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Doxy side effects.

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I am on the fourth day of Doxycycline after always having Amoxycillin and have found that after the first (double) dose I immediately vomited all the water back but kept the capsules down. Although I have not done it again I have felt sick immediately after taking the dose and find that this is apparently a common side effect. Has anyone tried taking it with milk instead of water? x

66 Replies
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Pete has tried milk and found it helped and I ate breakfast first which helped. Wishing you well. Xxx👍❤️

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revans2001 in reply to sassy59

Ask your doctor or pharmacist first! Milk sounds like bad advice! Per Google: "You shouldn't take doxycycline (or other tetracycline antibiotics) with dairy products because dairy can interfere with how your body absorbs the medication—ultimately reducing how effective it is." Sheesh!

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sassy59 in reply to revans2001

Sheesh back at you! In the leaflet it mentioned milk so that’s why I mentioned it. Pete and l did pick up on the contradiction though but there you go. I don’t turn to Google generally. Thank you for your reply.

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You should never take Doxycycline on an empty stomach. Take with food or just after. xx💕⚘Sheila

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Tykelady in reply to garshe

Thanks, I'll try that tomorrow, x

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garshe in reply to Tykelady

Good luck, hope you feel better soon. Sending hugs xxSheila 💕⚘

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eleanordigby in reply to garshe

Great advice, makes me horribly sick on an empty stomach but if I take it just after breakfast I’m fine

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garshe in reply to eleanordigby

yes my husband took them on an empty stomach once was really unwell. Sick and dizzy. Ok taking with food . I prefer Amoxicillin when I have an exacerbation. xxSheila 💕⚘

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Tykelady in reply to garshe

Amoxycillin has always done it for me before so I don't know why they changed it. xx

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annaemmalucy in reply to Tykelady

Maybe so you don't get immune to using to much amoxicillin? I loathe doxi but sometimes you just have to do it. As said never on an empty stomach

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leo60 in reply to garshe

Ah! That's what made me feel so sick! I am useless at putting these things together, but now you mention it .......... 😂😂 Silly moo!! xx

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garshe in reply to leo60

The medication is a nightmare as so many rules to abide by. Doxycycline (which I dont Take ) has to be taken with meals .

I have a new medication Levothyroxine for a newly diagnosed under active Thyroid Has to be taken first thing on empty stomach and must not be taken with any other medication, so that holds me up for breakfast and my COPD meds

Amoxicillin which I take 3 times a week has to be taken 1 hour before food or 2 hours after.

I have it all worked out now as take the Levothyroxine as soon as I wake around 6 .30am. I wait an hour have breakfast then take COPD meds.

The Amoxicillin has to wait until later lol.

Have a good day xxSheila 😱🙈💕⚘

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leo60 in reply to garshe

People just don't seem to understand how complicated and time consuming having COPD can be!!

You have a great day too Sheila :) xx

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annaemmalucy in reply to garshe

Oh I never knew you shouldn't take amoxicillin with food. I always do. Oh dear

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muddleaged in reply to annaemmalucy

you take the 'cillins WITH or after food. You take thyroid meds one hour before food.

garshe profile image
garshe in reply to annaemmalucy

It's on my prescription. To take one hour before or 2 hrs after food xxSheila 👍💕⚘

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JeannieW in reply to garshe

I've been taking Levothyroxine for about 45 years & just chuck it down before breakfast with anything else! My "anything else" is mainly supplements though.

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garshe in reply to JeannieW

I've only been prescribed it 2 weeks ago after blood test results. On low dose 25mg but will get correct dose after regular blood tests every 4 weeks. Apparently have to start on low dose because over 70 and adjust if required. My Doctor phoned me with results and told me to take first thing before breakfast and not with any other medication. I also take supplements but take them throughout the day. Whenever convenient. xxSheila 👍💕⚘

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Tykelady in reply to garshe

I started on 250 mg because of extreme depletion but it was over 20 years ago when I was a slip of a girl, well 60. I've been on 100mg for almost 15 years now with blood tests every 6 months. I'm sure you'll be balanced up soon xx Dorothy

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garshe in reply to Tykelady

Yes , I do feel I' m not quite there yet . Still have symptoms but have to wait until next blood test.. Great you are all sorted . Take care xxSheila ⚘💕👍

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Lizzie34 in reply to Tykelady

what do you mean’extreme depletipn’?

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Tykelady in reply to Lizzie34

My thyroid levels were at a dangerously low level. Hence the high starter dose.

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Alberta56 in reply to garshe

That sounds complicated. Leo is right.

garshe profile image
garshe in reply to Alberta56

Once you get used to it , all goes Ok. I have a routine now. xxSheila 👍⚘💕

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Alberta56 in reply to garshe

My modest 12/13 a day are quite enough to manage. xxx Chris

garshe profile image
garshe in reply to Alberta56

I dont have many tablets. My Copd meds are 2 inhalers. Also Spiriva which is a powder inhaled. Azithromycin only 3 a,week..the main one is the Thyroid one early morning. xxSheila 👍

eleanordigby profile image
eleanordigby in reply to garshe

I’ve toyed with the idea of a spreadsheet, but it seems a bit OTT 🤣

garshe profile image
garshe in reply to eleanordigby

I take the Thyroid tablet 6.30am then the other meds inhalers about an hour later, that's me done for the day. Only take a Amoxicillin and steroids if I have an infection. xxSheila ⚘💕

Tykelady profile image
Tykelady in reply to eleanordigby

Over my head as well I'm afraid. I'm a techno booby.

