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Elections and LVRS surgery

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It's my LVRS operation early tomorrow morning. I will be asking the team to put a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) if there are any signs that this present 'government' will continue for another 5 years :)

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Hi Bob

Let's hope you don't see the results before you go in 'cause it sure looks likely they will get in but who knows.

All the very best for your op tomorrow anyway.

Take care and good luck.


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A bit drastic!! All the best for your op tomorrow, lots of love TAD xx

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notlocal in reply to Hidden

:) No, if that happens I'll make sure to recover so that I can bite their ankles!

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butter-fly in reply to notlocal

That's the spirit! :d

lol Oh dear, you might want to think again as its looking like they will get in again unfortunately. Good luck with your operation and wishing you a speedy recovery.

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

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notlocal in reply to huggs

Not from where I'm standing. Looks like Labour (with plaid cymru, snp and possibly even lib dems) will have more seats. The problem will be Cameron trying to squat in No 10.

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huggs in reply to notlocal

That's what I mean! hugs from Huggs xxx :)

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HuwieHex in reply to notlocal


I don't see how anyone with copd or any other chronic illness, uses the NHS and isn't 'private' can vote Conservative today tbh.

good luck with your operation Bob,

Re the election, not sure it makes any difference who gets in. We only know what were told and thats seldom the truth. but heaven help us if we lose the NHS. Trouble is, treatment is so much more sophisticated than when the NHS first began, and of course the population is so much greater, the cost is high. Hope someone can work it out to protect the most vulnerable.

wishing you good health after your op bob.I agree with lyd it probaly wont much if any difference to us.Let us know how you get on please mags x

Well, it's the long term future of the NHS which is at stake so it will affect those who come after us, and maybe us too. Depends how long we live! I'll post an update or two as soon as I can!

Good luck for your operation and hope you have a speedy recovery

Agree totally. Hope the bbc exit polls are wrong. A friend on Fbook " Exit polls - ****, I only bought enough booze to last until 5am, not 2020"!

Thank you, I'm quietly confident of a good (op) result tomorrow.

Wishing you all the very best!

Good luck today notlocal. The only outcome that really matters is your health.

You will need it to keep up the fight for the NHS.

Thinking of you. Suzyxxx

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notlocal in reply to Suzy6

See my reply to dedalus below. Thanks!

Worst fears confirmed for the results from polls and future of our NHS but main thing is your op - good luck for today and a speedy recovery x

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notlocal in reply to Dedalus

Yep, my surgeon and all the nurses here are gutted this morning. Sitting in a cubicle waiting, all interrogations done, green light, high dependence bed available. Catch up later!

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notlocal in reply to Dedalus

see my reply to dedalus below. Thanks!

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jenss in reply to notlocal

good luck thinking of youxxx

Thinking of you Notlocal,very best of luck!D.

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notlocal in reply to FarmerD

Cheers FarmerD. Coping well, pred and push button morph :)

i had LVR done 18th April and starting to feel great,good luck.

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notlocal in reply to travis10

Thanks Travis. I woke up 3 hours ago and can feel the difference already

Painkillers and bone tiredness flibberti...can barely stay awake. I do give a sh..about the result (disaster) but there's not much I can do from my hospital bed except recover so I can go and bite their ankles when I'm better :)

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Hidden in reply to notlocal

Glad it's over and hope your convalescence and post-op period won't be too difficult. Take as many painkillers as they offer you and any other help you can get.

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notlocal in reply to Hidden

Cheers Arg! Painkillers, on demand morph and a knokout pill to sleep. Let's hope it works. Argument with nurse about me self medicating with pred (I ave a low level dependency) I get prett shirty. "Don't mess with my pred"!

I bet your feeling so relieved notlocal, a lot of your tiredness will be the aftermath of getting keyed up for your precedure. I hope you recover quickly and get the best possible outcome from your LVR. Travis 10's sound so promising. xx

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