Hi all, received my big brown envelope Friday, only looked at the 1st page & put it back in the envelope!, I hate form filling anyway, it came with a flyer stating I would need proof of my condition & how it affects me!, I don't have anything really in writing, feel like giving up before I start!, yes I'm ill, yes I'm struggling, but am I I'll enough to qualify in the 1st place!?...sounds like you have to be on your last legs to get anything?...

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  • I got help from the cab to fill my form in. I was lucky that the lady who did it for me was very knowledgeable about copd and they will advice you what proof you need.

  • Thanks for your reply SusieQs, was thinking about CAB, if you don't mind me asking, what sort of stage are you at with COPD ? Take care, Baz x

  • It is a pain to fill in but worth it eventually hopefully. Your local C A B or Welfare Rights Dept. at your local council will help you.

    Make sure you base your answers on "worst case scenario" days. What problems you have doing daily tasks etc. The more you can tell them, the more likely you are to be successful.

    I have DLA, the older version of PIP, has it for a few years now. I was turned down twice but persevered and eventually went to a tribunal, with a Welfare Rights person to help me. They very quickly said I should have been awarded it in the first place and I was awarded higher rate mobility and care. All backdated.

    I always advise friends etc, persevere, don't give up you are entitled to it.

    Good luck.


  • Thanks for the tips Kathy, I think I'm borderline moderate/severe!, although when I ask my doc or nurse, they seem quite cagey...take care Baz x

  • Ask your GP for copies of any hosp appts (they get reports) and any tests that you have had done.

    Also go to benefitsandwork.co.uk i think it is

    it is well worth joining (costs under £20 for the year i think) - they have files for members that give detailed help on how to complete each question, what to look out for, what to say etc. they also have a forum there where you can ask any questions on PIP/DLA/etc that you may have.

    good luck !

  • Hi...It took me three and a half years to try and convince these people that I was ill enough to qualify. ...ask yr doc to see a consultant....i can't go out alone in case I have an attack....it really makes me sick when I know people on higher rate mobility. .who can walk for miles. Swim every day. Walk 4 miles into town and carry 5 heavy bags of shopping back. Go dancing.jogging.spend all day gardening..where do the DLA get off deciding who is genuinely eligible and who is pulling a flanker.....good luck hope u get it.

  • Sadly your not wrong, lets hope it gets sorted properly.

  • Really?how do you know what they get?also blue badged cars are also for people to transport others who cannot drive themselves.I got my dla years ago and even then it was a struggle. These days nearly impossible, so put all your energy into getting it for yourself and stop worrying about what others are perceived to be getting, because there are people who will also say you don't 'deserve" it either!

  • Now here is someone with an attitude problem. ...i know because they tell me and the DLA tax on their car's tell me they are on higher rate so it doesn't take rocket science to work it out....and for your information I already get DLA as I can't walk unaided any more..and it does concern me when people are getting it for trying to decieve the system when a friend of mine was turned down with motor neuron disease as they said he didn't comply....sadly 6 mths later he died so I hope all of you that have genuine medical conditions the very best of luck in your fight for DLA

  • I'm not adding to it just stating a fact and I don't wish to argue the point with anyone, but I think the people that make these decisions should make sure the claimant is worthy of their decision

  • Contact FightBack on FB they,re excellent and will help you with the form , they have a very good success rate too

  • Give it a try MrBaz. Nothing venture nothing gained. I'm applying for Attendance Allowance form came Friday. Like you put it back in envelope. I will ask my Son to help me. Good luck. Suzyxxx

  • Hello MrBaz, the advice given is good and it is correct that membership to benefits and works is under £20 for disabled, you have a chronic illness which classifies you as disabled for that purpose. Pip is harder to get than DLA was as some of the rules have been tightened up, so look for some help. Under the old rules you could get mobility on the grounds of the effects of more than one illness. Now a lot of emphasis is placed on what you can do not what you can't and the distance to walk is shorter. When claiming benefits always emphasize the negatives of your health/disability. Just one thing it is strange not to have any letter confirming diagnosis, your doctor should have some and you can request a copy however the surgery may charge a small fee. Proving how it affects you is another matter. Partners, friends, colleagues at work ect are possibles. Some practice nurses , or occupational therapists will help or you can pay for a private medical. Sorry this is long but I was trying to give you as many options as possible. Every best wish, don't delay your claim you can always submit proof later, Good Luck

  • Go to CAB or AGEUK they have peeps that are trained in the best way to fill in the forms. The wrong word in the wrong place can mess things up. Allays talk about your bad days. We all do it but do not big your self up. How many times have we said we are fine when in fact we feel like a slurry pit going down a sloop?

