I haven't been on for quite a while but some of you may recognise my name. I have just had another lung xray and been diagnosed with Bibasal atelectasis and am going to see a consultant next week. I have read up on it all and think I might be asked to have a Bronchoscopy which I don't really want to have. I am going to ask for sedation and am wondering if any of you can tell me what that would involve. I am 77 and have been really frail the past year or so and just don't want to go through any procedure that is painful . Any information on sedation, etc., would be much appreciate. Thank you Louisiana

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  • Hello Louisiana I had sedation with a bronchoscopy at the end of March. It wasn't too unpleasant and I'm glad I had it. I am 72. I didn't find it painful. Suzyxxx

  • thanks so much Suzy.. I am just trying to prepare myself for it. Hope you are well.

  • Hi Louisiana, unfortunately they discovered cancer. Having Chemo at the moment feeling much better, pains reduced, oxygen levels back to 96 to 98. I have a good medical team.

    Good luck. Suzyxxx

  • Good on you for being so POSITIVE - keep going and keep feeling better! (that's an order :)

  • I hear you Louisiana I will. Huggs is right once they sedated me I didn't remember anything until I was back in recovery. I'm glad I had it done. I find the thought of most procedures is worse than the actual procedure, Suzyxxx

  • I feel soooo much less stressed - thanks to you all :) You keep following my order!!! :) :) :)

  • So pleased. Yes following your orders to the letter.Love Suzyxxx

  • Hi Suzy,

    Glad you are feeling a lot better than you were. I am just letting you know that we are having multiple power cuts and cannot get online very often just now, and it has to be rushed when I do get on.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Hi huggs, Feeling so much better, I get tired easily but spacing myself.

    Oh poor you. Weather here rotten at the moment, cold and wet. Have a good weekend. Love Suzyxxx

  • Hi, of course I remember you well Louisiana (and there's a song on the radio right this moment called Louisiana!

    I wondered how you were doing although I can't offer any advice.

    It's just good to see you 😃 xxx

  • Lovely to hear from you Peege! I haven't been too great these past months, but I have read all the posts (even those ghastly ones which I just couldn't believe were coming through!) Hope you are well. I will try and be more involved again on the group. Take care.

  • HI Loiusianna,

    Its great to see you back posting, but sorry to hear of all your health troubles. I cannot help you with the bronchoscopy advice, but as Suzy said she has had it done and it wasn't too bad at all. As long as you get sedation you will be fine I am sure, as I have had endoscopies, and the thought of it was worse than the procedure itself, and on one occasion the sedation worked so well I had no memory of it at all. If it helps you in the long run to get some treatment then it will be well worth it.

    The sedation used in endoscopies will be similar to what you will get I expect. They will give you the sedation directly into your vein, which means it works extremely quickly, and there will be a nurse there to reassure you and explain things.

    I pm'd you a few months ago as I hadn't seen you posting on the forum and wondered how you were, so its a relief to see you back again.

    Hope you feel better soon and get your bronchoscopy as quickly as possible.

    Good luck, and hope you feel well enough to stick around.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Thanks for telling me about it Huggs. I have sent you two replies to your personal messages, but have a feeling they didn't go through....I don't understand why not, but then I don't understand much of anything involving computers!!!! I am definitely going to stick around now I am feeling more human and less "down"......lovely to hear from you. :):):)

  • Don't worry about it Louisiana, as long as you got the messages. I sent another one tonight which I hope you got. I know its easy to forget how to do things you previously did when you haven't been doing it for a while.

    If you want to reply to any messages just type your answer in the box as usual and then click on the red box which says, reply to message.

    You'll get there, and the main thing is that you are managing to post now, so that will keep you in touch.

    Glad you are sticking around, although it is pretty quiet just now, but it will liven up again as usual. lol

    I am having problems with multiple power cuts and never know when the power is going to go off, so have to go online when there is a chance to get something done.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Thanks Huggs! Do hope your power cuts etc. clear up. We have had lovely weather here I Norfolk.....oops! perhaps I shouldn't have told you that :) Good luck xxxx

  • Hi Louisiana,

    Glad you are having good weather, although ours is still a bit wild at times, or even much of the time. For a change it is not the weather that is causing the power failures though, and is due to a fault in an underground cable, which they say they don't have the equipment to locate! They don't want to dig up the entire street, so we will have to wait on the equipment arriving. They cannot let it go on too long though.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

    ps good luck with your consultants visit next week. xx

  • The 21st century and they haven't got equipment to find the problem......ho hum.....sounds weird to me!!!! fingers crossed they find it soon.....perhaps if they had to charge you so much per day until they find the problem, they would find it much much much quicker....I will let you know how Friday goes for me. thank you for all your reassurance. As you say, the idea is usually worse than the actual procedure (just like the dentist's waiting room! ) :) Sending best wishes xxxxxx

  • Hi Louisiana,

    It sounds weird to me too, but I think they mean they don't have the equipment on the island, so it will need to be sent from somewhere else. They think that the cover on the cable underground has become damaged, and so water is getting in, which blows a fuse. The power goes off, and we phone in, and an engineer comes and replaces any blown fuses and we have power again. If something isn't sorted out soon, we will need to get a bit more assertive with them, although the engineers even come out through the night if needed.

    If your appointment is with the consultant on Friday, and you haven't been told about a bronchoscopy, then you will probably get another date for that.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Oh...was hoping it would be sorted but at least I can have a chat with consultant....

  • From your post it sounds like that you think you might get one through you reading about it, so unless the consultant has given you a date specifically for that procedure, I doubt it will be done on your outpatient appointment. However, the good thing is that you have learned about it now, so if the consultant brings it up you can have your questions already for him. It also will not be such a shock to you, and your mind will not go blank! As you sat you can have a chat with the consultant.

    take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • I had a TOE and they sedated the throat and it was okay. Good luck.

    Be Well

  • Thanks Offcut....I was getting myself I a tizz about it all, but you have all reassured me and I am not dreading the consultation so much. I wouldn't have known about sedation if not for our group.....thank you again :)

  • it's great . you have one jab in your arm for a catheter then you go bye bye you wake up and it's all over i had one done about 12 months ago a piece of cake.

  • Frank, you have NO idea how much you have reassured me....I really was dreading it but hearing from people that have had it done and hearing how great the sedation is, I am absolutely soooooo much less stressed. Thank so so much :) I wouldn't have known about sedation if were not for our group.

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