Endoscopy complaint

Just letting you all know, I put my complaint re endoscopy saga in writing. Apparently PALS officially deal with all patient complaints. They say they will investigate and then write to me with their findings within 30 days.

I hope they won't do a

White wash but of course must wait and see.

I shall report back to you as soon as I know


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  • Hi Jessica,

    I am pleased that you have reported it, as what you experienced was terrible and should never have happened. The consultant or whoever was supervising the trainee has a lot to answer for, so you should get an apology.

    take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Hi good for you , I have had one every 12 moths for over 20 years as I have barrett segments ,was due for another because my copd isn't very good told them I'm not having anymore

    At 73 don't want chemo or radiotherapy so don't see the point I know I have hiatus hernia can deal with that

    You take care


  • Glad you reported your upsetting experience Jessica and I do hope you get an apology in due course. Do let us know how things turn out for you. Wishing you well. xxx

  • Oh crikey

    Just read your posts and im shocked at that....we trust these people to know what they are doing they should have told you they were a trainee especially with something like that and he should have been supervised.

    I had my blood gasses done not long ago and its straight forward but i dont know what this guy did i nearly hit the ceiling it hurt so much.........it wasnt till after i was told he was a trainee and ive promised myself from now on before anyone does anything to me im asking first !!

    I hope they take notice of your compliant


  • Yes, I have received a letter today stating that they hope to reply to me by June 17th. Having got

    This far ( , I'm really not very up front at standing my ground). I am determined not to let this go. It could have been someone else , I don't want this to happen to anyone else so I shall breathe deeply and stand my ground and keep this option up my sleeve.

    Thank you so much everyone for advice and support. I really do appreciate it as you are and have given me much courage.


  • Well done Jessica to take the trouble to report a bad experience, many never do. Hope you get a satisfactory result from PALS. They do deal with complaints now as you say.

  • The service can only keep standards up if people like you make your concerns heard so well done ,you are going to benefit somebody else in the long term.I solute you! D. 👍🏿

  • I'm trying to train myself to be extra observant ,not to trust anyone at first,then not to react to them if I don't like the feeling I get from them,so prevention rather than after complaint would be more satisfying, as it leaves people with a sence of lose that they have been lied to and deceived .

  • i have had dealings with pal a few years ago,and they were true to their word,i got a letter from the chief exec,but his attitude made me just as mad,i sent it to the ombudsman,that wash a whitewash

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