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me mudder :D

Although i'm am o.a.p. myself, my mother is 92 years old, shes now buckled over with osteoporosis, and almost blind, a hearing aid that works when SHE wants it to, but,,,,,,,,,, she has a sense of humour second to none, and most certainly nothing wrong with her brain [ a bit like mine ? :D ] shes been a good living woman all her life [again a bit like me ?:D ] and the oldest and longest member of her church , she even visited me in hospital on her own, When i asked how she managed that, being blind , she says "ive a tongue in my head haven't i :D ] a real inspirational person.

i'm proud of her.

nuff said, :D , so a wee poem that i didn't write :D

When my prayers were poorly said,

Who tucked me in my widdle bed.

and spanked me butt, til it was red ?

,,,,,,,,,,,,Me Mudder !

In the morning

when the light would come,

and in me crib,me dribbled some

who wiped me widdle tiny bum,?

,,,,,,,,,,Me Mudder !

Who took me from my cozy cot

and placed me on me ice cold pot.

and made me pee-pee

when me could not ?

,,,,,,,,,,,,,Me Mudder !

Whose hair so gently she would part,

and hold me tightly to her heart

and sometimes squeeze me

til id,,,,,,,,,,, fart ?

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Me Mudder !

Who looked at me with eyebrows

drooped, and screamed and yelled,

til she had croup, when in

me sunday pants ,,,, i pooped ?

..,,,,,,,,,,,,.Me Mudder !

At night when the bed did squeak

and me raised my head to have a peek

Who yelled at me to go to sleep

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Me Fadder !!!! :D

something a wee bit different :D

, lots of love jimmy xxx :)

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I have not heard that for many, many years. Brightened my day, thank you.



many thanks Jane

im glad it brightened your day, it was just something a wee bitty different :)

take care now, kindest regards jimmy :) xxx


can you remember the words to ' Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder here I am at Camp Granada.......


hi hadjed, yes i remember that one very well :D the words of the whole song are on google, :)

youve got me singing this to myself now :D

jimmy :)


I've never heard that before but just loved it 😊 It's so good to see you here again - with your wicked sense of humour - I hope you're continuing to feel better. Jan xx


Hi jan , although i've had a few "minor" setbacks

.[don't know why ? :D i've never been near a coal mine in my life lol :D ]

but i'm much better really.

many thanks for your kind words, i hope you are well also

lots of love jimmy xxx :)

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Thanks for that Jimmy :). Good to see you around again. I'm off to see my mum next week, she is 97, in a nursing home now. Take care and stay as well as can be xx

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Hi Katie,

its great to see yourself also :)

its such a shame when their older like that, shes a great age at 97, i hope shes glad to see you.

you take care now katie, i hope all goes well with your visit :)

best thoughts and kindest regards ,, jimmy xxx :)


Will let you know how the visit went, later next week. Take care and have a good weekend, weathers changed down here. Pouring with rain but saves watering the garden :) :) Some of my email alerts are getting delayed so hence the early morning reply. But at least I am getting them :) xx


Yes katie, let us know how the visit goes :)

yes the weather has changed here as well, its turned very cold, with that cold sea haar coming in from the coast,

is just a pity it wouldn't rain at night, watering the garden, then sunny all day :) maybe that's just a wee bitty too much to ask for :D

hope your e mail alerts sort themselves out,

lots of kind wishes jimmy xxx :)


Sounds like a good idea to me Jimmy, rain at night. The suns just peeking out here today. The alerts seem to be back to norm again you will be pleased to know. Got a bird who cheeps in my garden every morning around six sounds like a woodpecker, but I can't see him out there. Good alarm though if you need an early call :) :) Take care xx


What a good poem ,made me smile .kookie


Hi kookie,

its always a wee smile for us, amusing :)

kindest regards jimmy xxx :)


that was a funny poem, Jimmy. I think I may have heard a different version? Your Mum sounds tough. someone said, 'Old age is not for wimps' and it certainly is not. It makes me so angry when old people get mugged, an easy target. they have more inner strength than their attacker will ever have. Hope life is not too hard for you these days. Love Iris x


yes lris,

they seemed to have made them stronger "back then" :) , when you think of it,, what anyone around that age have come through, quite incredible really, i think they appreciate things more, as they've had to do without, many times.

yes it annoys me when you read about these old ladies being mugged etc. the best of it is , its the

wimps that do these things.

im doing ok Iris, i hope the same goes for you :)

many thanks for your input, all the very best,

kindest regards jimmy xxx :)


