Once more into the Surgery dear friends, Once more!

Once more into the Surgery dear friends, Once more!


Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;

Or close the wall up with our English dead.

In peace there's nothing so becomes a man

As modest stillness and humility:

But when the blast of war blows in our ears,

Then imitate the action of the tiger;

Well a simple morning. My wife calls for the repeat prescriptions for us both. All goes well for the wife and on to mine, get to the new heart tablets and they have not put it on their system, even though the letter was sent to them approximately 3 weeks ago! I have now got to go to the surgery with the box of the new tablets so that can be confirmed, I have been prescribed them? So they can then ask a GP to put it on the system and then issue a prescription. Maybe I am being a little cynical but will that mean it will be done at the same time as the repeat prescriptions that have not changed? Or will it mean that the poor chemist will get my new prescription some days later?

I will get my archers ready! My Agincourt, here I come!

Be Well

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:d This had me chortling with laughter Offcut! Good job you have such a good sense of humour or doctors could drive you mad. We shall fight them on the beaches.... x

I am mounting my horse and onward to the surgery right now!

And into the valley of death rode the 600 :) x

canulas to the left of the canulas to the right of them! Onward onward rode the 600

PMSL! :d :d xx



Onwards and Upwards!! The best of luck xx

the only way ;)

GSOH is necessary with all that life throws at you!!!

I would be a jabbering idiot without I am sure.

Lovely to see you on Pergola, hope you are well xx

As well as I ever will be but glass is half full!

Makes a nice little trip out...lol

Once more my doctors have done everything they can to make my life that little bit harder.


To be or not to be? that is the question. whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles.

GP's are unfathomable! mine is either totally lax or over zealous.

My GP left me with pneumonia/pseudomonas for 3 months on the wrong antibio's before sending to me to A&E. Recently, the hospital gave me a script for £120

( hospitals put the price on their meds.) of inhaled antibiotics which I got that day and used. They sent a note to my doc. 5 days later a chap from my surgery arrived with another £120 of the med; What a waste as they cannot use them again.

So, good luck with your GP!


fingers crossed

Manged to get into the last remaining disability bay on the road near my GP Practice. As I removed my car key it decides, now is a good time to fall apart! Spring, back plate and a thingy all scatter in my seat well. But my first thought was to get my BB displayed with time to stop the evil stares and and our friendly wardens issuing the fastest tickets in the western world. I use a Security gadget for my badge that keeps it in a plastic covered steel case that secures though my steering wheel.

Now the fun begins bending down is not a great idea with a paralysed diaphragm and the steering wheel is not a great help in the bending process. So out of the car and leaning in like a model on a photo shoot I find all the bits (I hope) and put it back together it opens and closes the car so happy and ready to move on.

Get to the GP Reception and I am met with a new lady with a broad smile. I explain what I have to do and why.

Receptionist: "Who put you on these?"

Me: "The Cardiologist from Ambulatory Care nearly 3 weeks ago"

Receptionist: "Ambo Ambu who was it again?"

Me: "Ambulatory Care They are like the follow up team for A & E"

Receptionist: "Ohh, Can I have the box they are in please?"

Me: "Okay?"

Receptionist: "They should be ready Wednesday"

It was not until I got in the car I realised I should of asked which Wednesday?

c'est la vie.

Make the beggars do their job! They make me so cross.

C'est la vie? Or maybe c'est la mort?

Offcut ...

Omy! I'm not so sure I would have taken all this with such a good sense of humor!

Our systems in the US have their moments also!

Having our share of hurdles and jumps here with medications & complications also ... so I understand the frustrations !!

Hope things get better, all gets worked out!!


It is better than crying ;)

Are you sure? :d x

I know when to stop laughing :D

wish I COULD have a good weep! along with 3 incurable, progressive ailments I have dry eyes and cannot make tears. Just found out today- after 20 years of rhinitis that I have staphylococcus aureus which has caused the pneumonia I have had for 6 months.

That's what I call fighting talk Offcut, and your problem is called modern technology. Why does this super fast internet take so long at the surgery, answer is we still need human input. I can just imagine you on your white charger riding along the local road, more likely to be a scooter or car these days. Hope it all comes together for you as you expect. Have a good day, take care in this heat xx

My charger is a silver i20 no good for the roses though :)

You guys, together with your fantastic peristance and sense of humour are the reason that people breathe a sigh of relief when they find this site. It appears that most of us have learned that we are not only fighting our conditions but are engaged in the game of Fight The Computer and Overcome The Graduates of The School of Misunderstanding, Zero Knowledge and Ability Not to Listen.

Somehow we manage to nudge the human componants in this game into shifting their concentration from what the wicked little piece of technology is telling them to what we actually need. It takes time, patience and sometimes does feel like The Little English army facing the French masses at Agincourt. We overcome, we cheer, -and then they change the rules of the game on us!

It was the slender arrow that felled the Armour of France!

equivalent to the sweet smile and fingers crossed behind our bacls?

It has made me cynical....stupid the way they go about prescriptions, it just winds me up.... Infact it has been so tormenting and going without,that I am almost at the point of getting off the Internet to my door,what a relief for a few bob.much better,then I won't have to have another one of their drugs to calm me down....Rats.

The new system is supposed to make it so much simpler but we will only know that once it gets to my door. "Sorry we do not have any warfarin so the computer gave you some plasters in case?"

So thankful for this site!! While feeling my worst after a visit here I feel a healing power resides in this place. While I don't post often as I get carried away and write books of sentimental emotion, I feel I know some of you as a close friend. Hard to articulate what a blessing you have been to me!!

The humor in spite of the health issues is priceless and brings such joy!!!!

Never let it grind you down.

We all have bad days, but they could be worse? But are not so they are not as bad as they should be, so there not so bad after all.

A half full glass is always better than a half empty one.

Be Well

So pleased they are not running a pub

Love this Offcut you really made me laugh. They don't name us patience for no good reason you know. It is crazy really, people waiting for ops, with expensive theatres & no shift pattern of working. Outpatients running clincs mon _ friday, same as Gp's, can you imagine supermarkets doing this?

My surgery gets the meds right but the chemist managed to give me the wrong stuff 3 times. Scary... keep on fighting, love Margaret x

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