Nothing, then two come along together

Nothing, then two come along together

Just when I was beginning to wonder if I would ever have a hospital inpatient stay again I get two close together. Just over a month ago I felt pretty ill and started throwing up some very dark brown granulated looking stuff which 111 decided was blood and sent an ambulance out, they agreed and I was rushed in through A&E. Loads of tests done and nothing was found apart from they thought it may have been a pretty extreme gastroenteritis so after a weekend stay in Worcester Royal I returned home.

Little did I know I would be returning to see the very same nurses on Beech ward in a few weeks time. I had an appointment with my consultant to sort out my bum abscess so I am able to return to the transplant list, to my surprise I saw him on the Tuesday and he said how about getting it done Friday to which I quickly agreed as I expected a long wait like the last time.

Friday came and everything went great, I had stopped taking my warfarin for the 3 days as requested as I was having a spinal block anesthetic, the lungs are to risky to do a general, it was 1.3 on the day and had to be under 1.5 so I was good to go, they wheeled me down to the operating theater and cut out the offending abscess, the surgeon told me there and then all went well and should be able to get back on the transplant list soon. :)

The nurses on Beech ward were very surprised to see me back again so soon with a different problem for them to deal with, abscess packing! oucha!!! At least this time I was in a ward room of 4 instead of the solitary confinement a few weeks before so there was people to chat with which I find passes the time quicker. I learned all about stoma bags from two of them who both had them fitted recently and were learning how to deal with them. It all looks a bit tricky and I was thankful that I only had an abscess to cope with and the pain when trying to sit down. :(

I'm glad to say I'm recovering now but bum is still pretty sore, I still managed to film this noisy little blighter and his freckled lady friend while visiting Dad the other day and thought you might like to see them.

Tony: Nothing like the sound of the country eh' Healthunlockeders. :) and blue sky's over the Malverns.

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  • Oh thats great news babe....get well quick then back on the list for you x x x x

  • Thanks Mandy, I'm fine when standing or lying but sitting, that's another story. Ha Ha :) .

    I'm off to the garage where I used to work now to watch over my son and pass on my knowledge. I'll be standing around, chatting and drinking tea so it should help take my mind off the pain down below. :) .

    Tony xxxx

  • So glad that's behind you (excuse the pun) which will enable you to go back on the transplant list. Sorry about your first visit.

    Hope you can soon sit down in comfort.

    hugs cx

  • I'll keep taking the paracetamols and avoid sitting as much as possible for a while me thinks. Thanks cofdrop xx

  • Recommend a rubber ring to sit upon your sit upon - advice from personal experience! Take care :) xx

  • I'm sure Sharon won't mind me bringing an old car tyre in the house for a few weeks eh', I think it'll look good with our new leather suit. :) .

  • Hahahahaha - expect photo evidence :) x

  • Glad to hear from you and even better news that your rear end is now on the mend! My mother in law had a stoma bag fitted at 85 - she never really came to terms with it. It sounds so easy but is, as you say, quite tricky to deal with. Hope that you get back on that transplant list pronto. Take good care, lots of love TAD xxx

  • Thanks Tad, I'm hoping they give me the go ahead soon and put me back on the rocky road of being on the transplant list.

    Those stoma bags are not as simple as I would have thought are they and I can only imagine at 85 they would be near impossible to get used to. Hopefully I'll never have to find out.

    Tony xxx

  • I well remember being a Carer to a mate of mine who ultimately died of Metastatic Cancer, and having to help him change his Stoma bag etc , it was a bit tricky to begin with , but we both learnt quickly - he used to call it his "BUM ON HIS TUM " !!! ....

  • Wishing you a very speedy recovery. Lovely photo too.

    Hannah x

  • Thanks Hannah, I took the pic as I was driving home from the shops, the Hills look great with the blue sky behind them so I just had to pull over and snap them.

    Tony xx

  • Very glad to hear you are now on the mend! Hopefully you'll soon be well enough to get the transplant - ever thought of taking up shares in Worcester hospital?! ;-)

  • That bike ride's on the back burner for now but I'll do it once the wound has healed. Have you been down the canal to the pub since the last ride out, the weathers been great for it.

