quicker. Went out for my first run yesterday expecting disaster on my fitness. NO I ran further and a faster time!!! That's no steroids.

My doc said no exercise for 10 days. I was mortified I would lose all my fitness and not be able to do the Great South Run but that hasn't happened. Sooooo pleased.

Off to hospital gym tonight on the dreaded bike to get more leg strength and cardiovascular exercises on top.

There is definitely a positive side to COPD as without it I would never being doing this and loving it ☺

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  • Glad your feeling so well was beginning to wonder if you were alright


  • Been very frustrated but happy now up and running. Got to find a running buddy before the darker evenings! How are you doing?

  • I'm doing OK at the moment this weather must suit me overcast at moment but not too hot

  • Did you say " Running " Takes me all my time to walk.I get out of puff going from one room to another.

  • Have to meet up for tea/coffee. Do you see Cass?

  • Havnt seen Cass yet but hope to soon will let you know

  • Yes maybe we could meet up somewhere. I just can't do Fridays. Take care wait to hear from you xxDawn

  • So pleased to hear it. Good Luck on the Great South Run. My niece did the couch to 5k a few years ago and has done the Great South Run a couple of times. Not sure if she is doing it again this year - if she does she normally wears a daffodil - as we are Welsh, though most people think it is a sunflower! Silly people!

  • I shall be running to raise funds for the BLF and wearing one of their T Shirts x

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