Hello to all!

Hello to all!

Hello I am a newbie to healthunlocked. I have however been reading posts on the site for a while now and I must add,what kind, caring people you are.

it is fantastic that sites like this are available to anyone, reguardless to type of underlying illness. It would be a relief to share my concerns with others about my conditions and if I have any answers to others questions then I would gladly offer my help. Keep well to all. Chflynda x

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  • Welcome to the site we try to help and listen to all kind of illnesses and try and help if we can there is always somebody who can help so welcome onboard

  • Thank you jimmyg23 for your friendly welcome. Hope my reply finds you keeping well. Chflynda x

  • Hi Chglynda,

    A very warm welcome to the forum, and hope you find what you are looking for. I don't have any of your conditions, but I am sure there will be people answering you soon who do.

    Meanwhile keep as well as you can, and if you have any questions don't be shy about asking them, as there is always someone around who can help.

    If you don't already know, BLF have a helpline which is open on weekdays, where you can talk to a respiratory nurse, and they are a mine of information. Their number is

    03000 030 555. They can also send you out some information and give you tips and advice on what to ask your doctor.

    Good luck,

    hugs from Huggs xx :)

  • Thank you, I recently viewed the blf website and it is most helpful

    indeed. I will be attending my first breathe easy group in early may which I also discovered on the blf website. I too hope you are well and look forward to I hope, many conversations to come. Chflynda x

  • Hi Chflynda, welcome to the site, you will find lots of good advice here in the forum, there are some lovely friendly people here. Lots of funny stories and jokes too. :-) xxx

  • Hello jolyn, thanks for your kind welcome. Now thats just what the doctor ordered- I welcome any funny stories and jokes are most welcome too.! Keep well, chflynda x

  • A very warm welcome to you Chflynda - nice to meet you :-) cx

  • Thank you, nice to meet you too cofdrop, keep well, chflynda x

  • Welcome to the BLF HU Forum.

    Be Well

  • Hello- great name you have! Thank you for your welcome, hope youre well too. Chflynda x

  • Old CB handle ;) I have just been called in to my doctors to discuss my blood tests?

  • Oh, I do hope its a good result for you, I wish you well for them. Take care x

  • Thank you

  • Hope ur results are ok offcut let us know how U get on xx Sonia xx

  • Welcome Chflynda, look forward to seeing more of you :)

  • Thank you for your welcome. I am amazed that I have had so many wonderful welcomes already. I just hope I can send a reply to all of you today, as I am a newbie To the whole internet experience (and most other kinds of technology In general,!) Keep well, chflynda x

  • Hi chflynda, welcome to the site, hope u find what u need and we can all help each other .. Xx Sonia xx

  • Hello Sonia1972, thank you for your wecome message and i apologise for the delay in my response. Keep well, chflynda x

  • Welcome and I love the pic of sleeping beauty!

  • Thank you Bevvy for your welcome. The photo is of my snuggly cat- jerry, who on sunday broke his top canine tooth and needed to visit the out of hours vets! Thankfully he is almost recovered from his dental emergency, he is out of any discomfort,( thanks to pain killers). he is now minus the whole tooth and has been left with a ' Elvis -top- lip ' look about him! Take care, chflynda x

  • Hello and welcome, love your beautiful cat xx

  • Hello Dermie, I thank you for your welcome. unsure if you saw my recent reply to Bevvy reguarding my dear cat jerry. He was enjoying a much needed cat nap when the pic was taken, Keep well, chflynda x

  • Hello Chflynda and welcome , do hope you find the help you need and enjoy your time with us

    Take care

    Dorothy xx

  • Hello to you newlands, thanks for welcoming me. Its so nice of you all ,to have welcomed me today, keep well, chflynda x

  • Welcome Chfynda to our amazing forum, I'm sure you will learn and laugh a lot. It has helped me tremendously. Take care Xx

  • Hello Sheliab51, many thanks for the kind welcome. Its fantastic that you have found the help through the site. Keep well, chflynda x

  • A Big welcome :D

  • Hello to you, thank you for welcoming me, take care, chflynda x

  • Welcome to the family glad you joined us.

    Kim xx

  • Thank you Kim, how nice that you refer to all as the family. Keep yourself well, chflynda x

  • Lovely to see you here. I love your cat :)

  • Hello to you Argana. The pic is of my dear cat jerry he is enjoying his senior years- he is 16 in september and looks good for his age. Take care, chflynda x

  • Hi there and welcome🐱. I am a fairly new member myself and I am just

    Getting used to stuff. I know I have not got huge lung probs but I have

    A spot on my lung, which was discovered by accident recently when I went

    For a back op. Sorry for rattling on.

    Your cat is gorgeous, I have a fur baby myself a rescue cat aged 3. Luna.

    I hope you get support and help here and a laugh too , as humour is

    A good prescription for everyone.


  • Hello to a fellow cat lover, bless, your cat is just a baby, lovely that you have given her your love and a home. Hope the discovery of your lung spot isnt serious, have you been given any further info about it? Keep youself well, chflynda x

  • Hi chyflynda and welcome aboard. The members on here are very caring and it really is like a big family. You'll find it a great place to come to with your worries. It was definately the best thing I ever did. x

  • Hello and welcome to this lovely and caring site. Sheila . Xx

  • Thank you for your kind wecome Shelia, take care, chflynda x

  • Hello to you casper99, I already feel so reassured that joining you guys was the way forward for me, thank you all, keep well, chflynda x

  • Hi chflynda nice to meet you and welcome to the site. Love the cat. x

  • Hello coughalot1 and thanks for your kind welcome. My cats name is jerry and I wouldnt be without him. Keep well, chflynda x

  • Another welcome Chflynda. Your little furry friend looks like a sweetheart. Suz x

  • Hello to you too Suz01, I thank you for welcoming me. The photo is of my 15 year old best buddy jerry. Is the lovely dog in the photo your waggy -tailed freind.? Keep your self well, chflynda x

  • Welcome to the site

    what a lovely cat Jerry is!

    You will learn much on this site. The people are knowledgable and experienced. And aside from that, they care very much. Hope to see more of you and Jerry.

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Hello to you too rubyred777 and thanks for your kind welcome. I am glad to become part of such a wonderful site. Take care, chflynda x

  • Welcome to the forum aye am fairly new but what great cariño member it has helped me a lot hope it does the same for you love jackie xx

  • Hello rfcjackie, thank you for your kind welcome. So you are a newbie to the site too? Have you found any infomation that you have needed/wanted to know yet, or are you viewing posts for now? Keep well, chflynda x

  • Welcome :) Jerry looks soooo happy :)

  • Hello to you kiwichick13, thanks for welcoming both jerry and I. Hope youre well, chflynda x

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