What a weekend!

Well, after a very grim year, we managed to get away for the weekend. I'd found a very good deal on line and booked us into a beautiful Georgian hotel, set in 12 acres of park land. All was well on Friday, good journey with lovely pub lunch. Hotel just as described with such friendly and helpful staff. Saturday we decided to go to the local market town and find a pub by the river for a snack lunch. We stopped off in the actual town to have a quick look,round. I got husband's buggy out of the back of the cat and he got himself settled. I turned round to grab my handbag and suddenly heard people calling out - both husband and buggy had tipped over!! He landed half in the gutter and hit his head on the side of the car. People were so kind and helpful - helped get him upright and tried to see if he was OK, Husband hates fuss so just kept saying he was fine - men!! He'd cut his hand and was in pain from his hip but thankfully no bones broken. We went straight back to the hotel - again staff so lovely - where he rested up for the rest of the day. We both had a long, restless night so we came straight back home after breakfast - I think it will be a long time before hubby agrees to another weekend away!! Anyway, one of the reasons for writing this post is to alert any other buggy users who use a lightweight buggy. Hubby has a normal buggy for home use but we bought this latest one to leave in the car - I can lift it in on my own which we hoped would mean we could go out to more places. Husband isn't a big man, 5' 8" and weighs just over eleven stone - and the buggy is supposed to take up to 20 stone - but it definitely isn't that stable. Such a disappointment after so much planning. I suppose the most important thing is that he's OK - it's me who's the nervous wreck. 😄😄

Take care all and have a good day. Jan xx

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  • Oh dear Jan, that was such a shame! Maybe you should get in touch with the company that makes those buggies and tell them what happened. I am sorry your break away was spoilt, hope your nerves are recovering and hubby too! Hugs huff xxx

  • Thank you for your reply - I think hubby has recovered better than I have 😌

  • OMG what a nightmare. We have got a lightweight buggy - well I say lightweight what I mean is 23kg (a large heavy suitcase) but it does fold up and it does have four wheels. I think you should definitely get in touch with the manufacturer. I will be very careful with the buggy now! On a positive note I am glad you were able to get away - I find just the change of scenario can be a tonic. Take good care, lots of love TAD xxx

  • Yes, I plan on emailing them later today. Hubby still has a buggy which divides into three parts - but which takes up most of the back of his estate car! - but we were hoping this one could also be used when we go out in my own car. Looks like we'll have to stick with Plan A 😀. I hope you and your husband are keeping well. Jan xxx

  • HI, Tad - I would be interested to know the make of your lightweight buggy. PM me if you wish. I, too, have a heavy buggy for shopping. I am planning to get a lighter one with some money that was left to me. One that can easily go in the car. XXX

  • Hi we have the Mobi .........http://www.monarchmobility.com/mobie/

    It is not exactly lightweight! Imagine a heavy suitcase. Though I have to maneovre it up into a four wheel drive vehicle. It has been fab - really really good and the advantage of it just concertinering (not sure about the spelling) is great not just for the car but if we need to store it away if we are going into a restaurant etc. The advantage of the four wheels means it has extra stability and the batteries seem really good. Hope the information helps. xxx

  • I am so sorry your lovely weekend ended as it did. Thankfully your husband wasn't badly injured. Hope you can both recover this week and enjoy some sunshine at home. Xris x

  • You're absolutely right, the main thing is that he wasn't badly injured - I think he's recovering better than me, I'm still a nervous wreck 😊😊. xx

  • Such a shame it didn't work out for you Jan. I do hope Hubby is feeling ok now and that your nerves have calmed down. :-) xxx

  • It was such a disappointment Lyn, so much planning went into getting away for a couple of days. Anyway, he's a lot better today - I'm the one who's still a nervous wreck ☺️☺️ xx

  • Well when Hubby is settled put your feet up and be kind to yourself Jan, you deserve it hon. :-) xxx

  • Oh what a shame Jan and I am sorry it ruined your lovely weekend away. I hope hubby is ok now. x

  • Yes it was a disappointment but the main thing is that he's OK now. Thanks so much for your concern. xx

  • What a shame,your weekend was spoilt,but thank goodness it didn't end as badly as it could have!

    I would definitely be getting in touch with that company,& explaining what happened.

    Please don't let it put you off going again though,once you have rested up etc.maybe you can both plan another little get away. xxx

  • Thank you so much for your reply and Yes, I'm just relieved it wasn't any worse. Husband is still in pain but it's better than it was. He's now picked up a cold so he's not a happy bunny anyway. ☺️☺️ xx

  • How awful for you and hubby jan. I do hope he is well recovered now. Pete got his mobility scooter from Lloyds Chemist and he is fine on it because he is quite a heavy weight so nothing would tip him over. You did make a good point though as anyway who does not weigh very much could find themselves on the ground.

    Hope you do get to go away again though as it would be nice for you both. Take care and be well. xxxx

  • I think he's got over it more than I have - I just keep seeing him tipping over and wondering just what he'd done to himself ☺️

    Yes, he also has a much more robust scooter which comes apart to go in the back,of his estate car. It just takes up so much room - as well as being very heavy for me to lift - so we thought this would be easier for me - obviously wrong!! Unfortunately the one which we've just bought only has two small wheels next to each other at the front which makes it virtually a three wheeler. The one which TAD mentions in her reply sounds much better. We live and learn, don't we 😀😀😀

    Jan xxx

  • Morning Janann, What bad luck for that to happen after such a good start, It must have been a terrible shock for both of you, thank goodness your husband didn't break anything, awful how accidents happen in a split second. You must have been so relieved to be back home. Best wishes, Bulpit

  • Thank you so much Bulpit for your message. Yes, it really did frighten me but it was lovely to know that there are still caring people in this world, so many people rushed to help him. I've told him he needs to go to the nearest cycle shop and get some kids stabilisers for his buggy 😀😀

    Jan xx

  • How disappointing for you both, dont let it put you off another time though. Easy for me to say, I know, but you are wiser now and perhaps can find a better more stable yet lightweight buggy. I hope so. Love Iris x

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