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hi guys and gals I have just tried a new inhaler [new to me that is] its DUORESP spiromax has anyone used used it ?

I had a bad night breathing wise , I couldn't get a breath my usual reliever was not helping . My wife gave me her inhaler and it worked a treat , it helped me and I am keen to find out more about it. I am on 400 Symbicort , Salbutamol Easthaler , and Spiriva capsules. I feel this one new inhaler could replace the three of them , what do you all think xx

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Has information for this drug.

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Interesting, the drugs are the same in both this and symbicort but it looks as though it may be easier to get the full dose with the duoresp. Might be worth asking your doctor about changing. I am on Symbicort so might suggest this when I see my GP next week.



I've recently changed from symbicort 400 to duoresp (I also use spiriva and ventolin) and seem to be fine on it; neither better nor worse than when on symbicort but it feels simpler to use.


Hi Frose I get the benefit using it as a reliever when I get badly out of breath, its made all the difference.


DUORESP spiromax

160mcg /4.5 mcg is the inhaler I am recommending ,it can be used as a reliever , and be taken more often


I take the same inhalers as you but never feel much relief even with the salbutamol. Still, I do have severe COPD! I think I will ask my GP or better still the respiratory team at Harefield about Duoresp. Thanks for that.




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