    I wonder if I could have my own personal parking space at Worcester Royal and a reserved bed, not to much to ask for is it. :) .

    Thanks Fern, hows the exercise going walking that nippy little dog of yours?

    Tony xx

  • Hehe well the nippy dog has had her exercise but my bike hasn't had much of the same... Plenty of time though! 😀

  • Hi Tony you have been busy, lets hope it has done the trick this time and you are back on the list before you know it.

    Take care

    polly xx

  • The surgeon has found a fistula this time and fitted a surgical wire oucha!! which he assures me will sort it so we'll wait and see now. My nurse who does the daily dressings say's it looks like a bit of garden wire, double oucha and she's never seen one like it before. Takes my mind off the lung problem for a while anyway, well every time I sit down. :)

    Thanks Polly xx

  • Love the chucks :-)

    polly xx

  • Those little bantams can make quite a noise cant they but were very entertaining. The cockerel got quiet aggressive when I played his crowing back to him, he thought he had competition for his lady friend. :) xx

  • There are things your wing girl will do but packing an abcess may just be a bit too much. So it's stand or lie down at present but soon fly boy soon. Keep going Superman the mouse is with you. X 🐀

  • Ha Ha, those poor nurses are earning their money at the moment but they are truly amazing at doing what they do.

    Knowing the flying mouse is there on my wing is a great comfort and when that transplant comes I'll be watching out for you in my drug induced dreams which if my last sedation experience has anything to go by could get pretty dam crazy. There were underwater worlds, Chinook helicopters, SAS missions, Disney characters on the Malverns, making short movies in a competition, Half human fish people, a broken 3 dimensional world which I fixed with my Renault car diagnostics computer, and that's just a few of them so DD you could be in for an interesting part in the next round of NHS legal drug induced dreams. :) xxxx

  • Glad you're on the road to recovery Tony, here's hoping you'll be back on that transplant list asap. Those birds are so lovely, thank you for the video :-) xxx

  • Glad you enjoyed seeing my dads Bantams Jolyn, the cockerel was being quite vocal and strutting his stuff so I thought I would roll the film and post them.

    With a little luck I should be back on the List fairly soon and then the waiting starts all over again but I'm well used to that now. :)

    Thanks: Tony xxx

  • Good news and great to hear from you again ! :)

  • Hi Puff, as you can see I've been a little busy lately with a few problems but that's life when your on immune suppressants, you have little defence against those bugs and it takes a little longer to get over them once they get hold.

    I saw the Karma Post and liked the idea especially after what has been going on within the site recently. I kept my head down and avoided fueling the argument as that's what some people enjoy, don't understand it but that's how it is with some.

    Keep spreading those wise words puff and thanks.

  • :)

  • Hey Tony, you are such a cool spirit - you constantly amaze me. Very pleased to hear the abscesses are no more, and hope you get back on that list asap.

    Big respect to you, xxx :)

  • Thanks 02, things are a little sore down below but improving so were heading in the right direction as you still are I hope.

    It seems that when your on long term steroids and other immune suppressants things like abscesses become more of a likelihood and problem.

    Keep up the fight for our NHS 02, hopefully after the election it'll be in better hands eh'. :)

    Tony xxx

  • Hi Tony

    What a bummer! whoops sorry love.

    At least things are getting sorted and it is more progress towards the big op.

    My daughter got through to the 3rd round engineering project with Siemans and was interviewed by Gestamp Talent again for engineering - still waiting to hear about that on. I never thought about it before that she would have difficulty making friends - obviously they were all boys so little chance of making new 'girl' friends at work.

    Oh well we will have to wait and see.

    Glad you are making progress T

  • Thanks Sokracker, pain in bum easing a little now but daily packing by nurses is sure to last at least another 2 months, oucha!! and ohhh' the embarrassment Ha Ha.

    My son has bought his rust bucket/MG ZR for £400, were collecting it this morning. It needs work but then it'll be good training for him with me watching over cracking the wip :) .

    Your daughter seems to be doing very well and must be an engineering hot shot but as you say she'll be in a mainly male dominated area. There's one girl in Matthews car mechanics class and why not I say. When I did my city & guilds many years ago there was a girl on the course who did very well, I think she eventually went into management at a main dealer and probably did better than all of us lads.

