Thanks to all of you who replied to my 'newbie' post. Well day 2 on this site and I have found lots of useful information, My GP won't know what's hit him on my next visit. It really was a case of being told I had COPD and asthma, given some inhalers, and to go away and deal with it. On a lighter note, I am looking after my 10 month old twin grandchildren today. They are crawling now and into everything, so I have renamed them Mayhem and Chaos, and luckily I can still beat them to most things, apart from when they form a two pronged attack and go in opposite directions at full speed. My son also has a manic cocker spaniel who I have named 'catastrophe' It should be a fun afternoon and will warrant a siesta on my return home ! Keep you chin up all suffers out there, stay positive, and try to enjoy and value every day no matter how much or little you are capable of. xx

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  • Have a lovely day with the twins and enjoy them x

  • Thanks Jan, I will. I am just putting on my trainers !! If that fails to help me catch them, I will have to resort to a ball and chain !! xx

  • Hi Velvet good for you. Unfortunately this happens a lot and it's totally wrong. I am glad you found your way to us.

    Have fun with the manic kids and dog! But you should have called him dogastrophe :) x

  • Have a fab day xxxxxxx

  • Great post velvet and you are certainly armed with good info now which is a help. Good luck with the grandchildren and love the names you have given them. I have an eight and a half month old granddaughter who is a nightmare already and just wants to stand.

    Have a fun day and then come home and rest. Like your positive attitude and you send out a really good message. Wishing you well and take care. xxxxx

  • As the nanny to 5 year old grandsons, I can tell you that you have so many joys to come!! They'll give you such a lift when you're feeling down in the dumps. Know what you mean by the two pronged attack - we used to call it 'divide and rule'!!

  • Have lots of fun :)

  • Love your inventive names for the twins and the dog.

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