    Good luck

  • I don't understand how anyone manages to get extra benefits? All I get is my state pension. Last year I applied for a little extra so I could have someone come in and do some housework for me. I was told that incapacity comes with age and as I'm able to bathe and dress myself, I'm not considered as needing help. Because of that, I cannot even get help with costs of running my car, without which I would be completely housebound. A neighbour and her husband (who recently moved) who were both in their early 50's, were supplied with a new , tax free car every year, supposedly because of their "disabilities". Yet they managed to landscape a large garden which included a lot of heavy paving slabs, build a conservatory and even get up and replace loose tiles on the roof! Me............I'm out of breath before I get to the front gate, so how is this system fair? :-(

  • Your right it isant fair we all know people who can and do fiddle the system, really makes me sick and tired also makes it harder for us to gain the right to proper benefits. End of moan!!

  • I would,nt want to claim anything I ,m not entitled to so I thought long and hard before I filled in the form and was convinced I,d end up not getting anything.I decided to make a diary of a " normal day".When you work out how long everything takes you realise just how much your condition affects your daily life.i.e. It took me three hours to have a wash with all the breaks to get my breathing back to "normal".Talk to the CAB,they will help you fill in the form.I got enhanced mobility and care which has helped a lot.I am very severe emphysema Fev1 20%.Good luck,D.

  • I don't know where you live but in my area CAB have stopped filling the forms in for you I did get a contact from my local breath essay group so if your in my area I will pass it on to you.

    It is very difficult to claim since the rules were changed and Atos were brought in to do the assessments but put in a claim then appeal if you don't get it remember COPD is a condition with no cure and will get worse

  • I have a friend who has rather quickly gone from healthy to disabled due to a lung condition, she has been pensioned off by employer and was very hesitant about claiming any benefits, I helped her get and fill in forms and luckily she was found to be entitled to PIP enhanced for mobility( with a face to face assessment), ESA in support group( no face to face assessment!) and got a Blue badge.

    Throughout all the forms she kept saying " yes I can do this or do that". I then asked her why she can't work, why she can't walk without aids, why she needs drug treatments four times a day which takes about 45 mins per session and why she needs oxygen when she moves!

    She finally accepted that even compared to me ( an overweight, unfit person), she wasn't as able as she liked to think!

    I explained that one way was to think back to before her illness and remember all the things she used to be able to do but was no longer able to do. I also said that even though she could do some things sometimes, there was always a but!!

    I said for each question the answer was always sometimes. certainly a diary of a typical day is useful and whilst she may think you have no info your Doctors do and they will be asked for history of clinical facts , but it is upto you to make sure you say how it affects you, both physically and mentally.

    Certainly CAB are very good at helping people with forms and if not they will be able to refer you to someone who can help.

    Good luck and if at first you don't succeed keep trying!

  • Good luck I'll be rooting for you.....i made 3 appeals and on the 4th I had to go before the court and I was very poorly at the time and could hardly breath..and it was only then they passed me so the very best of luck. Best wishes. ..Jan

  • Don't mean to put a downer on this but I get dla and was informed of the change to pip. They sent from. Out I replied but because I didn't have paperwork from consultant had to attend a medical where I was informed that you get better from c.o.p.d. And emphysema. After medical and myself having quiet a bad. Exasperation. In front of lady was told to wait in waiting area till my transport came. P.s. I'm all better and fit for work.

  • I have a letter sent from the proffessor at the hospital .It as all the information on it that I need ,May be ask next time you go to the hospital

  • Thanks everyone for being so positive!, I will take it back out the envelope today, at least have a read through it.. ;)

  • Thanks again for all your responses lovely people!, went for my interview today, as soon as I entered the place I couldn't breath...I think the heating was still on!?... So they could see straight away I was having trouble breathing!. Interview went ok....I think!!?... Will let you all know as soon as I do!.. X

  • Good morning. I went through the PiP thing, and it is a thing. A few of my appointment were canceled, one a hour before. I went for my assment in the end, not with a doctor but a nurse. This nurse was on oxygen, which she had with her for 1 and a half hours we were with her. I was told I didn't need PiP as my lips were not blue. So you hear the stories, believe me they are true. I'm not saying that every one get treated the some, I think it's just pot luck who you see and were you see. I live in the wrong area. Good luck.

  • Well it was worth trying, I'm not depending on it, but would help if a I got something!, still waiting for the letter to drop!..

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