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Had my letter yesterday I have been awarded enhanced rates on both parts and do not have to have the assessment, was shocked how quickly it all took as I only posted the papers to them on the 10th of this month. Jan x

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Well thats good news xx

Good news - pleased for you.


Wow that is quick. Well done Jan, you deserve it. x

Very good news Jan you deserved it

That is good news xx

That's great news x

Must be a record! , I was awarded the standard rate 3 months ago and it took 7 months ! So good luck to you. Tina.

That is great Jan.

Thank you all xx

Hi Jan m, that's a fast turn round for a benefit claim, glad to hear some good news for a change. Enjoy x

Thank you x

Gret news! Toodle PIP! :)

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Hi my husband has copd we are pensioners wondering what benefits we are entitled to he has been in hospital 6 times this year !!!

Citizens advice are good at advising the benefits you are entitled to, give them a call. Jan x

Thank you will give it a try x

Hi Jan,congrats that was really quick.I got both enhanced too and now go out driving every day and get a lot more exercise.Hope you can relax a bit and not have to worry so much about money matters.Cheers D. 🌺

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Wow that's quick I had to wait 13 months lets hope this is the way it will be from now on well done

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