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Some success with breathing excercises and new meds.


This week I attended an excellent pulmonary physio at the hospital I am attending. She is trained in amongst other things Buteyko. From this she has cobbled together a set of excercises based on both conventional breathing retraining for hyperventilation and Buteyko. I have been practicing these now for a few days.

I have also been having adverse reactions to both Symbicort and Seretide, my doctor has changed me from a combined inhaler to two seperate inhalers a steroid (Alvesco) and a LABA (Onbrez).

As soon as I took the Onbrez I knew we were onto something.

The Alvesco has none of the throat adverse effects & dryness that comes with Seretide as it only activates in the lungs. Alvesco is also a small particle inhaler which suits my condition as my small airway function is reduced.

Anyway the upshot of all this is a significant improvement in my general wellness over the last week.

I really believe the Buteyko is worth a shot even to slow ones breathing down and provide some control. I have seen Buteyko course prices in the UK and they are high, there is however lots on both YouTube and documentation on the web.

Fingers crossed this state continues for me.


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Lets pray your feeling good continues. So glad to hear. I will have to look Buteyko up...thanks.


Hi, I am pleased that you are seeing an improvement in your breathing.

I went on a Buteyko course years ago, and I paid for one of my daughters more recently. I found the exercises useful, especially as I have problems with some inhalers. Even though the breathing technique looks simple, it needs to be done correctly and it is not suitable for everyone as it causes a big rise of carbon dioxide.....not suitable for people with heart problems, transplants or in pregnancy amongst other conditions. Please check first.

There was a mention about it on the Pulmonary Wellness video too.

Best wishes

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Pulmonary physio wqas the best thing I ever did - I wasn't taught Buteyko but I was taught how to breathe properly again - like babies do. Having lung disease has made me change the way I breathes and used my lungs. Its amazing the impact it can have.

So pleased for you


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Im away to the doctor on monday to ask about pulmonary rehab, Im hoping he will refer me to sessions that we have here in the north east.

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Hope you get into pulmary rehab course ,,,,they're brilliant ,,,,,


That's interesting .im always looking for ways to improve my conditions .ill give it a try .kookie


That's good news, about the inhalers not everyone can take the same ones as you have found. Hope things continue to be good. I like the physio idea of trying different kinds of exercise to improve breathing control. That is why some use Thai Chi and several other alternative methods. Some of these methods are used for other health conditions too, so I wish you good luck with the Buteyko course. Thank you so much for the info too.


Great news - Good luck - onwards and upwards! Lots of love TAD xx


Some great clips on YouTube as I'm always rabbiting on about.

There are some excellent clips on diaphragm breathing & there's a good one showing hod the diaphragm is a muscle supporting the lungs and shows why/how to exercise it. (Sorry Offcut).



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