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Working with copd and thyrode problem


Hi I have a question for people I was diagnosed with copd two months ago I tock a while to go to doctors as I thought my breathing was due to being overweight I also have a thyrode problem and on 200 mg of thyroxine at the moment I'm really struggling with both of these and trying to hold down my job I do twenty hours a week and have three children dies anyone else find it hard when rushing around I have inhaler but still in trying stage is it just me but I'm so exsorted by the weekend

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Hi Amylouse😊

welcome to the site. You don't say what stage copd you have. That would have a lot to do with how tired you are. Your thyroid condition , I wouldn't know anything about. I would guess a sluggish thyroid would make you tired. Also Three children will definitely make you tired! I believe theres another forum on here dealing with the thyroid and maybe some people on this site. You will get more responses shortly. What stage copd are you?

Rubyxx 😊 😊

Amylouse in reply to rubyred777

They said early stages of copd but if I walk upstairs I nearly pass out my heart races and takes me a good five minutes for breathing to return to normal is this right do you no they are currently trying to sort out my meds but this time last year I was doing three class of exercise a night and now I can't even make it through one only paletes I feel a real failure at no

hi amy I don't know anything about thyrode, but I have very severe copd I still work but had cut back my hours. what stage copd you at, its about pacing yourself. I don't do anything rushing about lol.


Amylouse in reply to aberdeenman

Thank you for your reply I'm only early stage but I get out of breath by walking up stairs its crazy I had to stop my exercise classes and do swimming and palettes instead of step and boxersize feel bit of a failure really

no ones a failure its about learning what you can do and building on it. if you smoke best thing is to stop.

Amylouse in reply to aberdeenman

I pleased to say I gave up four years ago but that's when my health started playing up lol


Hi I am only early stage copd too and I find the 3 killers for me are climbing stairs, steps or hills. The secret is to go slowly so you don't get so out of breath. x

Amylouse in reply to Hidden

Thank you I feel silly doing that though feel I should keep up with others I think I need to except that few things need to change and live with it

Hidden in reply to Amylouse

Ha ha you will find that you can keep up with others at the early stage except hills etc. They are killers :) x

I have under active thyroid but seems under control unless I take steroids then every thing goes berserk !! I have emphsema severe, it is harder in the beginning as we don't know how to cope with such a sudden change in breathing, changes your life.but as time goes on we can get to know what meds to take and slow down a bit,you have a busy life,you can claim money for help. Lots to find out yet! Enjoy x

Amylouse in reply to Colours23

Hi thank you for your reply can I ask what can I claim money for as never herd of that yet x

You can apply for help when needed,I think it's called pip lots of other people know about that ,as I've retired so it's different,if you inquire for financial support.

Thank you everyone for help I don't feel so alone on this now :-)

Do you have regular blood test re your thyroid? I went through what you are going through and I'm on oxygen. Since I have had radio therapy on my thyroid my heart rate is down I manage infections better. I had an over active thyroid. Before the radio iodine a chest infection would send it 150+ and I would end up in hospital, now it's down to 84 -90. Please, please please speak to your doctor as you should have regular blood test if you have a thyroid problem.

Kindest regards

G Just xx

If you haven't done so already, check out the Thyroid UK forum here on Health Unlocked as well as this one (look on the My Communities tab at the top then Browse Communities). They can be very helpful too, and there is no doubt that thyroid problems can contribute to breathlessness.

Best wishes, Monkey

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