Oshgosh profile image
Oshgosh in reply to eleanordigby

if a spreadsheet helps,go for it.

I’ve just about used to managing y meds.

Now I’m on Nintendanib and blood pressure tablets,I had to concentrate a bit more,it’s getting easier

The only medical person,who has ever asked how I manage my medication is the Interstitial Lung Disease pharmacist .

I don’t know how people cope with it all,particularly when medication is changed or dose altered.

Enjoy the afternoon x

Spacecat1 profile image

That did happen to me. Like yourself it did settle down I had amoxicillin as well. Taking something else now which suits me better

Tykelady profile image

Thanks for all the advice reassurance. I suppose I've been very lucky in that I have only had moderate infections till I got this one. A lovely sunny day in the Lakes today and the Doxycycline leaflet tells me to avoid bright sunlight. that's life. x

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eleanordigby in reply to Tykelady

Take great care. I take doxy all year round & sunshine is a no-no for me. Not everyone is badly affected but I have to either stay in the shade or wear long sleeves, trousers, sunhat, & then sunblock on my hands! It’s such a pain. Some people seem to have a 3 month break in the sunniest months so I’m thinking of doing that, but a bit nervous. Otherwise I think doxy is a really useful one.

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Patk1 in reply to eleanordigby

Eleanordigby azithromycin is anti inflammatory too,maybe summer alternative to consider x

eleanordigby profile image
eleanordigby in reply to Patk1

yes, thanks Pat for the suggestion. I used to do very well on azithromycin but unfortunately no longer allowed it because of a history of non-tuberculous mycobacteria. It’s one of the 3 abs used to treat NTMs, so essential it doesn’t develop resistance. Why is life so difficult? I need a break, as I’m sure do you! X

Patk1 profile image
Patk1 in reply to Tykelady

I once got VERY sunburnt on doxy,years ago.wherever wasnt covered by shades + dress was bright red..I even had white sunglasses marks 😂 x

Carrie61 profile image

Hi Tykelady. I have just finished a course of Doxycycline 100 mg for a chest infection, and have been fine taking them. However, l was only given 6 capsules...2 to be taken on the first day and 1 for the remaining 4 days. They haven't made a bit of difference to my condition and l was just wondering if this is a usual dose? Hope you're feeling better soon....Carol x

katiepudding2 profile image
katiepudding2 in reply to Carrie61

When I've been prescribed it I've usually been given two courses of it

annaemmalucy profile image
annaemmalucy in reply to Carrie61

Seems a bit short?

Photoschnau profile image

Hi. Just to add that doxy has made me very sick before and a pharmacist recommended asking GP to prescribe the dispersible version. Apparently nausea and sickness is mainly caused by the coating. The dispersible ones aren’t fully licensed but I’ve never had a problem getting them nor taking them.

It’s strange as when I contracted psitticosis many years ago doxy was the only antibiotic that could kill the infection. After many rounds of different antibiotics over a 5 mth period of ongoing chest infections and then being diagnosed with pneumonia, tests were finally done that indicated psitticosis! I didn’t have any problem taking them then as I recall. (But I had no idea how I contracted that bird disease!!)

I hope that it improves for you.

Jaybird19 profile image
Jaybird19 in reply to Photoschnau

friend of mine had the same traced to her walk home under a railway bridge where pigeons nesting . pigeons seem to lose a lot of feathers and dust and are large birds. so lots of infectious material.?

took ages to find out despite the fact we worked with the health organisation who dealt with those infections, and even our doctors in charge there didnt think of it, so not surprising it took so long to diagnose .

Genie11 profile image

I had to take Doxycycline double dose for 2 weeks last December. You shouldn’t have any dairy products at the same time. Because of having a duodenal ulcer years ago, I always take medicines with food and use a little milk in tea. I can’t say the 2 weeks were easy but I persevered and avoided a hospital stay. Hope this helps,

Nicknick57699 profile image

I am put down as allergic it caused spots all in my mouth down my osothogis throat. It caused all my veins to throb and face itched.

Alberta56 profile image
Alberta56 in reply to Nicknick57699

Oh lord. Poor you.

Copey399 profile image

I threw up straight after the first double dose too. Then I read the side effects and decided to not to take them any more.

Jaybird19 profile image
Jaybird19 in reply to Copey399

always read details first !

and follow them.

Mellywelly profile image

Hi, I have always been given doxyciline as I am allergic to the other one. Always taken with milk as I have trouble swallowing. Works for me and its worth a trying 👍

JeannieW profile image
JeannieW in reply to Mellywelly

I have read that you should not take antibiotics with milk (or fruit juice). I had Doxy once for a chest infection & didn't notice any side-effects.