I hope to go and see my mother next week, haven't been able to since my accident. She is 94 and lives in a residential home about 15 miles away, it's not the drive that is the problem it is the walk back to the car as it is a slope, gentle to anybody else but a mountain to me! I always say she is healthier than me, just a bit deaf (says she is too old for a hearing aid) lacks confidence since a leg ulcer so walks with a frame. She is happy in there, only twelve residents, en-suite rooms and three meals a day without lifting a finger. She says she lives the life of Riley! Keep smiling

Carole x


hiya carole,

i'm much like you in visiting my mother, but on the phone many times. it's a pity about your mother's leg ulcer, but she sounds quite happy where she is :) they are such characters, the best [or worse :D ] of it is , many have mistaken my mother, for my wife :D ,,,,it makes her day, but it doesn't do a lot for me :D

never mind i don't really mind :D

yes, keep the old chuckle muscles working :D

kindest thoughts, love jimmy xxx :)


I love it, it reminds me of my childhood ( a very happy one ) in the 50's. How different things are today, your mudder would have the social services round !!!

Your mum is a remarkable lady. Best wishes to her.

Velvet xx


hi velvet,

Much the same as me, although we didn't have much, we had a really good childhood, and the 50,s were such great times, we had a big garden, kept chickens, my mudder :D would say, go out and bring a few eggs in, or go out dig a few potatoes up and bring a cabbage in etc.

we would swap eggs for fresh fish from a trawler man neighbour, yes the best grub you could ask for :D even plenty double yokers :D

different days all together now :D

happy days lol :D lots of love velvet,, jimmy xxx :)

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Great poem.

My mum of 92 years tripped over the next door neighbors air pump and broke her nose,wrist and had a nasty cut that bled heavily. They called for an ambulance which arrived very quickly and they started asking her all the usual questions but when it came to her age she refused to tell them until she was on her own in the ambulance. no matter how hard they tried she would not tell them. Once inside she told the paramedic her age and said she dd not want her close neighbors knowing her age even though she has lived next door to them for over 30 years and never told them ever.

Be Well

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:D :D just typical offcut, they are amazing, we had to call an ambulance when my mother, took unwell, she refused point blank at going to the r.i.e, "too modern" for her she says :D "like a conveyer belt" she said insisted on st johns , about 20 miles away in livingstone,, aye she won the day :D

brilliant that about your mother :D

take care offcut,, jimmy :)


Lovely jubbley Jimmy. Welcome back. Your 'Mudder' sounds amazing. xx


hi cough,

yes she is amazing,even at that age, shes as sharp as a button, and very, very funny , she can see through a joke right away :D

thanks for the welcome cough, hope things are ok with you,

kindest thoughts jimmy xxx :)


Well I am fine thanks Jimmy - apart from having a lumpy cat :) Hope you are too chuck. xx


You're a tonic Jimmy, and it sounds as though it's in the genes? Wow! What a lady, it must be lovely to still have your Mum around - I'm very jealous! :-)

Haven't heard that ditty for a long time. Keep 'em coming. XX

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Hi Nikky :) yes, were very lucky to have her around ok, but lost my father at 50. She brought the four of us up since then, but many happy memories,

Its strange how they can be "unconscious" comedians :D

i remember when lulu, was being divorced by maurice gibb of the bee gees,

she said "thats shocking these days, they think nothing of divorce nowadays, terrible the way these pop stars behave" whilst reading the morning paper,, :D i asked her what was bothering her ,, its that lulu, and that mo ,, that maa,,,, that moorise jib :D , shocking, they've only just got married, now their getting divorced :D :D

ha ha :D ,, "Moorise Jibb" :D :D i never had the heart to say anything :D

all the very best Nikks,, love jimmy xxx :)

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Very funny to hear Jimmy, but even so ....she was right, wasn't she? :-D

Take care. Nikki XX

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Classic Jimmy,well done and thanks! 👏🏽


good lad farmer :D , hope your feeling better ,

all the very best jimmy :)


Hi Jimmy I hope you are now feeling a lot better it's lovely to have you back with us it's nice that you are proud of your mum they are very special, by the way I enjoyed your poem take care love xxxx


Yes Bliss, they are very special indeed,shes very much loved by all :)

she has 15 g/children ,i've lost count of the g/grandchildren :D but possible now to be a g/g grandmother, yet she writes a birthday card with a wee something in it, for every single one of them :).

