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Side effects

I have posted before regarding the side effect I have with inhalers but I may be winning.

The problem I have is that most inhalers make my legs weak and rubbery a couple of hours after there use in the morning. I have no problems when I use a inhaler in the evening.

It looks that it is diet related as I have now found that if I have a cooked breakfast, burger and egg in a roll, I don't have any side effects at all. If I have my normal breakfast of either cornflakes or porridge then I get the side effects.

Does lactose intolerance give weak legs? .

Im also wondering if I need more protein than I can get from cornflakes or porridge.

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Hi Edam I don't get any side effects from inhalers apart from a dry mouth, but then I always use them after my breakfast, and after I have eaten before going to bed. That's mainly so I remember to use them!

Everyone is different though but now you have sorted it out it shouldn't be a problem.


But the problem now is that Im putting on even more weight from all the cooked breakfasts Im having


Hi you don't have to have calorie filled breakfasts, if it because of an empty stomach then a egg, banana, or cereals would do. You should always have breakfast anyway because this is what it means break fast. It is not good for you to go many hours without eating, and this is a far better way to lose weight than starving yourself in the mornings. x

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Hi Edam, just want to say thanks, after reading your post, I just had to go have a cooked breakfast, Im just recently diagnosed copd and was told i need to put a few pounds on. I rarely get hungry and usually eat because I remember to rather than because of the need. So thanks for making me hungry this morning xx


I need to loose 100 pounds at least so putting weight on is not good


But breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the size of the meal will also help and it will motivate us and give us the strength we need to exercise xx

So thanks x


Edam there are several reasons why you need to eat breakfast. One of these is when you don't eat for many hours your blood sugar level drops low and when you finally do eat it is too easy to grab sugary fattening foods. This can even lead to diabetes.

Another one is to do with how the body works. If you starve the body it automatically tries to hold on to calories, which results in your metabolism being lowered. The lower this is the more weight you will put on instead of losing it. What you need to do is work on raising your metabolism by eating frequently (healthy foods) and exercising. If you ignore your body's signals ie hungry or full etc. then you will eventually lose this completely and you will mess up your body clock.

Also because there is acid in your stomach, if you don't eat then this has nothing to work on and can cause stomach ulcers.

Work with your body - don't fight it. x


Excellent post, cal. xx

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You are all missing the point folks.

When I have say cornflakes or porridge for breakfast I have side effects from the inhaler a couple of hours after using it. So severe sometimes that I cant walk.


If I have a cooked breakfast ,like a burger and egg roll, then I don't have any side effects at all.

WHY ???


It could be that cornflakes raise your blood sugar level quickly and then it falls, but I thought porridge wouldn't have that effect. I think the protein in eggs would stabilise blood sugar for longer so your muscles may feel stronger. But I am no expert...I would ask advice from a nutritionist


Is the porridge you've eaten for breakfast traditionally made with porridge oats, or the instant type? - if the latter it can be little better than cornflakes, providing a quick energy boost and then a drop in blood sugars. If you had a problem with milk it would show up at other times too, as many of the processed products we buy contain milk in one form or another in their ingredients.


But why do I only have problems if I use my inhaler in the morning.

The only inhaler which does not cause this problem is Spiriva but that gave me problems after 5 days instead


Hi you take your evening inhaler after you have eaten your main meal.....that might make a difference as your blood sugar would be higher to power your muscles ....just a thought


Tried something new this morning.

Porridge AND a burger and egg roll.

Rubbery legs side effect a hour after using the inhaler. Groan

Next time I will try the porridge without milk and see what happens then


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