If referred to "Rapid Access lung clinic" does it mean cancer?

I'm fretting again... After my dad has finally had his letter today for his appointment for a ct scan on wednesday... I just though he would discuss the results with the doctor... However the letter he got today from the rapid access lung clinic sounds more serious.... Mao once he's had the ct scan he will go straight to the clinic to discuss the results.... However I've googled the clinic title and all that pops up is gp will do a fast track referall to this clinic. If cancer is suspected.. It's got me even more anxious now... Has anyone attended one of these clinics for something else other than lung cancer? My dad was diagnosed with pneumonia 10 weeks ago...he seemed back to his usual self no major symptoms but his last xray showed he still had some pneumonia left... I am dreading Wednesday

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We have one of these units at our hospital and as far as I know it is so you can get everything done on the same day, perhaps ct scan, bloods, sputum test, possibly ecg, and maybe see the consultant, it is much easier than to keep on going backwards and forwards.

Hope all goes well for him

Take care


Would it be a good idea to ring the BLF helpline....it may be reassuring just to talk to someone about your worries.

Thinking of you both

Thank you both for your replies... I contacted the support line and she was extremely helpful. The nurse has said that the rapid access lung clinic is routine after pneumonia... As My dads pneumonia hasn't quite cleared in the normal time scale they will automatically send for a ct scan to see what's happening...and hopefully it's just a bit of inflammation that's taking longer to get over...the clinic name sounds a lot scarier than it is I think...and yes polly your right it seems to be a one stop shop... Tests all done in the same day if needed xxx

I was sent to the rapid/fast track clinic as my chesty cough was not responding to antibiotics of several types. My G.P. Referred me after two cxr.s showed shadowing. It was then I found out it was IPF and that no cancer had been detected. Now I know what is the problem I feel less worried. This may also be the case with your Dad, but anyway the Pulmonoligist will tell you upfront what the diagnosis is. It is called fast track or rapid track as everything is done quickly in the one clinic.

I hope all goes well at the Clinic. As the others have said, it seems as if they want to make sure your Dad gets the treatment he needs, to clear up the pneumonia.

Just an update.... My dad went for his ct scan today and so pleased to say he got the all clear.... The shadow is just a bit of inflammation and scarring due to the pneumonia and also he had rheumatic fever when he was a child aswell as a heart attack in his late 40's which the Dr said it all can contribute to the scarring ... No follow up scan needed... He goes back for a general assessment in 4 months just to make sure no symptoms reappear .... A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders... Thank you all to who replied...:-) xx

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