Mellywelly profile image
Mellywelly in reply to JeannieW

Doctor advised milk or smeared in butter. Goes down easier

Tykelady profile image
Tykelady in reply to Mellywelly

And yet others say no dairy.

Mellywelly profile image
Mellywelly in reply to Tykelady

Makes you wonder what goes on with doctors. Some say yes and some say no, like I mentioned before best out of three 🤣

6hortensia profile image

do not take doxycycline i refuse it as i have sickness after taking it jean barker

Izb1 profile image

I am usually prescribed Doxy which work fine for me but as my gp has been on maternity leave the other doctors insisted I have Amoxycillin which are a complete waste of time for me and only one week, needless to say the infection has been with my on and off for nearly 6 months. My doctor is now back and I finally got Doxy for the two weeks and I have been alot better. I never take any tablets on an empty tummy and its perhaps why you were sick. I hope you are now ok and they work for you x

B0xermad profile image

It's a very harsh drug and it always affects my stomach every time even after food .

Tykelady profile image

So many helpful replies and mostly saying similar things. Thank you all. Only two more doses to go now. Dorothy xx

crashdoll profile image

I’m very limited on what antibiotics I can take so I’m on doxy a lot. I have learned some tips!

I take it with water but flavoured with something like cordial or juice or Ribena. Don’t gulp a glass, just a very small drink. Sometimes I take an anti sickness tablet around 30 mins before. I always take my dose in the evening so I can sleep off any nausea.

Hope this helps. 🙂

Stanjory profile image

I have doxycycline occasionally and having always had that sickness and dizziness on day 1 despite following the advice I now just take 1 on day 1 instead of 2 and it’s solved the issue. Used to be given 8 tablets for 7 days but now the standard for a rescue pack is 6 tablets over 5 days then talk to my GP if they haven’t done the trick. Hope you’re better equipped now for the future.

Milandra17 profile image

Horrible drug, I had such dreadful side effects last time I ended up in A&E. My sight was affected, I went from overheating to hypothermic. Felt faint, dizzy, sick etc. I'm always given 500mg amoxicillin now

watergazer profile image

Hi. I take doxycycline with a meal that does not contain any dairy or iron as they may affect its effectiveness. I went to the Caribbean when taking doxycycline. I had factor 50 sunscreen. Only the soles of my feet felt like they were burning so the cream went on there too. Currently on doxycycline for a tooth /gum / sinus infection Also remember to be in an upright position for around half an hour afterwards. Hope you’ve stopped feeling nauseous now x

Westie2012 profile image

I reacted really badly to doxycycline , a few minutes after taking it I felt shaky , dizzy , it made me sick . I called my gp and while I was waiting for a call back as I felt really unwell , being sick with palpitations and was so shaky and dizzy I called 111 for advice , they sent a rapid responder to check me over . Everything settled down but it’s on my notes not to give me doxycycline due to how I reacted . One gp I saw recently when I had a respiratory infection wanted to put me on doxy but had to prescribe and alternative , he said it is a nasty medication for side effects .

Lutontown profile image

I think it was Doxy that gave me Oesophigitis. Had to take Gaviscon to make it bearable.

Tykelady profile image
Tykelady in reply to Lutontown

Another no, no is taking antacid for two hours before or after doxycillin. Heartburn is another of my problems. At least I know now that I am not suffering alone. xx

anng18 profile image

Hi Tykelady,

I have taken Doxy quite a bit. It is better taken with food, but no dairy products for an hour before or after. Also, to avoid nausea, you should remain in an upright position for at least an hour after taking it. Avoid bending down for any reason - a walk helps, if you can manage it. Drink plenty of water, whilst on Doxy., but only sips, not gulps. Hope this helps - medication can be so awkward - I, quite recently, had a bad reaction to some medication for my bones - so very sympathetic.

Alberta56 profile image

I've learnt a lot from these posts. I 've always gulped Doxy straight down, but I'll be more cautious in future.

Oshgosh profile image

I take Doxycycline with my shouldn’t e taken on an empty stomach.hope you are feeling better.

Bardear profile image

I have taken Doxycycline in my rescue pack for approximately the last 3 years and have never had any problem UNTIL a few weeks back.

I was prescribed a 6 day Doxycycline plan for an "airways infection" (not as part of a rescue plan). I took this for 5 days but had been feeling "queasy" whilst taking it (never felt like it before ) so I decided not to take any more. The next day I felt better and the day after felt even better.

I thought I would finish the last tablet that was left even though I shouldn't. Big mistake big time .... have never felt so ill in all my life with nausea, vomiting, tummy ache, mild itchiness and headache ... so deduced that this was a reaction problem. Rang GP who immediately prescribed another 6 days of a different antibiotic which did the trick in no time.

Sooooooooooooooooo Doxycycline for me for whatever reason will now be a "no, no" in future for me.

I hope your symptoms ease for you but please be aware of possible other symptoms as well.


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