    I know your having problems yourself and along with the other healthunlockeders I would like to wish you luck with getting that tummy sorted out soon.

    Good luck Sockrackers, keep smashing it, its the only way. :)

    Tony xxx

  • Ouch, all sounds very painful to me. Hope you get back on that transplant list very soon but give the hospital a break for a little while now. You take care Tony and wishing you well. xxxxx

  • Thanks Sassy, it only hurts when I cough or sit down but there two things I do quite a lot of dam it!! :(

    It is improving though and I spoke to the transplant team today and their going to discuss me on Thursday, so well see what happens then eh'

    Tony xxxxx

  • Wishing you well Tony. Positive thinking and a bit of finger crossing too. xxxxx :)

  • So pleased you haven't had the long wait and should be back on that transplant list soon.

    Take care xx

  • Thanks Chris, the pain in the butt is easing a bit now and my nurse says the wound/bum is looking good. :) :) :)

    Tony xxx

  • Im so glad your bums sorted. You will have to take turns with cheeks methinks. Hope transplant comes by fast and it all comes together beautifully for you.

  • I'm making a good couch potato at the moment lloegr, lying around on my back and watching to much TV. Mind you I did manage to mow my front and rear lawns yesterday, it was very very hard going but great exercise and for a while I forgot about the pain in the bum and remembered how bad my breathing is when under load.

    If it ain't one thing its another ain't it :) .

    Tony xxx

  • Hi Tony hope you get well soon were the crowing cocks a befuddled memory of your hospital visitors lol.....Thanks once again for bringing back happy memories of the view of the Malvern,s heck I cannot even walk to the and back without hooking back up to my O2 and using my damp start (GTN) and hooking my self back up to my 02 this last pneumonia has really knocked me for a six.


  • Hi ant, sorry to hear that your having a tough time of it, you've got to hang in there mate and ride it out, things will improve slowly and you'll be all set up for 'hopefully' a great summer.

    I'm having to use more oxygen myself at the moment which I am putting down to lack of regular exercise, first it was the weather and then the abscess.

    I'm glad you enjoyed my pic of the Malverns and its memories that came with it.

    I threw in that noisy cockerel for a little light country entertainment as he was putting up quite a performance.

    Take it easy ant and keep taking the pills.


  • Hi Tony, yes things

  • Hi tony, nothing worse than a pain in the bum, 😃 so remember my husbands, salt baths , packing daily dressings, hope it heals quickly and U get back on that list. U take care xx sonia xx

  • Hi Sonia, yes its daily packing and dressings for me for a month or two but if the result is no more pain in the bum and back on the list then it'll be worth it.

    So far the nurses are telling me my bum is looking good. Ha Ha.

    Thanks Sonia xxx

  • Hi flibberti, my 2 1/2 months in ICU when I was totally dependent on everyone set me up for anything life can throw at me. Daily abscess packing is a stroll in the park now, I'm in, making general chat, trousers off, pants down and on the table ready for the nurse in seconds.

    Boy do those nurses have a tough job to do but they are amazing and make you feel completely at ease in a very awkward situation.

    The experts seem to think the fact I'm on immune suppressants and maintenance steroids things like abscesses tend to be more likely. :(

    Tony xxx

  • Hi Tony. You've had a bit of a time of it haven't you. I hope things will go well for you now. Take care. Mavis. X

  • Thanks Mavis, it'll be all plain sailing now with some luck. :)

  • Hello Tony, what some people will do to get to see their favourite nurses! Glad you still have your fighting spirit and good luck for the future.

  • Those nurses are great but I'm not sure their that good :) . The fighting spirit has to stay emmo as there may be greater tests around the corner.

    Thanks emmo xxx

  • Lovely to hear of the end of the abcess! It should feel good soon! Cheers, Mic

  • Sorry to hear of your abscess they are not nice and you were brave to go to theatre and remaining awake but spine blocks are very good. The tip about a rubber ring is a good one I can recommend covering it with a cotton cover, take care

  • Hi Tony, so sorry i missed this thread and wondered what was happening. Thank goodness the abcess has gone. It lasted a long time. Hope the transplant won,t be too long now. Love margaret x

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