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Hi everyone left message yesterday but did not do it right, saw gp do not have COPD or ashma, and its down to anemia and low haemoglobin, told to come off all inhalers, and would you believe my breathing has dramatically improved, i am so annoyed as I have been on these inhalers for 1 year, now waiting to see hemothogist can't wait to get this blood sorted out, I would like to thank each of you for all the advice I received, but will still check on this site to see how you all are. Annette !!

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Hi Annette

That is fabulous news. I wish we could have more posts like this.

So low haemoglobin and anemia can cause breathing problems? I will Google that for information.

Right that reminds to ring up for my blood results taken on Monday.

Fingers crossed.

Take carr and keep in touch.


Yes sokrakers anemia can cause severe breathing problems, and the more its left and you iron levels go down it gets worse, worth having a blood test, my breathing today a lot better since off inhalers, you never know really. Annette

Thats something i only found out a couple of weeks ago when the doc said my daughter needed a course of iron tablets and its amazing how you feel better off the inhalers

Yes Mandy you feel so much better off them escepically when you don't have COPD and ashma good luck for your daughter. Annette

See my reply, I'm living proof.

That is great news but bad as well

It took em like for ever to find that out.

Hope ya told doc is a balloon

Hi D3nis I told him he has put me through hell couldn't go out could hardly walk around my own house, could not visit anyone unless I was picked up by car, and all the time it was severe anemia, and as I did not have COPD inhalers were making it worse, breathing lot better today. Annette

Truly is shocking and so easy to spot with regular blood test .. Looking at my numbers am boarder line too.

Defo worth getting hold of previous blood test results and seeing for your self how long the knew

Glad your feeling better and are now managing your anemia

Thanks D3nis yes your right, I have an appointment for 24th Àugust to see hemothogist to sort this blood out, I can't believe this but 2 days ago I could barely breathe or walk due to breathing, now after stopping all inhalers, walking around up and down stairs, with just a slight discomfort it just goes to show you. Annette

It's great to have some good news on here once in a while. I'm glad you haven't got a lung problem.

Thanks puff I couldn't be more pleased thanks for your kind advice Annette !!

Well, when I was giving up smoking back in 20¹¹ something happened, they discovered I had a very disturbingly low blood count-low iron and low feritin levels, I was getting out of breath while walking ect, never experienced it before just thought it was cause i was giving up smoking, well anyway I went to GP he sent me for xray, they identified emphysema, sent to get bloods checked and that's when they sent me for a blood transfusion, after I had that I wasn't breathless however a CT scan discovered I had bullous emphysema, I'm on iron and vitamin c once a day, I see my hemagloban specialist every 4 months and everything is fine, no inhalers needed for my bullous emphysema. My own GP recons I was born with this bullous emphysema and its only been picked up by chance (at the right time, giving up smoking).

Low iron - low in vitamin c along with being enimic can cause breathlessness.


Wow that's a great piece of info.

All my bloods came back satisfactory. So I still don't know why I feel so poorly?

Funny I started taking vit C & iron yesterday - really just to use up what was left in the tub. I will monitor any difference but if I show no deficiency I won't give me any benefit???

In your opinion how long does it take for a vitamin supplement to 'work' or is that like how long is a piece of string?

Many thanks


I felt instant breathing improvement as soon as I had the transfusion, I only take 1 iron and vitamin c per day, I've never looked back especially after giving up smoking.

Hi 1968 that's good news, hope they give me a transfusion my iron and haemoglobin levels are low enough. Annette

Hi socrakers really don't know how long it takes to work but apparently it's meant to be a fantastic vitamin to take. Annette

Hi David you are living proof what a story, funny you should say that about vitamin c I have just started to take it, and thank goodness will be seeing hemothogist soon so hopefully blood will be sorted out. Annette

I guess I was lucky but unlucky if you see what I mean. If I don't have the breathing problems brought on by low irion-enemic-vit c issues and feretin issues I would never had known I had bullous emphysema, thank God I stopped smoking then or it would be much worse by now, funny how someone up above always keeps us right by watching over us.

