My lungs today!

Hi everyone, today I had an appointment with the pulmonologist. I have been having some issues lately, and his nurses always take my pulse-ox at rest. Needless to say it is always good then. So I asked for a reading with exertion and we walked about 15 meters and I walked 1/2 of a flight of stairs and my FIO2 dropped from 96% to 78%. Finally he saw what I have been telling him all along! This is what I find so discouraging! Because when I get an appointment it is usually by the time I have started feeling better And my FIO2 doesn't drop so rapidly. And after years of telling him that is how I feel, but he looks at me like I am crazy! Now after all of that, I just get some antibiotics. I will end here, SOB, hurting and exhausted. Take Care to my friends across the pond. ☺ Nadine

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  • Oh nadine, my husband was prescribed oxgen when his oxygen sats fell to 84 walking. I hope that you start to feel better soon, take care TAD xxx

  • That seems unbelievable Nadine. If your O2 fell to 78 they should be giving you more then antibiotics.

  • I have the same my stats are great after I have sat down for some time and the check me out. But my specialist states I am exercise intolerant and in the same breath says I can walk over 200 metres. But when I say that in time I can cover that but not without pain and SOB?

  • They have their oxy meter 4 digits higher to cut costs and you suffer. That's the state of the NHS.

  • Hi Nadine

    Just saw your post from a month ago.

    I am from New Jersey, USA. We are neighbors! I'm wondering why they didn't put you on oxygen. What stage copd are you? This forum is terrific!😊

    These guys are a great bunch and so inspirational.Great to meet you!

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

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