many thanks Bliss, i think its nice for anyone to be proud of their mother :)

lots of love jimmy xxx ;)

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Hahaha, loved it jimmy. Your mother sounds a right character and a right laugh too. xx


aye your right there casper, she most certainly is that, :D but a most honest, genuine, good hearted person you'll ever meet, [mind you i might be a wee bitty biased :D ]

kindest regards casper, i hope your well,

lots of love jimmy xxx :)


Never heard that one before and it made me laugh - thanks Jimmy. I have a couple of cousins in "homes" waited on hand foot and finger and spoilt rotten; we only get to hear about the bad places in the news but some are real havens for those who can no longer cope alone, and the carers are angels. Still, I'm like your Mum - as long as I've a tongue in my head (and most of my marbles) I shall continue to enjoy my wee bungalow and my not-so-wee garden - out there most of Wdnesday and 3 hours this morning, arthritis slows me down but it's coming together.Great to know you're on the mend and I say again "Take it easy".


glad that made you smile d/ mum shes like me, lives alone in her own house,[about 4 miles from me ] gets carers, but manages very well, is very well liked by her carers., im like you with my not so wee garden lol ,:D ,,,,,,in fact im sure its bigger this year :D but again like you, i do a bit each day in the garden, although very difficult, i can see it "taking shape" now, but taking it easy d/mum. no other option :D

its great to hear your cracking on, all the very best, i wish you well,,kindest thoughts jimmy xxx :)

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Hi Jimmy, Love that poem, never heard it before, will have to write that one down. Your mother sounds fab ,lucky you. Tina


Hi tina,

yes shes a fab old lady, with a great sense of humour, although i'm an oap myself, she,ll often phone me and say, "remember your appointment tomorrow " or "did you manage to get that bread you said you'd get :D " she has a better memory than me,, mind you thats not hard to beat lol :D

take care tina, love jimmy xxx :)


Hadn't heard that one before! It made me laugh. It's great to have you back on the site again. Your mother sounds like a super person, is that where you have got your sense of humour from? Take care of yourself xx


Hi lyn, glad it made you laugh, yes my old mother is a real inspiration, i must have got my humour from her, i think :) poor old dear even sings down the phone to me, always cheery songs, you cant help but smile :D

thanks for the welcome Lyn,

lots of love jimmy xxx :)


Oh my Jimmy, you have such as way of lifting spirits!! Was a bit down until I read your post. Between your poem and telling about your Mother, I realized my cheeks had begun to hurt from smiling!!! :-) :-) so thankful you are doing better and are able to have a garden.

Also thankful to have discovered this site!!! Keeps me from sinking into the sad places!!




hi shirley :)

glad your spirits were lifted a bit and glad you found this site, :)

after last night i needed someone to lift my spirits, :D i had one of those evenings and nights where nothing goes right, never mind, all sorted now, so there's no need to sink into any sad places now :D [i nearly did though :D ]

never mind were back on track though now.:D

my old mammy :D used to sing,,,,,,,,,,,,

why worry, why worry,

worry gets you no where at all,

if the skies are cloudy,

do not despair,

look for a silver lining ,,,,, cause there's always one their,

why worry, why worry,

worry gets you no where at all :D ,,,,,,,[need the catchy tune,:D ]

,I nearly burst into song there myself lol :D

lots of love shirley ,,, jimmy xxx :) ,

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Your mum certainly is an inspiration Jimmy and we can see where you get your spirit and wonderful sense of humour from - bless you both xx


hi Dedalus, yes she most certainly is :)

thanks for the lovely post,

keep smiling, take care now, bless you too :) lots of love jimmy xxx :)


Hi Jimmy

That was wonderful 😀

I loved it Nobody does a post quite like you Jimmy 😊 Mom's are like cars huh Jimmy. They built them more rugged and stronger in the good old days! My mom can barely walk but lives by herself. Shes 88 now.

Love RUBYXX 😊 😊


Hi ruby,

Their wonderful really, they certainly dont make them like that nowadays :D

god bless your old mum, and may she keep well :)

i often wish i was like an old car!! :D my goodness the garage would run out of parts :D lol

lots of love jimmy xxx :)


So good to have you back Jimmy, your mother sounds wonderful an inspiration to us all. Enjoy your weekend. Xris x


hi Xris , yes she is a wonderful kind hearted cheery person, has bad osteoporosis, yet never complains :)

thanks for the welcome back Xris, you have a great weekend, :)

lots of love jimmy xxx :)


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