Hi 1968 I to believe someone up there is definatley keeping a close eye on us, yes stopping smoking is a blessing take care. Annette

Fantastic news....I know that some inhalers make me worse too.

I hope your anaemia gets sorted soon. Take care and let us know how you get on.

Hi, Angse, that's great news, so pleased for you, let's hope they they get your blood sorted out soon and then you can get back to some sort of normality, whatever that is. LOL. Best wishes.

Oh my gosh thats the best worse news ever.......its a disgrace that you have been taken medication you dont need but amazing that you do not have this awful disease. I cant imagine how you must be feeling im sure its happiness and anger at the same time. x x x

Hi Mandy yes that's true I'm very happy I don't have COPD but really angry the doctor just assumed it and gave me inhalers for a year, even though I kept going back to him, only 2 days off them im not breathless I can walk around up and down stairs, the o ly thing is I have not gone out yet, my fear is to great having to stop evey 10 steps cling to anything, but tommorow whatever happens I'm going out lol. Annette

Medical malpractice???? Stess anxiety emotional trauma??? Living a year with the wrong diagnosis of having a progressive chronic lung desiese???? Seek legal advice.

Did you have a chest xray?

Did you have a CT scan?

Did you have a lung function test?


Hi 1968 all I had was a chest xray but your right I didn't even think of malpractice, thank you will look into it keep well. Annette

If I were you I'd claim them for everything, shocking how you have been treated, living with the wrong diagnosis.

Annette that is brilliant news. Shame they didn't find that out earlier. I have an Aunt who is about 84 and has suffered from asthma all her life - so she thought. At a recent visit to hospital they have decided she doesn't have asthma but a heart problem which causes the breathlessness! Like they had never listened to her heart in 84 years?

Hi freefaller that is disgusting the poor woman, that's what I was thinking to that I must have something wrong with my heart, but all that was ruled out hope your aunt okay now. Annette

Wonderful news Annette and hope the doctors can sort out your blood problems for you. It is annoying to be wrongly diagnosed but at least you now know what the problem is. Wishing you every happiness and good health too. xxxx

Hi Saasy 59 thank you for your kind message, I am like a different person after only 2 days off inhalers I'm breathing without breathlessness walking around doing things its incredible, I did tell doctors inhalers were not working for a year I kept going back to them, just changed them anyway hope you are well and I to wish you all the best. Annette

Just so pleased for you Annette. We are not doing too badly here thanks. Wishing you well for the future. xxxx

Thank you sassy I also wish you well, and I still will be on site, to know how you all are. Annette

Good news !! hope you get your blood disorder sorted out soon.

Hi gradma thank you I have an appointment for that shortly, I'm sure they can sort it out Annette

Great news, despite the enormous cock-up. Your Docter has some serious apologising to do!!!

Once you get your enemia sorted, the relief will outweight the anger. xx

Good news - so pleased for you, just sorry you had to go through a year of wrong diagnosis. Hope they sort out your bloods soon.


That's very good news for you Annette. It's awful it's taken so long to sort out though isn't it? x

Hi coughalot yes its not nice to be left for a year, so glad I've managed to convince gp to help me, I should not have had to do that, how are you. Annette

Blooming marvellous. 👏👏👏

Thank you Peege. Annette

So nice to hear your news, shame it has taken so long to find out. Hope you soon feel better once your treatment starts Joyce.

Thank you Joyce I do have appointment on 25th august for hemothogist bit of a wait, but there you go, just hope the anemia doesn't get any worse while I'm waiting, hope you are well. Annette

Other than a cough from a cold I caught 2 weeks ago I am fine thank you.not resulted in a chest infection, usually does x Joyce

How utterly lovely to hear something so positive. Take good care of yourself and once they sort your blood out have LOTS OF FUN! :)

Fantastic news! So happy for you 😃 make the most of your new life!!

That's really interesting . I have low haemoglobin and will enquire about my inhalers. Thanks. :)

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