Hi last year I posted how I had been treated by a consultant ,things have moved on since then I now have a community matron she referred me to another consultant .

I came away rather shocked to say the least .A lovely lady consultant who spent a lot of time with me asking lots of questions and let me ask questions . She wants me too have palative care once a week at the local hospice and is prescribing oramorph for me , my concern as an older person and always told morphine suppresses breathing ,will this really help my breathing ?

Take care my lovely friends


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  • Hi Dorothy. Hey that's great a new consultant who sounds fabulous. I can't help on the oramorph question except to say I have heard too that you shouldn't take it if you have breathing problems. I would say though that your consultant knows your history and sometimes it is the lesser of 2 evils isn't it? . x

  • Yes your right , my youngest daughter came with me and she has got really upset she thinks I'm on my way out .Watch this space

    Take care


  • Hi newlands

    I am sorry I can't answer your question sweetheart but just want to send lots of healing hugs.

    With love cx

  • Thanks that kind of you hope your ok


  • Dont worry

    A lot of us use it....i do and i also was worried about it but it was the symptom management team who put me on it and it helps.........its only a small dose

    About half an hour before i have a shower i take mine and it makes a big difference i dont get so out of breath and when i get very breathless i use it too x

  • Thanks Mandy that's encouraging you take care

    Dorothy xx

  • Oh Dorothy tell your daughter not to fret i go to the hospice too and my sister kept crying thinking i would die any day....its just more support for us x x x x

  • I'm with Mandy on this. I've been on oramorph since January and in small doses (up to 5 ml for me) it steadies the breath. It could be addictive, but a low level oramorph addiction would be the least of our worries :) I sometimes forget to take it...

  • Thanks Notlocal. Yes I agree we do have more to. Worry about than a small dose of oramorph 😀

    Take care


  • Morning Dorothy, Your new consultant sounds very good and it is so good to hear that you were listened to. It must have been a shock to you and I can understand why your daughter would be so upset. Having said that it is about you and your quality of life. I hope that the hospice visits are good for you and that the oramorph helps. It sounds as if it does for Mandy. If you have any other questions or still need re-assurance it might be an idea to ring the helpline. You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Lots and lots of love to you TAD xxx

  • Thanks for your reply , I have refused the offer of palative care just now I don't think I am ready for that yet or maybe I am in denial just don't

    Want too make friends with people then go one day and hear they have died

    You take care

    Dorothy xx

  • You might be right Dorothy - didnt think of it like that!!! You take care love xxx

  • i take zomorph and oral morphine to help my breathing and pain

    it helps me..

  • Thanks for your reply pleased it helps you

    Take care


  • thanks

  • Hi


    Oramorph is safe as it is only a small dose.

    1.25m 4 times a day upto 2.5m 4 times a day.

    When you collect your prescription ask for a Syringe to measure the correct dosage. it takes the guess work out of measuring.

  • I've found that cheap plastic pipettes from ebay/amazon work far better as they have a further reach when the bottle's getting low.

  • Thanks again

  • our chemist will not give out syringe.

  • Hi Dorothy, good to hear that you have a consultant who is doing all she can to help you. I am sure that, as Mandy says, you will be fine on the Oramorph and only have a small dose. Wishing you well. Lots of love, Carole xxxxx

  • Good morning Newlands, Dorothy, don't worry about taking Oramorph, you will have been prescribed very small doses, it will make you relax,take it about 30 minutes before you plan to exert yourself, it really will help, I always struggled to use the syringe supplied with it, found it easier to use a measuring spoon,you can get them from the chemist, Good luck and best wishes, Bulpit

  • Hi bulpit thanks for replying every time I have a new medicine added I worry until I have had the first dose 😭. But this seems more potent than anything I have taken before and I suppose it is 😀

    Take care


  • (copied and pasted from response to stone above) "I've found that cheap plastic pipettes from ebay/amazon work far better as they have a further reach when the bottle's getting low."

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