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I've been using this since 2011, 2litres p.m. 24/7, with nasal specs and a really sore ear :) It has never interfered with my sleep. However I also have Fibro Myalgia Syndrome and Arthritis, and as a result I can only sleep in 1 position with my left ear taking most of the pressure, and during the day, more and more, as I stand up with the aid of my frame, I'm stepping on to the tube which then digs in to the back of my ear. I know what you're thinking:) cant you just move it out of the way first? Simple answer really, I only remember when it's too late! A carer helps me in the shower and moisturise every day, Nothing seems to help. Look away now if you're squeamish - it's like a paper cut right on top and sore, cracking surrounding it, sometimes really itchy. and (sorry) crusty (I did worn you). I've tried steroid cream, but I'm wary of using it every day because of course that's not good either. Any suggestions much appreciated. Tulip :) xx

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  • I got around the problem with Vaseline it may be helpful to have a word with your respiratory discus a full face mask to wear when you can and possibly use it over night to ease the pressure on that left ear, I trust you have seen a doc about your ear one other cream to try is cavilon double base.

  • many thanks Tulip :)

  • Hi I recently was given home oxygen as have lung cancer and severe COPD. I have a leaflet from BLF which states never use Vaseline or any other petroleum based product to relieve soreness as they can be flammable. I too was using it until I read the leaflet.

  • I've never used Vaseline, suppliers made that very clear when it was installed. I've decided to call them on Monday to see if they have any ideas, wish I had thought of that one! It def. seems to be quite a common problem, and I will post again if they have any advice. Tulip :)

  • I hope I'm not speaking out of turn here but I was told never to use Vaseline (petroleum jelly) with oxygen. I don't know if they meant around my nose only but I'd be scared to risk it anywhere. Maybe that's just me though

  • No you are right about the vaseline. I remember they said when it arrived. Happy to hear any suggestions so thank you. Tulip xx

  • Hi Tulip, I think someone on here once recommended soft tubing that fitted over the tubing as it touched the ear. He`d got it for his mother who was having the same trouble as you. Sorry I can`t remember any more but I`m sure someone will. For now I`d be putting a huge wad of lint over it. Best of luck, Sheila x

  • Hi my oxygen supplier gives me the tubes for my ears.after 6 months I still try to wrench my ears off. x

  • Totally understand. Tulip xx

  • That's a good idea, can do that now! I will call provider on Monday, dont know why I didn't think of that before. Tulip :)

  • Try a barrier cream, such as Cavilon, to prevent the skin damage. NEVER use vaseline near oxygen tubing.

  • Thank you re. barrier cream, agreed re. vaseline. Tulip :)

  • Hi Tulips,

    NEVER use vaseline! It's not good with the tubing. I too have a really sore ear, my right one as I can only lie on that side. My DN recently decided that it was a pressure sore. I've tried various creams, padding it with cotton wool, plasters, silicon plasters from the DN but so far nothing has worked. It's very painful and wakes me up several times at night and during the day when the tubing decides to get stuck, trodden on or otherwise try to kill me it really hurts.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to pad the ear to stop the pressure, the ear is not easy to adhere to, please let us know.

    Take care.


  • Kathy, a kindred spirit. They told me about Vaseline in the beginning, In the general scheme of life, a 'sore ear' doesn't sound like much, but it is. I will look into all suggestions, let you know any useful results.

    Tulip :)

  • hi,go to a model shop,we use rubber tube for fuel lines in our boats,now can you tell me where you got the nasel specs from,ive been looking stateside £300

  • Ah! In the UK a hospital consultant issues a prescription direct to a supplier, who arranges to come to your home, you get everything provided for and safety instructions etc. Once the Consultant has done his bit, we deal with the supplier. We have problems with our NHS, but in many ways we have a lot to be grateful for too.

    I'm housebound, I will phone the supplier on Monday. I thank you for your suggestion, and I really wish I could help you! Tulip xx

  • hi,im in uk,but did not know you could get the glasses,the way im going it wont be long till i need o2 myself,this is six infections this year.

    but my heart is over working and keeping my sats up,you have been a great help,thanks xx

  • yes apparently if you are on a concentrate'r they can provide ones that have bottle of distilled water so your oxygen is delivered in a fine mist

  • Thank you very much. Lots of helpful advice. Upshot is, should have thought of it before, going to call supplier tomorrow. Tulip

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