We did it!!!

We did it!!!

Thanks to all your amazing support and encouragement we managed to finish the Birmingham City Triathlon in joint fourth place for our category! We are both thrilled to have raised so much money for the British Lung Foundation.

Thinking of you all and the amazing work the British Lung Foundation will be able to do with the money you have helped us to raise gave us the strength to climb into the cold and murky lake at 7:30am and swim our hearts out. It gave us the will to go on, as we stumbled of our bikes, with tired and wobbly legs and immediately start running. You gave us the push for our final sprint across the finish line and the immense feeling that we had achieved something wonderful.

We are currently having a mad discussion about training to enter the longer triathlon next summer which involves a 750m swim 20km cycle and 5km run... So watch this space.

Hope you are all keeping well and if anyone still wishes to donate the page is open for another month:


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Well done and very, very impressed at the result. What total stars you are. Tony, you must be feeling so proud right now. Love to all, Carole xxxxx

I can't thank you both enough ....I have looked at the photos and vids....what an achievement.

The swimming hats were very fetching....did you hear Tony encouraging you both with his loud voice when you were in the water?

Thanks a million

well done to you both.


Absolutely fantastic xxx

Big congratulations :) :)

You are both amazing. Thank you so much for doing it for BLF xx

Congratulations, well done and thank to both of youxx

Well done!

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