Please help a not knowing

Please help a not knowing

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and just wanted to no if anyone could help me I'm still waiting to have my lung function test after being admitted 2 hospital 6 weeks ago with low oxygen sats , + really bad breathing I might add I was under my g.p at the time and was being treated for chest infection. They didn't really hospital what was causing this so treated me for suspected blood clot,pneumonia, +put me on a nebuliser + oxygen, on discharge was told by doctor I might have copd?, on writing this I now have another infection which ended up with me going A+E yesterday because according to my G.P who I saw on Thursday I didn't have an infection, I really am fed up with the whole you might have this you haven' this going on

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Your story is common if you do have COPD then there can be many times where you feel ill but have no infection...once you have your lung function test will will know more but i understand your frustration i was back and for the doctors for a year till i ended up in hospital its just a shame they didnt do one while you were in there because thats what they did with me.

Just hang in there and keep on at them...have a chat with your gp to get a spirometry test done if you havnt had one already

Hi mandy thanks for your reply, I have had no tests whatsoever done this is why I am so down as nobody can tell me what's wrong as I.said to the doctor at A+E yesterday I am fed up with no one being able to tell me exactly what's happening + the fact I keep.getting re-accusing infections is doing my head in had about 2 hours sleep last night due 2 persistent coughing + that's taking all my meds + using my salbutamol inhaler which I don't usually have to use a lot

Then if i were you i would ring docs tomorrow you need a spirometry test which your nurse can do and you prob need a different inhaler so definitely go and see him there are changed they can make to help you feel a bit better you may need to be referred to a consultant too so start with your gp and tell them everything

Thanks for your suggestion s, I will ring doctors tomorrow and ask him but don't hold out much hope, their the ones that told me I didn't have an infection, but I still ended up in A+E, and the spirometry test is the one I'm waiting for a respiratory clinic under the consultant I saw in hospital,so all in.all at the moment I don't know where I am

A lung function test and a spirometry test are very different, a spirometry test is don in the gp surgery so if its a lung function test your having then that will be great but if you have COPD it may not be infections your getting it just feels like that sometimes.......i spent nearly a whole year on antibiotics for chest infections my gp claimed i had but i wasnt and by the time i got looked at by a consultant it was so advanced im now a patient of harefield transplant unit and please dont let that scare you thats just how it was for me.

Your gp can still give you better inhalers so still go and see him and see if he can speed your appointment up x

Thanks for that I will speak 2 my doctor tomorrow and see if. I can get some answers. I'll let u know how I get on

Your not on your own there are a lot of people on here who have been through something similar and offer lots of support but also you can speak with nurses too there number is 03000 030 555 x

Thanks I will keep that in mind if I don't get the answers I want x

Hi, have they not taken any x-rays or CT scan when you were in hospital with suspected pneumonia, blood clot etc???? No wonder they did not know what was causing your shortness of breath etc. Did they give you antibiotics the first time around in hospital and then you started to feel better? I think you need to go back to your GP and ask/demand for an x-ray and lung function tests. The fact that your inhalers etc did not help with the cough may indicate that something else is going on and you need that checked out. Good luck let us know how you go. xxx

Take heart Silly u my. I too was in a state similar to you over three+years. I was ready to jump off a cliff - only I didn't have the energy! All is well now though. It took a while to get sorted but I don't have COPD hallelujah! I sudden

I had pneumonia 5 times in 18 months. multiple infections, more antibiotics than I care to remember.

Long story short, was all due to burn out, worsening & therefore uncontrolled asthma. Now I eat healthily, exercise, stay calm, take my mess properly and above all keep my immune system tip top.

Many times I went to doc thinking I had an infection only to go back 2 days later to find it had turned into an infection. That's the nature of the beast I'm afraid.

Don't hesitate to go back to the GP a 2nd or 3rd time if you think you need to. We have to be proactive in our health care. Learn as much as you can.

All the best P

Thanks for your reply I'll try and stay positive, I'm sure the answers are out there somewhere x

Ask your GP if SYMBICORT suitable for is a slow release preventer with a small amount of steroid in. it comes in a bullet inhaler as a dry powder, and I find it very effective.

Thanks for that I will ask, I am on spiriva, seretide + salbutamol inhalers at the moment

I have had four x rays done in total 2 in hospital when I was admitted one two weeks ago + 1 when I first went to Gp 13 weeks ago. Yes I did have antibiotics + steroids in hospital and they did make me feel better for a while I am now on my third lot of antibiotics since leaving hospital + my second lot of steroids? The doctor at a+e said I probably have a secondary condition that is associated with copd, I was due to have my lung function test done last week at respiratory clinic but the form had been mislaid so no appointment, so have got to wait for new appointment. Mentioned this to my GP and they didn't seem 2 bothered!!!!!

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