You are my Sunshine

Good morning its bank holiday Monday and as I look out across the fields I see the sun already breaking through and its not even 7 o'clock, so looks like we are in for a good one down here in the West country, lets hope the rest of the UK are in for the same, mind you its still rather cold at the moment and it looks like a fair bit of dew on the ground. Plans for today nothing really , I might go down for a short stroll along the prom and make out I am a holiday maker and have an ice cream cone and get attacked by the seagulls or I might just sit in the garden and think of all the jobs that need doing out there, oh life can be a real problem at times.

A group of chess enthusiasts checked into a hotel and were standing in the lobby discussing their resent tournament victories. After about an hour of this the manager came out of his office and asked them to move on. "But why" they asked as they moved on. "Because" the manager said "I can't stand chessnuts boasting in an open foyer".

Husband... When I get mad at you, you never fight back, how do yoou control your temper?

Wife ... I clean the toilet.

Husband... How does that help? he said.

Wife... I use your toothbrush.

Have a good day and stay happy if possible. xxxFred :) ;) :D

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  • funny. :-D

    Lovely sunshine this morning here, I think we're in for a nice day. Do you live by the sea Fred? :-) xxx

  • Hi there our lovely Lyn, pleased you have the sunshine as well, Yes I was born here and never felt the need to move on, other than my service in the Royal Navy, I live in a not very large town really called Teignmouth which is situated on the mouth of the (yes you guessed it) river Teign. We do not have many hotels or guest houses as we did but still have a pier and a lovely beach and we are very close to Dartmoor so spoiled really for choice. Right you have a good day and I look forward to you showing us where we are going for our next day out. Oh sorry I missed the H off the Poo lol.

    Love Fred xxxx :) ;)

  • Oh good heavens Hubby was from Teignmouth. It's a small world isn't it. He often used to talk about Shaldon. He loved his teenage years there. He took me to see his old home once when we were holidaying in Devon, it was in Gordon Road. While he lived there he was asked to go for trials to play for Torquay United, but he moved with his family up to Wales. :-) xxx

  • Lyn I will message you, then I can ask questions re your husbands youth in this area. xxx :)

  • Lovely sunny morning here as well. Just as well because our central heating broke down yesterday evening - why does it always happen on a Bank Holiday?!! 😢 at least your jokes cheered me up Fred 😀😀 have a good day by the sea 😊

    Jan xx

  • Jan that's what is called sods law, so out with the blanket whilst watching TV and I hope you have the lovely sunshine all day. Have a really good day xxxFred :) ;)

  • I think there must be a Bank Holiday jinx.....both our loos broke down at the same time and of course B and Q was closed for spares...hope it's opened today. Legs crossed as well as fingers.

  • Oh dear knitters that's worse than the heating breaking, yes the shops will be back to normal today so hoping you get some spare parts for the loo's I mean. Have a good day once the repairs are done it will be a relief to you lol :) xFred

  • Morning Fred, more good ones, how on earth do you remember them? Not looking good in Suffolk at the mo. though we did have an hours sunshine yesterday afto. so fingers crossed for some today! Xx

  • Sorry you have not got the sunshine yet Sheila maybe you need to come to the west country as we have blue sky and lovely sunshine not that I am boasting (oh yes I am) Have a good day now. xxxFred :)

  • Good Morning Fred, you have me grinning away this sunny Monday! Its going to be nicer than yesterday I think, lots of my seedlings have come up so its the garden for me today😊 hope you have fun whatever you do, hugs huff xxx😘

  • Morning huff you look after those little seedlings as there is still a small chance of a frost as its only April, sorry don't mean to be a kill joy. Enjoy the sun. xxxFred :)

  • Ok Fred, will do, you are a joy always😊 I will be careful though! 😉 xxx

  • Hi Fred,

    bit too chilly for that ice cream for me, how about a cup of tea in the garden?

    My son took down some curtains which I washed yesterday, and now Im looking at the windows and they could do with a clean before I iron the fresh ones - and will someone be around to hang them up? Oh for the days when I could just get on with it! keep well Love Iris x

  • Iris I know just what you mean I am still alright up ladders but give me a job to do on the floor no problem getting down to it but getting back up now that's another story, I have to look for a friendly chair or something that I can climb up on, then you see a bit you missed and have to go through it all again, its so funny at times I am told to see me crawling across the room looking for that help. Stay happy Iris xxx :)

  • You reminded of a saying. You know you are getting old when you bend down to tie your shoelace and look around to see if there is anything else to do while you are down there, or words to that

    effect. slowly getting through the ironing, this is half time! Love Iris x

  • Talking of shoe laces I am 6'1" and sometimes wish either my arms were longer or my legs shorter, One thing for some of you all to think about, when are curtains drawn and when are they pulled ? Come on now Iris half time is well passed xxx:)

  • Ok Fred, I ve pulled myself together and finished the ironing - well, Tony did the sheets! The more you think about this language of ours, the stranger it seems. I really admire my German born daughter in law for her mastery of English. As for the curtains, you will have to draw your own conclusions. Love Iris x

  • I love that bit, were I have to draw my own conculsions :) x

  • Another cracker Fred,enjoy the Sun,it has its hat on here too, you made me smile about the seagulls.I often go to visit a friend in Cornwall,and when we are walking around Looe harbour the gulls dive bomb us,I saw one with just one leg last time I was there,it's amazing how they survive the trauma of losing a leg,I gave him the name icky ,thinking if I saw him again I could say there's icky, but during my stay down there I saw another three with only one leg,and non were Icky, poor birds.

  • I have to laugh at times when I hear people who have moved here to live complaining about the noise etc that the Seagulls make, for goodness sake we live by the sea, where do they want them to go. Yes it seems rather common to sea the birds with only one leg I have no idea why that is really, but will keep an eye out for icky. Have a lovely day my friend xxxFred :)

  • Morning Fred.Beautiful sunny morning here on tyneside.Enjoy your day.

  • Thanks pal you to, enjoy the sun it helps make people smile :)

  • Lovely day here Fred and off out with daughter, son-in-law and grandson very soon. Enjoy whatever you do today and thanks for making us all smile. xxxx :)

  • Hope you all have a great time and depending on his age you spoil your grandson a little. Fred xxxx :) ;)

  • My grandson is nearly 3 Fred and we spoil him quite a bit. Lots of love, xxxx :)

  • That's what Grand Parents are there fore xxx :)

  • Hi Fred, lovely jokes but i think the toothbrush one sounds like a plan. I would go for the tourist & ice cream day. Love margaret x

  • Still not made up my mind yet as what to do, the garden seat looks inviting though. Have a good day Margaret xx :)

  • Morning smiler. I am just waiting for the sun to come out for a bit longer then might take the dog down the beach - lovely jubbley. Have a good day Fred. x

  • Its rather nice over hee now so it should be just right for your walk on the beach, enjoy it near neighbour xxx :)

  • Good morning Fred. A lovely cloudless sky here to day. Early lunch I think then a walk. My hubby is wielding the stick. Walk, walk, out out. Took me for a stroll yesterday. Must say I felt better for it. Keep up your recovery. This scarecrow needs more weight, so need to increase my appetite. Love Suzy. xxxx

  • Your husband is right as you know a stroll is good for all of us, as for me I am back to where I was before I went into hospital except one lung should now have burnt tumours now so no problem, hope if this weather stays I can get on a buggy and have a round of golf. Right you are get some meat on the bones :) xxx Fred

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